GDL Grand Slam & Grand Slam Plate Entries

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Round deadlines will be:

Prelims: 20th March

Group Stage game 1: 24th March

Group Stage game 2: 27th March

Group Stage game 3: 30th March

Last 16: 2nd April

Quarter-Finals: 5th April

Semi-Finals: 7th April

Finals: 9th April

Matches can be played ahead of time, but deadlines must be adhered to unless by prior consent via a support ticket


The event begins on 17th March and runs until 3rd April

If you believe that you entered before the deadline but are unsure, please check the list below before asking the admin team. 

You need to be a paid tour card holder with membership covering the entire tournament to be eligible to play.

Note: If you have joined the leagues and sent in your averages and payment, you can class yourself as an EXISTING player on the form below, if not, please class yourself as a new player

More info: Check the GDL Tour Hub


NameGradeRankQualification Status
Brendon ClarkPlatinum1Main Qualifier
Danny TruemanPlatinum2Main Qualifier
Stephen BurtonPlatinum3Main Qualifier
Keith WrightPlatinum4Main Qualifier
Neil MeneerPlatinum5Main Qualifier
Shaun DevonaldPlatinum6Main Qualifier
John CrossleyPlatinum7Main Qualifier
Aaron PearcePlatinum8Main Qualifier
Luke NewportPlatinum9Main Qualifier
Scott ArtissPlatinum10Main Qualifier
David WrightPlatinum11Main Qualifier
Daniel BrownPlatinum12Main Qualifier
Lee AndrewsPlatinum13Main Qualifier
Paul TubbPlatinum14Main Qualifier
Thomas HowlingPlatinum15Main Qualifier
Paul PenfoldPlatinum16Main Qualifier
Tyler GabrielPlatinum17Main Qualifier
Craig NealonPlatinum18Main Qualifier
Adam GawthropPlatinum19Main Qualifier
Paul RadfordPlatinum20Main Qualifier
Oisin FurlongPlatinum21Main Qualifier
Scott WinderPlatinum22Main Qualifier
Christy GoughPlatinum23Main Qualifier
Paul HockenhullPlatinum24Main Qualifier
Michael BeardPlatinum25Main Qualifier
Kevin LanePlatinum26Main Qualifier
Michael FearonPlatinum27Main Qualifier
Greg WellingtonPlatinum28Main Qualifier
Nick BrandonPlatinum29Main Qualifier
Niall DunnePlatinum30Main Qualifier
Simon IsbellPlatinum35extra Qualifier
Stuart ButlerPlatinum58extra Qualifier
Chris FreshwaterPlatinum50Prelim Qualifier
Thommo SmithPlatinum31Grand Slam Plate
Nickie AdamsonPlatinum33Grand Slam Plate
Lee KilcoynePlatinum34Grand Slam Plate
Ryan HarkerPlatinum36Grand Slam Plate
Dan TatumPlatinum37Grand Slam Plate
Christopher BazleyPlatinum39Grand Slam Plate
Conor BastablePlatinum40Grand Slam Plate
Jim ThompsonPlatinum46Grand Slam Plate
John SmythPlatinum47Grand Slam Plate
Andy BlydePlatinum48Grand Slam Plate
Simon KeyPlatinum49Grand Slam Plate
Josh WilliamsPlatinum51Grand Slam Plate
Jack KellyPlatinum53Grand Slam Plate
Jeroen SaccolPlatinum56Grand Slam Plate
Brandon WesternPlatinum58Grand Slam Plate
Dan HutchinsonPlatinum58Grand Slam Plate
Dave TaylorPlatinum58Grand Slam Plate
Lee JonesPlatinum62Grand Slam Plate
Adam WhieldonPlatinum63Grand Slam Plate
Mark TomlinGold1Main Qualifier
Steven WintleGold2Main Qualifier
Peter ReynoldsGold3Main Qualifier
Joe CarsonGold4Main Qualifier
Gary BarhamGold5Main Qualifier
Matty RogersGold6Main Qualifier
Trevor UnderdownGold7Main Qualifier
Harry GathercoleGold8Main Qualifier
David McCrackenGold9Main Qualifier
Danny WoodworthGold10Main Qualifier
Christopher ElliottGold11Main Qualifier
Daniel WatkinsGold12Main Qualifier
Colin StewartGold13Main Qualifier
Christopher BuckleyGold14Main Qualifier
Stephen CarrGold15Main Qualifier
Wez ElstonGold15Main Qualifier
Johnny RooneyGold17Main Qualifier
Eric CicognaGold18Main Qualifier
Kaden MitchellGold19Main Qualifier
Andy LoweGold20Main Qualifier
Sean SomervilleGold21Main Qualifier
David CarrollGold22Main Qualifier
Jay VargoGold23Main Qualifier
