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2023 Prize Fund and Ranking Points

Prize Fund

2023 will see the GDL paying out £23,750 worth of prizes in the GDL, with 20% increase in cash prizes!

The winner of each League Division will receive £45 in cash and a runner-up prize of £20.

Each Group winner after the Equaliser phase will receive a bonus prize too, along with the play-off winners of groups 2 and 3.

The Tour Majors will have cash prizes all the way down to and including the quarter-finals in all 5 grades.

With 5 grades, there is now more opportunity to go deeper into the events and more opportunity to reach the money rounds.

As always, the Tour prize fund is split equally across all the grades.

The prizes are as follows:

  • Winner ¬£160¬†CASH
  • Runner-up ¬£80¬†CASH
  • Semi-finalists ¬£40¬†CASH
  • Quarter-finalists ¬£20¬†CASH

Ranking Points

In 2023, we are adding much more importance to the final League positions in each season. The winner of the play-offs in Group 1 will receive 1500 Tour points. The topper of every Group in every Division after phase 2 will receive a bonus of 150 points.


The League Cup also has increased ranking points, with 350 to the winner, down to 10 points for players that go out in the prelim (last 32).

The Tour events and Majors are largely unchanged, with an addition of 10 points for last 128 losers, and a slight increase for quarter-finalists.

As you have probably already worked out, the point allocation for topping Group 1, winning the play-offs, and winning the league cup is equal to winning a Tour event!


For more detailed info, please check the image below.

We hope you enjoy your 2023 GDL journey and can’t wait to see the improvements you’ll no doubt make to your game