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2023 Initial Player Grades

The 2023 Player Grading System has now been finalised!

There are now FIVE grades, instead of 4 in 2022 and 3 in 2021. These are Platinum, Gold, Tungsten, Silver, and Bronze.

The ranges of the initial gradings for the year, along with adding new players into the GDL Grading system are as follows:

Platinum: over 68

Gold: 60-68

Tungsten: 52-60

Silver:  44-52

Bronze: Under 44

Throughout the year, players may be moved up or down grades based on their performance, rolling average and other criteria. Please note that just tipping over the grade boundary’s average does not in itself. More info available on the Tour Hub

Search your name below to see what grade you’re in.

We hope you enjoy the GDL 2023 Tour!

PlayerInitial Grades
Aaron PearcePlatinum
Adam GawthropPlatinum
Alexey BushuyPlatinum
Andy BlydePlatinum
Bhav PatelPlatinum
Brandon WesternPlatinum
Brendon ClarkPlatinum
Bruno AmaroPlatinum
Chris FreshwaterPlatinum
Chris SharpPlatinum
Christopher BazleyPlatinum
Dale HeritagePlatinum
Daniel BrownPlatinum
Danny TruemanPlatinum
Darren ArmstrongPlatinum
Dave FrancisPlatinum
David CarrPlatinum
David WrightPlatinum
Dmitriy ZhukovPlatinum
Gene HillPlatinum
Gregg CheynePlatinum
Jack WalkerPlatinum
Jamie JarrettPlatinum
Josh UnderwoodPlatinum
Kevin BlommePlatinum
Kevin LanePlatinum
Kyle BennettPlatinum
Kyle BevanPlatinum
Lee DaviesPlatinum
Liam AndersonPlatinum
Liam Andrews (Wales)Platinum
Michael MagneronPlatinum
Niklas BrackelmannPlatinum
Paul AndersonPlatinum
Paul PenfoldPlatinum
Scott ArtissPlatinum
Scott WinderPlatinum
Shane AndersonPlatinum
Shaun DevonaldPlatinum
Simon Alwyn ReesPlatinum
Simon CuthbertPlatinum
Simon KeyPlatinum
Stephen BurtonPlatinum
Stephen CarrPlatinum
Steven AdleighPlatinum
Thomas BentPlatinum
Vince PuddicombePlatinum
Adam WhelanGold
Alan BowdenGold
Andrew HillsGold
Andrew ShortGold
Andrew SkeggsGold
Andy HendersonGold
Ashley CoombsGold
Ben PeelGold
Billy ShanahanGold
Brett PickersgillGold
Chris WallGold
Christopher ElliottGold
Christopher ThieleGold
Christy GoughGold
Colin StewartGold
Daniel AndersonGold
Daniel SpotwoodGold
Daniel WatkinsGold
Daniele Di TofanoGold
Danny WoodworthGold
Darren LesselsGold
Darren StedmanGold
Dave TaylorGold
David McCrackenGold
David ThomsonGold
David WeymesGold
Dean DuffGold
Dean WatsonGold
Dylan RitchieGold
Eric CicognaGold
Erlens MitrofanovsGold
Gary BarhamGold
Gary HawkinsGold
Greg WellingtonGold
Iain FraserGold
Ian WhittallGold
Jack BowmanGold
Jack PapierowskiGold
Jake PowellGold
James HooperGold
Jamie CassidyGold
Jeroen SaccolGold
Jimmy McKirdyGold
Joe CarsonGold
John ArnoldGold
John SmythGold
John TitcombeGold
Joseph ButlerGold
Josh HallGold
Josh WilliamsGold
Kane DarkesGold
Karl McDonaldGold
Keiran CromptonGold
Lee MorganGold
Marc ArnottGold
Mariusz MorońGold
Mariusz NiemyjskiGold
Mark MarlowGold
Mark WebsterGold
Matt GilmartinGold
Matty RogersGold
Michael BrownGold
Michael FearonGold
Mike DaltonGold
Nick BrandonGold
Oisin FurlongGold
Peter BrowningGold
Ricky HitchmoughGold
Rob DownerGold
Robert BondGold
Ryan ClaytonGold
Sean SomervilleGold
Stephen McDermottGold
Talon D'OrazioGold
Tom MoonGold
William CampbellGold
Abe BougheyTungsten
Alan BrownTungsten
Alex PowellTungsten
Andrew AdamsTungsten
Andrew MarsdenTungsten
Andrew McCormickTungsten
Andy DunnTungsten
Ant HumeTungsten
Anthony FloodTungsten
Ash SmithTungsten
Ben MocroftTungsten
Ben PulhamTungsten
Ben WinterTungsten
Billy BlakemanTungsten
Blair WaughTungsten
Bleddyn RichardsTungsten
Bobby ThomsonTungsten
