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GDL 2022 Prize Funds

We are pleased to announce the 2022 prize fund. 

Over the year, we will be giving away a minimum of MORE THAN £18,000* worth of prizes. 

The prize breakdown for the majors will be as follows, for each of the FOUR grades:

  • Winner £320 cash
  • Runner-up £160 cash
  • Semi-finalists £80 cash
  • Quarter-finalists £40 to spend at one of our voucher partners**

For the first time ever, we’ll also be giving away a small prize of a £20 GDL voucher** for the winner of EACH GDL Qualifier.

The leagues will continue to have prizes given to each division’s 1st and 2nd place finishers, with a minimum of £3200 worth of GDL vouchers** set aside across the year. Prizes are given at the end of ‘the Equaliser’ phase of a league season (‘Phase 1’ does not constitute a full season). Note that Division winners and runners up will will be those at the top of Group 1 of ‘the Equaliser’. The top placed player in Group 2 finishes 7th in the Division and the top placed player in Group 3 finishes 13th in the Division (for example).

Our popular Statman League Cup will also have a prize fund of over £1200 worth of vouchers** for the year.

Plate prizes TBC upon the completion of those tournaments.

This prize fund does not include GDL spot prizes such as mini-bundles, Statman player of the week (spoiler alert!), and trophies.

*Prize fund dependent on a minimum of 200 players per quarter

**voucher partners to be announced

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