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Scoring system beta testing

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Thanks for your interest in becoming a GDL scoring system tester. 

Spaces are limited so we might not be able to give everyone a spot but we’ll do our best.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You submit the form and we’ll send you an email over the next day or so. 
  2. We will create FRIENDLIES for you to play against other players in your grade and/or people that you have put down as wanting to play them (they have to fill the form in too).
  3. You play the game and note down any issues AND TAKE SCREENSHOTS/PHOTOS of the issues you’ve seen.

Note that this system does not yet support integrated webcam usage, so you will ned to do messenger etc. for your video. Or don’t use video… We don’t really mind! 🙂

Thanks again and I hope you like what you see.