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The GDL has a NEW mobile app!

As you probably know, we’re always working hard behind the scenes to improve the experience of GDL players and fans.

As part of this, we are pleased to announce the new app, which is faster, neater, cleaner, and has more potential for the future. We have included a new ‘latest news’ feature in the app, which will allow you to keep tabs of what’s happening in the GDL.

To download, use the following links to be taken to your relevant app store:



If you’re unable to use the links above, search GDL darts and you should find it. The icon is the same as shown above.

PLEASE NOTE: The current (old) GDL app will STOP WORKING at the end of December 2021, so it’s advised that you move over to the new app ASAP.

If you have any suggestions for the new app, or spot any pesky bugs, please raise a support ticket at

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