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The GDL Leagues


Please read the guidelines fully before continuing. If you ask questions to which the answers are in the guidelines, you might not get a response from the team.

The Graded Darts Feeder Leagues give new GDL players a consistent flow of competitive matches during and between qualifiers. They are also designed to obtain enough statistical data so that we can place you in the correct grades and divisions when you please in the main leagues and the tour events.

There are 7 Feeder Divisions in total. Each division will have space for 10 players with space for up to 10 more.

To find out which division you’re in, type your name in the search bar at the top of the page.

Each player plays everyone up to twice and we encourage you to play between 2 and 4 matches per week.

Arrange games through the chat on the GDL app:

League Format

Everybody will play everybody in their division twice.

The match format is best of TEN legs

Therefore, each match has the possibility of ending in a draw, so it is first to 6 and stop the game OR 5-5.

Fixtures, results, and tables are found on each division’s landing page.

All games must be played by the end of 2nd May

It is important that players follow the guidelines in order to facilitate the smooth running of all leagues.

Weeks run from Monday to Sunday.

3 points are awarded for a win, 1 for a draw and 0  for a loss. The league is ordered by points, then leg difference, legs won, and finally, result(s) between the players.

Week 1 begins Monday 1st March – the dates on the fixtures are arbitrary. They’re not to be taken as gospel and you can play matches in any order in the feeder leagues (main leagues are more structured).

We prefer that your games are played on Nakka or Lidarts. If you play on any others, take note of the warning on the results submission page.

Results for the leagues are added to the website the day AFTER the results are submitted, where possible

Have a question? Check the guidelines and this page first.

We are a very small team. Smaller than you can imagine given the size of the operation (Our stats man is only 5’3″!). So we cannot deal with questions that have answers available on this website. Please search around for the answer before messaging us.

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