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Frequently Asked Questions

All players in the GDL are classed as equal. No player is any different regardless of their age, sex, race, sexuality, ability, or anything else. If you abuse another player for whatever reason, you will be banned from the GDL without refund. 

Your average will be determined by the GDL team based on information you provide about your online darts presence and your time with a GDL mentor.

Players are placed in one of six grades for Tour events: Below 43avg (Bronze), 43-49.5 avg (Silver), 49.5-56 avg (Tungsten), 56-63 avg (Gold), 63-71.5 avg (Platinum) or 71.5+ avg (Diamond). Your initial Tour grade is not confirmed until your first participation in a Tour event.

Players are assigned their Divisions for League seasons such that they are in a cohort of 18 players that they are “closest to” when the season starts. “Closest to” includes consideration for average, previous results, very recent form and a special blend of GDL spices.

Due to the differing amount of Divisions and entrants per season, Division numbers can’t be compared season-to-season. For example, you may have been in Division 10 in the previous season but, because there are more entrants in the new season, you are now in Division 15 despite improving as a player. This does not mean that you have been relegated.

When you join, you’ll be asked to fill a form out with more details to allow someone to contact you and it will give us an idea of where your game is at.

Once this form is submitted, you can expect to hear from a Mentor within 3 days.

The nominal fee for being a GDL Tour Card Holder is £14.95 per month, £42 quarterly, £79 bi-annually or £143.50 per year. This is payable in advance of each new payment period. You are paying to have a GDL tour card. You do not pay any additional entry to any of the Tour events, League Cup, Majors or Plate competitions. You must have an ‘active’ membership to be eligible to play in the GDL. Cancellation of membership results in immediate removal from the GDL.

The GDL consists of League seasons, League Cup events, Tour events and Majors/Plates.

There are 4 League Seasons per year, one per quarter, each consisting of two phases. Each phase of a League season lasts 5 weeks with a week gap in between. Each League season also contains a League Cup tournament, which is a knockout tournament between the players in your Division only.

There are 3 Majors/Plates per year, with 4 qualifying events before each Major.

When you register for an event, you’ll get an automated email confirming your entry.

Also, on the event registration page, you’ll find links to open (and recently closed) events. If you’re unsure about whether you’ve registered, click the relevant button and find the entry list near the bottom of the page.

Can’t see your name on the list? Check the ‘last updated’ date and time. Perhaps you registered after the last time we’ve updated that list?

Don’t be scared to register again just in case, though. It’s better that we receive it twice, than never! 😎

Please check either the Tour Hub or your Division Hub. All deadlines are listed on the appropriate Hub. If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for then raise a support ticket.

Please check either the Tour Hub or your Division Hub. All maatch formats are listed on the appropriate Hub. If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for then raise a support ticket.

The Equaliser is a powerful league format comprising of two ‘phases’. It is made possible by the GDL’s famous stats system. Refer to the graphic below for more info

Please use the GDL Messenger. You can access this from your GDL profile but you must be logged in to do so. Then go to your message box, new message and search for your opponent. If you don’t get a reply then raise a support ticket and we’ll contact them for you.

Please contact your opponent to let them know they’ll be advanced then raise a support ticket explaining that you are withdrawing.

Please raise a support ticket explaining your reasons why. Please note that, as per GDL guidelines, voluntarily withdrawing from a league season may incur a £20 Admin fee for the amount of work required in removing a players fixtures and results.

Please check either the Darts Tournaments page or your Division Hub. All prizes are listed on the appropriate Hub. If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for then raise a support ticket.

We aim to pay all prizes within 8 weeks of a competition finishing, however, in most cases it is much quicker than this. If you are due a prize but haven’t received it within 8 weeks please raise a support ticket and we’ll check it for you. N.B. The stated 8 week period begins once all Divisions/Grades have completed their event.

When you submit a result you should receive a confirmation email. If you have this then your result will be added. In most instances results are updated the day after submission but there may be occasions, such as weekends and bank holidays, where there’s a slight delay.

Stats may take slightly longer to be updated. Please only raise a support ticket if you feel your result has been missed or you feel your stats are wrong.

Don’t be scared to submit the result again just in case, though. It’s better that we receive it twice, than never! 😎

If you know in advance of a League Season that you’ll be away for part of it then please let us know before the fixtures are published and we can, within reason, reschedule your games so you don’t have any for the period you’re away.

If it’s an unplanned holiday then please let your opponents know and raise a support ticket to let us know.

In most instances this is a browser/app related issue.

If you’re trying to submit through the app, please kill the app on your phone and try again. If this still doesn’t work, please uninstall the app and reinstall.

If you’re submitting through the website, you have a couple of options.

  1. Try a different browser
  2. Clear the cache on your browser, close the tab, kill the browser, then try again from scratch

If you’re still having trouble, please raise a support ticket for us to investigate.

Ranking tiebreakers, for individual Pools/Groups in either League Phase and for comparing Pools in Phase 1, are as follows:

1. Points accrued
2. Leg Difference
3. Legs Won
4. Head-to-Head record in the given Phase*
5. 3DA for the given Phase*

*Note that 4. and 5. may not show accurately on the tables, but GDL admin will correctly assign group allocations and/or ranking points based on these tiebreakers.

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