Chris ScoullerTungsten
Craig FinnieTungsten
Craig FowlerTungsten
Craig MarshallTungsten
Craig MitchellTungsten
Craig NealonTungsten
Craig YoungTungsten
Dale CosgroveTungsten
Daniel LaxTungsten
Danny KennedyTungsten
Danny WakleyTungsten
Daryl ClarkeTungsten
Dave BowenTungsten
Dave WoodTungsten
David-John McGeochTungsten
Dean LaxTungsten
Declan WallingTungsten
Ethan McMahonTungsten
Finlay CassellTungsten
Gavin McFarlaneTungsten
Gaz MagillTungsten
Geoff BettsTungsten
Greg LyndonTungsten
Hagai BerkovichTungsten
Harry WilloughbyTungsten
Hugo BrottmanTungsten
Ian WilbyTungsten
Ian WindrossTungsten
Jack KellyTungsten
Jacob HopkinsTungsten
Jake PankhurstTungsten
James MundyTungsten
Jamie PickTungsten
Jamie ReynoldsTungsten
Jay VargoTungsten
Jesse BorgerTungsten
Jody HancockTungsten
Joe LoganTungsten
Joe TaylorTungsten
Joel DandoTungsten
John CurtisTungsten
John MagillTungsten
John McCluskeyTungsten
John RobertsTungsten
Johnathan YanceyTungsten
Jon WitherspoonTungsten
Jonny RedfearnTungsten
Joseph WrightTungsten
Josh ChilversTungsten
Julian PottsTungsten
Justin O'DellTungsten
Justin ReßTungsten
Kay PallandtTungsten
Keith MurrayTungsten
Kevin ThackwellTungsten
Kirk TrimbyTungsten
Lawrence KelmanTungsten
Lee HumphreyTungsten
Lee NightingillTungsten
Leigh BrooksTungsten
Lewis CarterTungsten
Lewis QuayleTungsten
Lewis WallTungsten
Liam TaitTungsten
Louis BirminghamTungsten
Luke PlaneTungsten
Mark FosterTungsten
Mark GordonTungsten
Martin MoirTungsten
Mathew SnapeTungsten
Matt BrainTungsten
Matt DobsonTungsten
Matt EllisTungsten
Michael FleetTungsten
Michael MaloneTungsten
Nathan BuckleyTungsten
Neil WebsterTungsten
Niall DunneTungsten
Osvaldas BielskisTungsten
Paul GardnerTungsten
Paul GrimesTungsten
Paul O'MalleyTungsten
Pearce ToddTungsten
Richard CameronTungsten
Richard DaviesTungsten
Richard LusardiTungsten
Ricky RossTungsten
Rob BridesonTungsten
Rob HeathTungsten
Robbie PriddleTungsten
Roger OsborneTungsten
Ryan MurrayTungsten
Ryan VesseyTungsten
Sean ButcherTungsten
Sean McHughTungsten
Sean McMillanTungsten
Sean TimminsTungsten
Shaun CahalinTungsten
Simon ParkerTungsten
Stephen CurwenTungsten
Stephen WycherleyTungsten
Steven PassmoreTungsten
Steven WintleTungsten
Stuart MuirTungsten
Sye Porter-BishopTungsten
Thomas MackayTungsten
Tom BeresfordTungsten
Tom ChapmanTungsten
Tom SeaborneTungsten
Tom WalkerTungsten
Tommy GabrielTungsten
Wayne FeredayTungsten
Wesley HarneyTungsten
Wez ElstonTungsten
Adam PerrymanSilver
Aden HamillSilver
Adrian LuscombeSilver
Aidan CorkerrySilver
Alex HoughtonSilver
Alex KempsterSilver
Alexander MundySilver
Andrew McDuffSilver
Andrew MundySilver
Andy BurnsSilver
Andy TurnerSilver
Anthony Wilson-GeenSilver
Barry MoylesSilver
Ben LancasterSilver
Ben McNicolSilver
Blake OsborneSilver
Bradley SharpSilver
Bradley WarrenSilver
Brett GarnerSilver
Cahal McGahanSilver
Caleb KeenSilver
Carli WighamSilver
Chris BatesSilver
Chris MillenSilver
Craig BeatonSilver
Dan BullerSilver
Dan EdwardsSilver
Daniel HorganSilver
Daniel PellegrinaSilver
Daryl SteathamSilver
Dave WilsonSilver
David FergusonSilver
David NightingaleSilver
David StewartSilver
David WarrenSilver
Dean SmithSilver
Dean ToddSilver
Dennis HandSilver
Dwaine ButtersSilver
Eddie PackardSilver
Edward McMillanSilver
Gareth JohnstonSilver
Gary MorrisSilver
Graeme-Tait BuchanSilver
Greg LloydSilver
Howard PhillipsSilver
Hywel JonesSilver
Ian BrooksSilver
Ian MalcolmSilver
Ian McLeishSilver
Ian McLeodSilver
Ian PearmainSilver
Ivan NewmanSilver
Jack TaylorSilver
Jake ClarkSilver
Jakob KlingenbergSilver
James O'ReganSilver
Jamie MarcoonsSilver
Jamie PhillipsSilver