Julian PottsGold24Main Qualifier
Richard LusardiGold25Main Qualifier
Bradley GeorgeGold26Main Qualifier
Rob DownerGold27Main Qualifier
Andy MaddamsGold28Main Qualifier
Tim Jones (Ireland)Gold29Main Qualifier
Tom BeresfordGold30Main Qualifier
Daniel RadfordGold31extra Qualifier
John CameronGold86extra Qualifier
Craig MarshallGold34Prelim Qualifier
Craig FinnieGold45Prelim Qualifier
Ian WindrossGold72Prelim Qualifier
Jordan ButlerGold86Prelim Qualifier
Bhav PatelGold88Prelim Qualifier
Brian HylandsGold33Grand Slam Plate
David O'LearyGold35Grand Slam Plate
Gary TrowGold36Grand Slam Plate
Ashley CoombsGold38Grand Slam Plate
Iain FraserGold39Grand Slam Plate
Ian BageGold39Grand Slam Plate
Roger OsborneGold41Grand Slam Plate
Ethan McMahonGold42Grand Slam Plate
John TitcombeGold43Grand Slam Plate
Alan BowdenGold46Grand Slam Plate
David LeeGold47Grand Slam Plate
Matt ClarkGold48Grand Slam Plate
Alex GawthropGold49Grand Slam Plate
Dean WatsonGold51Grand Slam Plate
Billy ShanahanGold52Grand Slam Plate
Tony SaundersGold53Grand Slam Plate
Paddy IcemannGold54Grand Slam Plate
Sober Darts GuyGold54Grand Slam Plate
John CurtisGold57Grand Slam Plate
Thomas BentGold59Grand Slam Plate
George FowlerGold60Grand Slam Plate
Stephen RoutledgeGold61Grand Slam Plate
Sam FilesGold62Grand Slam Plate
Dean DuffGold63Grand Slam Plate
Cael ParkerGold64Grand Slam Plate
Joe LoganGold65Grand Slam Plate
Ryan BroadbentGold68Grand Slam Plate
Jake PowellGold71Grand Slam Plate
Justin O'DellGold74Grand Slam Plate
Danny KennedyGold76Grand Slam Plate
Jack SpoonerGold77Grand Slam Plate
Mark MarlowGold78Grand Slam Plate
Joseph WrightGold79Grand Slam Plate
Matt SmithGold79Grand Slam Plate
Adam WhelanGold89Grand Slam Plate
Daniel MurphyGold89Grand Slam Plate
Craig FowlerGold91Grand Slam Plate
Edward McMillanGold92Grand Slam Plate
Bradley WarrenGold93Grand Slam Plate
Lee MorganGold94Grand Slam Plate
Sye Porter-BishopGold94Grand Slam Plate
Andrew SkeggsGold98Grand Slam Plate
Gareth ClementGold99Grand Slam Plate
Sean McCroryGold99Grand Slam Plate
Lawrence KelmanGold101Grand Slam Plate
Lee GilbertGold101Grand Slam Plate
Stephen McCormackGold101Grand Slam Plate
Matt SchofieldGold106Grand Slam Plate
Matthew GallentGold106Grand Slam Plate
Andrew HuntGold109Grand Slam Plate
Ben CooperGold109Grand Slam Plate
Fred WoodGold109Grand Slam Plate
Hywel JonesGold109Grand Slam Plate
Joe TaylorGold109Grand Slam Plate
John McCluskeyGold109Grand Slam Plate
John NortonGold109Grand Slam Plate
Josh AplinGold109Grand Slam Plate
Karl ParsonsGold109Grand Slam Plate
Kyle BennettGold109Grand Slam Plate
Marian BucicaGold109Grand Slam Plate
Michael DavidsonGold109Grand Slam Plate
Michael FleetGold109Grand Slam Plate
Siemen MulderGold109Grand Slam Plate
Harry WilloughbySilver1Main Qualifier
Sean RooneySilver2Main Qualifier
Justin ReßSilver3Main Qualifier
Rob BridesonSilver4Main Qualifier
Gary MorrisSilver5Main Qualifier
Paul O'MalleySilver6Main Qualifier
Liam CowlinSilver7Main Qualifier
Tomas MorrisseySilver8Main Qualifier
Tommy GabrielSilver9Main Qualifier
Jamie PickSilver10Main Qualifier
Andy BurnsSilver11Main Qualifier
Nathan Woodhouse (Warwickshire)Silver12Main Qualifier
Joel DandoSilver13Main Qualifier
Owen JuddSilver14Main Qualifier
Robbie PriddleSilver15Main Qualifier
Martyn JonesSilver16Main Qualifier
Adam PopeSilver17Main Qualifier
Neil WebsterSilver18Main Qualifier
Martin MoirSilver19Main Qualifier
Lewis CarterSilver20Main Qualifier
Ross PassfieldSilver21Main Qualifier
Lee HumphreySilver22Main Qualifier
Oliver WarrenSilver23Main Qualifier
Ryan McMahonSilver24Main Qualifier
Declan WallingSilver25Main Qualifier
David WarrenSilver26Main Qualifier
Tommy FlynnSilver26Main Qualifier
Gavin StedmanSilver28Main Qualifier
Billy BlakemanSilver29Main Qualifier
