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Earn extra Tour points
through short format competitions

Short format, one-night knockouts for players of all abilities. You’ll be playing others of a similar ability, so all of your games will be competitive.

GDL extra grades are the same as the main Tour grades and players are eligible for the event of the same Grade that they are in for the GDL Tour.

This year, GDL extra is even more important! There are at least four GDL extra events per quarter, each with the chance to win points in the GDL extra Order of Merit (OOM).

This is separate to the main Tour OOM and the top players on the extra OOM will qualify for the upcoming Major*.

*If a player is already qualified for the next Major through the main OOM, the space will go to the next unqualified player. See below for number of qualifying players per Major.

How to play:

Some events are limited to a certain amount of players, such as 16 or 32. Therefore, you’ll need to get in there quick! Start times may vary between competitions to give everyone a fair chance at playing, based on their circumstances with work etc.

Social posts will contain all information you need to know, such as dates, match format, start time etc.

If we have more entrants than the stated amount of players, we will have a reserve list based on the time of the players’ entries being submitted.

The following extra events count as qualification towards the listed Major:

GDL Grand Slam: GDL extra 1-4

GDL Players Championships: GDL extra 5-11

GDL Randomiser: GDL extra 12-17

GDL World Championships: GDL extra 1-24 (However, GDL extra 18-24 will have double pts on offer)

The following amount of qualification places are awarded via the GDL extra OoM for each Major:

GDL Grand Slam: 2 places for Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Grades
GDL Players Championship: 3 places for Platinum Grade; 4 places for Gold, Silver and Bronze Grades
GDL Randomiser: 2 places for Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Grades
GDL World Championships: 
3 places for Platinum Grade; 4 places for Gold, Silver and Bronze Grades

GDL extra ranking pts are awarded as follows:

Winner: 25pts
Runner-up: 15pts
Semi-Final: 10pts
Quarter-Final or 3rd in group (if less than 8 players): 5pts

Ranking is calculated in the following order:
1. Not-Qualified for the Major
2. GDL extra points in the specified events
3. Main OoM position

Please read the GDL guidelines

These knockouts are GDL sanctioned events and, as such, must be played in line with the GDL guidelines. If you are new to GDL events or need a refresher, use the button below to read this very important information.

You are eligible to play only in the grade that you are in on the main GDL Tour

Upcoming extra events

ALL GDL extra competitions begin at 7:30pm and entries CLOSE at 7:15pm

GDL extra 21:

Platinum & Silver – Monday 14th November [701]

Gold & Bronze – Tuesday 15th November [701]

GDL extra 22:

Platinum & Silver – Friday 18th November [101 set play]

Gold & Bronze – Saturday 19th November [101 set play]

GDL extra 23:

Platinum & Silver – Thursday 8th December [1001 one-leg shootout]

Gold & Bronze – Friday 9th December [1001 one-leg shootout]

GDL extra 24:

Platinum & Silver – Saturday 10th December [201 DIDO]

Gold & Bronze – Sunday 11th December [201 DIDO]

For the full GDL extra calendar, click here.

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Order of Merits

Reminder: If a player occupies a qualifying spot in the MAIN OOM, their GDL extra points become INACTIVE, thus their position in the GDL extra OOM is as if they've earned zero points.

If a player drops out of the main OOM positions, their GDL extra points accrued become ACTIVE and their position will reflect those points

Platinum Grade

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Gold Grade

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Silver Grade

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Bronze Grade

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