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GDL 2021 World Championships Prize Fund

We are delighted to announce the prizes for the first ever GDL World Championships Finals.

The prize fund is the largest that the GDL has ever put forward for any competition it has ever run – More than 40% larger than any other. 

Making it into the top 64 is a reward in itself, showing just how much progress you’ve made throughout the year, however ALL players will receive a prize in the competition. 

Winners of each grade will win £500 and a trophy and runners up will receive £250.

If you make it to the semi final, you will receive £110, quarter finalists £60 and for the first time ever, players who make the last 16 will receive a cash prize: £20. 

Finally, every player who makes the last 32, or plays their last 64 or prelim match will receive a GDL mini bundle.

In total, over the three grades, this is a prize value of OVER £5000

The third qualifier for this event is currently in progress and there is one more qualifier to go after that, so still chance to qualify!

Joining next year? Why not setup your membership now, have a pop at Q4 and see if you can make it into the finals!

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