Ian McLeishSilver30Main Qualifier
James O'ReganSilver34extra Qualifier
Archi GaricSilver38extra Qualifier
Jamie MarcoonsSilver44Prelim Qualifier
Simon LoySilver79Prelim Qualifier
John ArnoldSilver31Grand Slam Plate
Dave BowenSilver32Grand Slam Plate
Martin DunnSilver33Grand Slam Plate
Ethan PackardSilver35Grand Slam Plate
Jack AlexanderSilver36Grand Slam Plate
Ryan MurraySilver37Grand Slam Plate
Paul GraySilver39Grand Slam Plate
Alexandru CostecSilver40Grand Slam Plate
Richard DaviesSilver41Grand Slam Plate
Chris ScoullerSilver42Grand Slam Plate
Jordan Turner (Derbyshire)Silver43Grand Slam Plate
Martin ThomsonSilver45Grand Slam Plate
Andrew HillsSilver46Grand Slam Plate
Kevin ThackwellSilver48Grand Slam Plate
Bradley SharpSilver50Grand Slam Plate
Paul GrimesSilver51Grand Slam Plate
Josef KellySilver52Grand Slam Plate
Chris HoleSilver53Grand Slam Plate
Ryan NassauSilver54Grand Slam Plate
Andrew KaySilver55Grand Slam Plate
Michael BleasdaleSilver56Grand Slam Plate
Stuart MasonSilver56Grand Slam Plate
Ricky RossSilver58Grand Slam Plate
Daniel RossSilver59Grand Slam Plate
Liam TaitSilver59Grand Slam Plate
Rob SullivanSilver61Grand Slam Plate
James ColesSilver63Grand Slam Plate
Alex HoughtonSilver64Grand Slam Plate
Shaun LawsonSilver65Grand Slam Plate
Steven HillSilver77Grand Slam Plate
Ryan CouchSilver78Grand Slam Plate
Anthony DodsworthSilver81Grand Slam Plate
Matt LynnSilver82Grand Slam Plate
Damijan NejasmicSilver84Grand Slam Plate
Ian MalcolmSilver85Grand Slam Plate
Jason JohnsonSilver85Grand Slam Plate
Lars JensenSilver85Grand Slam Plate
Robert BondSilver89Grand Slam Plate
Nicky GoodbrandSilver91Grand Slam Plate
David-John McGeochSilver93Grand Slam Plate
Aidan CorkerrySilver94Grand Slam Plate
Alex PowellSilver94Grand Slam Plate
Chris MillenSilver94Grand Slam Plate
Adam LinfordSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Bradley SnapeSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Chris PozziSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Dan McNamaraSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Daryl SteathamSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Dean SmithSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Gareth JohnstonSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Gaz McLeanSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Lewis SalterSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Matthew CrosbySilver99Grand Slam Plate
Mick BarclaySilver99Grand Slam Plate
Scot DuncanSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Sean McMillanSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Stephen CurwenSilver99Grand Slam Plate
Wayne FeredaySilver99Grand Slam Plate
Keith MurrayBronze1Main Qualifier
Fay KellyBronze2Main Qualifier
Eddie PackardBronze3Main Qualifier
Ross SmithBronze4Main Qualifier
Kev HardwickBronze5Main Qualifier
Steven RyanBronze6Main Qualifier
Gaz StevensBronze7Main Qualifier
Alan CahillBronze8Main Qualifier
Russ DullestonBronze9Main Qualifier
Dave WoodBronze10Main Qualifier
Joel ErikssonBronze11Main Qualifier
Alex KempsterBronze12Main Qualifier
Sam TattersfieldBronze13Main Qualifier
Rachel WakefieldBronze14Main Qualifier
Gary VeseyBronze15Main Qualifier
Lewis QuayleBronze16Main Qualifier
Ben LancasterBronze17Main Qualifier
Howard PhillipsBronze18Main Qualifier
Sean NeedhamBronze19Main Qualifier
Alex TearleBronze20Main Qualifier
Jack EdgeBronze21Main Qualifier
Owen PurdieBronze22Main Qualifier
Tom ChapmanBronze23Main Qualifier
Daniel SmithBronze24Main Qualifier
Shane WilkinsonBronze25Main Qualifier
Anthony Wilson-GeenBronze26Main Qualifier
Tom BracherBronze27Main Qualifier
Gaz BarkerBronze28Main Qualifier
Lee KinsellaBronze29Main Qualifier
Erik SaulBronze30Main Qualifier