Jared PhillipsSilver
Jason JamesSilver
Joe FitzpatrickSilver
Joel ErikssonSilver
John MolyneuxSilver
Jonathan DaviesSilver
Jordan OsborneSilver
Josh BarnesSilver
Josh LeeSilver
Keith McGuireSilver
Keith PriceSilver
Kev HardwickSilver
Kevin CrainieSilver
Kyle WattsSilver
Lawrence BarlowSilver
Leon ParkerSilver
Lewis ButcherSilver
Lewis LongthornSilver
Liam MeyrickSilver
Liam RobinsonSilver
Liam TelferSilver
Luke MulhernSilver
Malachy RooneySilver
Mark MurraySilver
Martin JohnstonSilver
Martin KirkbySilver
Martin ThomsonSilver
Matthew CrosbySilver
Matthew GallentSilver
Matthew VirginSilver
Max WrightSilver
Michael BruceSilver
Michael CoxSilver
Michael KimberSilver
Mike WallisSilver
Neil BadrockSilver
Neil FergusonSilver
Neil ForrestSilver
Neil WestgateSilver
Niall RussellSilver
Nick McCartanSilver
Nicky GoodbrandSilver
Oliver WarrenSilver
Paul BarkerSilver
Paul GraySilver
Paul OliverSilver
Pauric McGroartySilver
Phil LeeSilver
Richard DennisonSilver
Richie DavidsonSilver
Rob GriffithsSilver
Roger G NybergSilver
Ross DavieSilver
Ross PizzeySilver
Ross SmithSilver
Russ DullestonSilver
Ryan FeredaySilver
Ryan McDonaldSilver
Ryan SergiSilver
Sam EdlinSilver
Sam PhillipsSilver
Sam SladeSilver
Scot DuncanSilver
Scott HauglandSilver
Scott WatsonSilver
Sean LutkinSilver
Sean NeedhamSilver
Simon LoySilver
Steven LongdenSilver
Stuart CobbSilver
Stuart MasonSilver
Thomas van der MeerSilver
Tom LuxfordSilver
Tom PritchardSilver
Tom WesleySilver
Tom YeomansSilver
Tomas MorrisseySilver
Tommy WhattonSilver
Wade MyersSilver
Zachary ThorntonSilver
Aaron CliffordBronze
Aaron KentBronze
Abu MahmudBronze
Adam GeorgeBronze
Adam McPhillipsBronze
Alan CahillBronze
Alex TearleBronze
Andrew KinsmanBronze
Andy FennBronze
Antony MunnBronze
Ben DorkinsBronze
Bence BányaiBronze
Blair HallBronze
Bradley CoyneBronze
Bradley PittsBronze
Charles StedmanBronze
Charlie CookBronze
Charlie WeltonBronze
Chris BurkeBronze
Chris RobertsBronze
Cody LanceBronze
Colin GaughanBronze
Craig MillerBronze
Craig PritchardBronze
Damijan NejasmicBronze
Daniel BarrettBronze
Daniel Jones (Wales)Bronze
Darren FletcherBronze
Darren ReedBronze
David HodgesBronze
David HollasBronze
Dazz HumphreysBronze
Ethan PackardBronze
Fiachra FurlongBronze
Finley DicksBronze
Glenn JonesBronze
Haydn PhillipsBronze
Hazel JacobsonBronze
Henry DavidsonBronze
Jak StottBronze
Jake LoughlinBronze
Jake StobieBronze
James CrewsBronze
James DoldenBronze
Jamie WardBronze
Jeff BannisterBronze
Jenna KelmanBronze
John DempseyBronze
John PeacockBronze
Jon McGoldrickBronze
Jonathan McMillanBronze
Jordan RitchieBronze
Josh AtkinsonBronze
Josh GivelinBronze
Justin AnthonyBronze
Kamil MorońBronze
Keith YoungBronze
Kevin AsselmanBronze
Kieran EarlyBronze
Lars JensenBronze
Lewis SalterBronze
Liam BannonBronze
Liam WilsonBronze
Louis ManciniBronze
Louise CameronBronze
Malcolm LaneBronze
Mark ArmitsteadBronze
Mark NightingaleBronze
Matt TizzardBronze
Michael BuchanBronze
Nathan AlmondBronze
Nathan BrightBronze
Nathan MatthewsBronze
Neil MongerBronze
Noel McVeighBronze
Owen SimpsonBronze
Paul BrownBronze
Paul LeesBronze
Paul Ross-RuffyBronze
Reece BatesBronze
Ronan QuigleyBronze
Ryan NassauBronze
Sam HuntBronze
Shaun BennettBronze
Shellie PhillipsBronze
Simon KnowlesBronze
Siôn JenkinsBronze
Steven BrownBronze
Steven NeilBronze
Stuart McGillBronze
Sue NealonBronze
Thomas HughesBronze
Tom NewcombBronze
Tommy WrightBronze
Tony StandingBronze
Walisson OliveiraBronze
Warren HobsonBronze
Wayne GordonBronze
Will ThorpeBronze
William WrightBronze
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