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All GDL Main League matches that are due or overdue

You are now able to play ANY match from current and previous matchweeks. You can search your name in the searchbox shown a the top of the table below. This table is updated DAILY. It does not update in real time so if you’ve played a game today, you will see the fixture disappear tomorrow.

LeagueMatchweekPlayer 1vPlayer 2
Superleague Group 13Scott WindervMichael Beard
Superleague Group 17Adam MouldvDan Hutchinson
Superleague Group 17Michael BeardvPaul Tubb
Superleague Group 27Alexey BushuyvDanny Trueman
Superleague Group 31Dan TatumvWayne Trask
Superleague Group 36Andy BlydevSimon Key
Superleague Group 36Stuart PritchardvDan Tatum
Superleague Group 37Andy BlydevDan Tatum
Superleague Group 37Stuart PritchardvWayne Trask
Premiership Group 17Adam GawthropvBrendon Clark
Premiership Group 17Darren BoughvPaul Penfold
Premiership Group 26Brandon WesternvDale Paul
Premiership Group 35Janis MustafejevsvJimmy McKirdy
Div 1 Group 15Philip SmithvJeroen Saccol
Div 1 Group 27Michael FearonvStuart Butler
Div 1 Group 34Gary CookvNeil Dempsey
Div 1 Group 35Gary CookvJulian Potts
Div 1 Group 37Neil DempseyvRyan Holland
Div 2 Group 17Bradley GeorgevChristopher Elliott
Div 2 Group 17Joe CarsonvRob Downer
Div 2 Group 33Stephen McCormackvBrian Doogan
Div 2 Group 35Andrew RollasonvBrian Doogan
Div 3 Group 31Dean WatsonvRyan Broadbent
Div 3 Group 37Gary VaughanvBrian Hylands
Div 3 Group 37Gary VaughanvDean Watson
Div 4 Group 13Daniel CoopevLuke Coles
Div 4 Group 15Daniel CoopevJames Toone
Div 4 Group 16James ToonevDylan Ritchie
Div 4 Group 17Daniel CoopevDylan Ritchie
Div 4 Group 17Lee GilbertvLuke Coles
Div 4 Group 21Iain FraservRicky King
Div 4 Group 22Andrew HuntvNeil Webster
Div 4 Group 25Ricky KingvAndrew Hunt
Div 4 Group 26Alan LappinvIain Fraser
Div 4 Group 27Alan LappinvAndrew Hunt
Div 4 Group 27Neil WebstervRicky King
Div 5 Group 15Matt LynnvJoe Fitzpatrick
Div 5 Group 27John McCluskeyvLuke Donisthorpe
Div 5 Group 27Andy BurnsvBradley Warren
Div 5 Group 37Declan WallingvJack Avery
Div 6 Group 17Alexandru CostecvAndrew Skeggs
Div 6 Group 17Matt SmithvTommy Flynn
Div 6 Group 27Harry WilloughbyvPaul O'Malley
Div 6 Group 27Lars JensenvMick Barclay
Div 6 Group 36Daniel MayervIsabel Kerr
Div 6 Group 37Daniel MayervEddie Packard
Div 6 Group 37John DevanevShaun Lawson
Div 6 Group 37Lee HumphreyvNathan Woodhouse
Div 7 Group 14Danny KennedyvNick McCartan
Div 7 Group 17Johnny RooneyvTommy Gabriel
Div 7 Group 26Oliver WarrenvJosh Mason
Div 7 Group 27Adam LinfordvJosh Mason
Div 7 Group 27Oliver WarrenvTomas Morrissey
Div 7 Group 27Paul GrayvScott Wickens
Div 7 Group 37Liam CowlinvStephen Curwen
Div 8 Group 16Martin ThomsonvMartyn Jones
Div 8 Group 26Jack EdgevErik Saul
Div 8 Group 27Jack EdgevRyan McMahon
Div 8 Group 36Paul GunningvSteven Bowles
Div 9 Group 17Aidan CorkerryvBen White
Div 9 Group 17Ian McLeishvScot Duncan
Div 9 Group 17Michael BleasdalevNigel Wakefield
Div 9 Group 27Gaz BondvRoss Pizzey
Div 9 Group 27James O'ReganvNicky Goodbrand
Div 9 Group 36David CumminsvGaz Stevens
Div 10 Group 25Jordan RitchievColin Gaughan
Div 10 Group 26Alan CahillvColin Gaughan
Div 10 Group 27Dan CakebreadvRoss Smith
Div 10 Group 35Gary LightfootvJared Phillips
Div 10 Group 36Marco CorradovRichard Elvery
Div 10 Group 37Alex TearlevCameron McFarlane
Div 10 Group 37Jared PhillipsvMarco Corrado
Div 11 Group 22Adam BrookvWayne Gordon
Div 11 Group 27Adam BrookvAndrew Kinsman
Div 11 Group 27Oliver SwettenhamvWayne Gordon
Div 11 Group 31Jason RuizvMichael Bennetton
Div 11 Group 33Fiachra FurlongvJason Ruiz
Div 11 Group 36Daniel Corbett-YeatesvJason Ruiz
Div 11 Group 37Mark NightingalevMichael Bennetton
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