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All GDL Main League matches that are due or overdue

You are now able to play ANY match from current and previous matchweeks. You can search your name in the searchbox shown a the top of the table below. This table is updated DAILY. It does not update in real time so if you’ve played a game today, you will see the fixture disappear tomorrow.

LeagueMatchweekPlayer 1vPlayer 2
Superleague A1Lee NewmanvPaul Radford
Premiership A1Timothy Jones (WALES)vJason Farnan
Premiership B1Dan Jones (ENGLAND)vSean Ross
Premiership B1Kevin DunstanvJames Fox
Premiership B1Martin CoullvMark Venables
Premiership C1Ryan HarkervKeith Slocombe
Premiership D1Jimmy McKirdyvScott Winder
Premiership D1John CrossleyvDave Francis
Division 1A1Adam GawthropvJohn Smyth
Division 1B1Jason StalkervRobert Shiels
Division 1B1Sam PricevAdy Somers
Division 1C1Chris BinghamvAndy Blyde
Division 1D1Gary HealyvMark Leach
Division 2A1Mat McCallionvGordon Duff
Division 2B1Peter ReynoldsvJason Barrett
Division 2C1Gary TrowvJamie Berry
Division 2C1James EdwardsvRoger Osborne
Division 2C1Janis MustafejevsvPaul Penfold
Division 3A1Gary BarhamvStuart Butler
Division 3C1Andrew RollasonvCraig Mitchell
Division 3D1Lewis SteelvWill Kingsbury
Division 4A1Justin O'DellvMatt Quick
Division 4A1Jason O'ConnorvBrian Ritchie
Division 4A1Brett PickersgillvDonal Butler
Division 4B1Michael WoodbridgevShaun Cahalin
Division 4C1Kaden MitchellvDaniel Brown
Division 4D1Carl HadlingtonvLuke Ford
Division 5A1Iain FraservLuke Coles
Division 5C1Rob MayvBradley Warren
Division 5C1Paul MonaghanvBilly Shanahan
Division 5D1Alwin BlakevStephen Routledge
Division 5D1George FowlervJack Langston
Division 6A1Ian MalcolmvLuke Donisthorpe
Division 6D1James LeighfieldvLee Gilbert
Division 6D1Sean TalbotvAlan Lappin
Division 7A1James LackvSimon Charles
Division 7A1Josh LundstramvStephen Curwen
Division 7B1Jack TaylorvRob Brideson
Division 7C1Scott JacksonvAlexandru Costec
Division 7C1Oliver WarrenvHarvey George
Division 7C1David Alvaro GriffithsvChris Hole
Division 8A1Niall DunnevRoss McFarlane
Division 8B1Howard PhillipsvChris Millen
Division 8B1Daniel MayervPaul O'Malley
Division 8B1Ryan KerrvJim Wismer
Division 8C1Ryan TobinvRyan Nassau
Division 8D1Jordan WalkervEric Sickler
Division 9A1Benjamin HandsvKeith Murray
Division 9A1Joshua CoffeyvMartin Thomson
Division 9B1Thomas HughesvJosh Mason
Division 9C1Aidan CorkerryvAntony Chesters
Division 9D1Ian WindrossvAdam George
Division 10A1Dave CromackvStuart Cobb
Division 10A1Bartosz WikavSam Edlin
Division 10B1David NightingalevSteven Bowles
Division 10B1Pars YukselvStuart Masson
Division 10C1Joel ErikssonvAshley Owen
Division 10C1Jack EdgevLarry Block
Division 10D1Dylan RitchievJames O'Regan
Division 10D1Rachel GallaghervAndrew Shelley
Division 10D1Tommy WrightvDanny Kennedy
Division 11A1Michael BleasdalevAydn Jackson
Division 11B1Henry DavidsonvMichael Kimber
Division 11B1Mitchell SharpvJordan Ritchie
Division 11C1Dwaine ButtersvPatrick Proctor
Division 11D1Jim NeedlevChris Hanks
Division 12A1Dan CakebreadvDaniel Jones (WALES)
Division 12A1Wayne GordonvGary Forrest
Division 12B1Callum Meara-WilsonvDazz Humphreys
Division 12B1Alan CahillvJake Dobbie
Division 12C1Jamie KellyvMark Nightingale
Division 12D1Alex TearlevJames McKay
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