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Catchup Week 1

For league matches missed between 25th January and 21st February.

The following league matches have not yet been played during their assigned matchweeks. All of these matches need to be played during the week of 22nd-28th February. 

These are the ONLY matches that should be played this week.

No other matches should be played this week unless explicitly agreed by the GDL, for instance, the Wednesday night streamed Matches.

It is vital that these catchup matches are played during this catchup week, as not having them played will have a significant impact on the rest of the season – not just for yourself, but for others in your division.

DivisionWeekPlayer 1Score 1Score 2Player 2
Superleague2AA.J. Urmston-ToftFred Box
Superleague3AMichael Beard29A.J. Urmston-Toft
Superleague3BStephen BurtonFred Box
Superleague3BDan Hutchinson69A.J. Urmston-Toft
Superleague4ADavid Wright69Adam Mould
Superleague4ADmitriy ZhukovA.J. Urmston-Toft
Superleague4BDavid WrightA.J. Urmston-Toft
Premiership A2AJames Green83Scott Winder
Premiership A2BDan Tatum77Steve Greenwood
Premiership A4BDan TatumMark Venables
Premiership B2BTony MitchellJamie Cassidy
Premiership B4AAdam BowmanJamie Cassidy
Premiership B4APaul RadfordAndrew Quinn
Division 1A4BGary Barham48Carl Jeffery
Division 1B3AChris BinghamJoe Wright
Division 2A4BOisin FurlongRhys Dudley
Division 2B1BLewis CoultMichael Wallace
Division 2B3BPaul Dixon17Jason Barrett
Division 2B3BSteven PassmoreLewis Coult
Division 2B4BAaron DonaldJason Barrett
Division 2B4BLee Andrews73Lewis Coult
Division 3A1BDan WalkerJames Edwards
Division 3B4AMatt Quick17Carl Hadlington
Division 4A1ADaniel HillmanGary Cook
Division 4A2ASamuel Mallon71Gary Cook
Division 4B1BAnthony CiancioloRichard Fielding
Division 4B2ARichard FieldingMatt Phipps
Division 4B2BAnthony Cianciolo72Matt Phipps
Division 4B3AAnthony CiancioloKyle Bevan
Division 4B4BAnthony Cianciolo70Emmet Leonard
Division 5A4BMarc KerrJoe Kilduff
Division 5B3ATyler Gabriel27Jamie Marten
Division 5B4ATony BuselliTyler Gabriel
Division 5B4BSam PriceTyler Gabriel
Division 6A4AJordan OttleyBrian Stewart
Division 6A4BDaniel Coope55Brian Stewart
Division 6B4AOwen Brierley63Ian Bain
Division 6B4ARyan UrquhartTony Makinson
Division 6B4BLee HunterDaniel Radford
Division 7B3AAshley Smith62Howard Phillips
Division 7B3BAshley Smith36David Ferguson
Division 8A1BAndrew DriscollRob Brideson
Division 8A2ARob Brideson63Neil Webster
Division 8A2BBilly BlakemanDave Jewell
Division 8A3ARob BridesonDave Jewell
Division 8A3BRob Brideson64Chris Hole
Division 8A4BAndrew DriscollDave Jewell
Division 8B3BAlexandru CostecEthan Packard
Division 9A4ASam EdlinSammy Dow
Division 9B3ARyan TobinOwen Judd
Division 9B4APars YukselNick McCartan
Division 9B4BOwen JuddNeil Hughes
Division 9B4BPars Yuksel26Matt Smith
Division 11A2BDave Cromack52Jamie Kelly
Division 11A4ARob Taylor-DunnJamie Kelly
Division 12B3BAydn Jackson44Larry Block
Division 12B4ALuke Ward52Gary Forrest
Division 12B4BKieran RichardsGary Forrest
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