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We’re like swans. Looking all graceful on the surface, with everything running smoothly, but underneath we work REALLY hard to deliver what players want. 

As you are all aware, we have the most comprehensive and most useful statistics for players on the planet.

And it just got even better…

You can now (very soon) view your individual stats on your player profile. This saves you going to the main stats page to view what you need. 

The new stats on your player profile will include:

  • Your 3 month running  GDL average
  • Your GDL grade
  • Your GDL rank
  • Your Tour stats (historical and current)
  • You League stats (historical and current)

Your individual stats will be shown on your player profile by the end of next week (21st Nov 2021) – it’s very likely they’ll be on a lot sooner than that. 

To see an example of how your GDL player profile will look, take a look at Paul’s profile.

We are really proud of our stats and this just the cherry on top. 

We hope you find this useful!

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