Daniel LaxBronze32extra Qualifier
Michael BruceBronze43extra Qualifier
Aden HamillBronze31Grand Slam Plate
Paul BrownBronze33Grand Slam Plate
Adam RussellBronze34Grand Slam Plate
Greg CoatesBronze35Grand Slam Plate
Bradley CoyneBronze37Grand Slam Plate
David FergusonBronze38Grand Slam Plate
Mike WallisBronze40Grand Slam Plate
Finlay CassellBronze41Grand Slam Plate
Michael KimberBronze42Grand Slam Plate
Andrew KinsmanBronze44Grand Slam Plate
Mark NightingaleBronze45Grand Slam Plate
Jon McGoldrickBronze46Grand Slam Plate
Leon ParkerBronze47Grand Slam Plate
Mark AshtonBronze48Grand Slam Plate
Richard BiddingtonBronze49Grand Slam Plate
David NightingaleBronze50Grand Slam Plate
Dale GibsonBronze52Grand Slam Plate
Marc O'DonovanBronze53Grand Slam Plate
Sue NealonBronze54Grand Slam Plate
Dwaine ButtersBronze55Grand Slam Plate
Derek AllanBronze56Grand Slam Plate
Tony StandingBronze57Grand Slam Plate
Simon KnowlesBronze58Grand Slam Plate
Ryan HomerBronze59Grand Slam Plate
Dale CosgroveBronze61Grand Slam Plate
Jonathan DaviesBronze62Grand Slam Plate
Tommy WrightBronze63Grand Slam Plate
Kane SlocombeBronze64Grand Slam Plate
Michael BuchanBronze65Grand Slam Plate
Oliver SwettenhamBronze66Grand Slam Plate
Tom MontiBronze66Grand Slam Plate
David CumminsBronze68Grand Slam Plate
Nathan Woodhouse (Cheshire)Bronze70Grand Slam Plate
Stuart CobbBronze70Grand Slam Plate
George McLeanBronze72Grand Slam Plate
Josh CarhartBronze72Grand Slam Plate
Adrian LuscombeBronze74Grand Slam Plate
Jake PankhurstBronze74Grand Slam Plate
Jordan RitchieBronze74Grand Slam Plate
Owen FaunchBronze74Grand Slam Plate
Colin DigbyBronze79Grand Slam Plate
Ben AshcroftBronze83Grand Slam Plate
Keith McGuireBronze84Grand Slam Plate
Daniel Corbett-YeatesBronze85Grand Slam Plate
Anthony GarrettBronze86Grand Slam Plate
Dan CakebreadBronze86Grand Slam Plate
Adam GeorgeBronze94Grand Slam Plate
Billy MarshBronze94Grand Slam Plate
Daniel Jones (Wales)Bronze94Grand Slam Plate
Jenna KelmanBronze94Grand Slam Plate
Paul LeesBronze94Grand Slam Plate
Robbie CarlileBronze94Grand Slam Plate
Stuart McGillBronze94Grand Slam Plate
Aaron KentBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Blair HallBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Chris RobertsBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Craig MooreBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Danny DevelingBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Danny WakleyBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Darren ReedBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Dean FergusonBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Graeme-Tait BuchanBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Henry DavidsonBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Jonathan McMillanBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Kevin CrainieBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Kevin SteensonBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Lee PayneBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Liam WilsonBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Max WrightBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Nathan MatthewsBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Neil FergusonBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Rhys WoodwardBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Richard DennisonBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Robbie BoddyBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Robbie CattellBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Ryan FeredayBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Sam HuntBronze104Grand Slam Plate
Wayne GordonBronze104Grand Slam Plate
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