Graded Darts Leagues - Season 6

Are you ready to improve your game?

Registration for season 6 of the famous GDL league is now open! And the divisions are going to be tighter than ever…

The GDL is proud to be spearheading the revolution that is online darts. Leading the way in developing the version of the sport that has seen many players improve beyond what they thought they can do.

How are we doing that? By grading the players and constantly monitoring their improvement, providing the most comprehensive statistics in the world.

We run leagues for players of ALL abilities, with each player graded into a division that suits their ability level at that time. This ensures that you will never get a league game where you can’t beat your opponent on your day. 

You will play in a pool of 6 or 7 players, playing each opponent once. When this phase is complete, you will then be re-graded into a new Group that will place you against players even closer to your ability in phase 1. This is a unique feature that we call the Equaliser.

You will be given one specific fixture to play each week, with all the fixtures from the current phase published before the season starts, so you know when you are playing each opponent. 

Matches can be played on lidarts or nakka, with the choice of video call to be agreed between both players. It is expected that you become familiar with both 🙂

Confused? Worried about your setup? Nervous? Don't worry. Our GDL Mentors can help you get started.

As a GDL player, you don't just get to play in leagues though...

As part of your GDL leagues membership, you become a GDL Tour Card holder. This gives you access to playing:

Prizes are available in ALL competitions

Register for season 6 of the GDL's online darts leagues for just £9.95 per month and get access to ALL of the above

Week 1 of the new league begins on 4th July 2022

Entry deadline: 9pm on 29th June


Entry list will be updated as and when possible.

Completed Entries as of 27/05/22 @ 19:00 BST

[none yet]

Aaron Gill
Aaron Kent
Aaron Pearce
Abe Boughey
Adam Gawthrop
Adam George
Adam Linford
Adam Pope
Adam Russell
Adam Savoury
Adam Whelan
Adam Whieldon
Aden Hamill
Adrian Luscombe
Aidan Corkerry
Aiden McGroarty
Alan Bowden
Alan Cahill
Alex Gawthrop
Alex Houghton
Alex Kempster
Alex Powell
Alex Tearle
Alexandru Costec
Andrew Hills
Andrew Hunt
Andrew Kay
Andrew Kinsman
Andrew Marsden
Andrew Short
Andrew Skeggs
Andy Blyde
Andy Burns
Andy Henderson
Andy Lowe
Andy Maddams
Anthony Dodsworth
Anthony Garrett
Anthony Wilson-Geen
Archi Garic
Ashley Coombs
Barry Moyles
Barry Nelson
Ben Cooper
Ben Fielding
Ben Lancaster
Ben Maddock
Ben Phillips
Bhav Patel
Billy Blakeman
Billy Jackson
Billy Marsh
Billy Shanahan
Blair Hall
Bradley Coyne
Bradley George
Bradley Sharp
Bradley Snape
Bradley Warren
Brandon Western
Brendon Clark
Cael Parker
Carli Wigham
Chris Bates
Chris Freshwater
Chris Millen
Chris Pozzi
Chris Roberts
Chris Scouller
Christian Bresnock
Christopher Bazley
Christopher Elliott
Christy Gough
Colin Digby
Colin Gaughan
Colin Stewart
Conor Bastable
Craig Finnie
Craig Fowler
Craig Marshall
Craig Mitchell
Craig Moore
Craig Nealon
Dale Cosgrove
Dale Gibson
Dan Cakebread
Dan Edwards
Dan Hutchinson
Dan McNamara
Dan Reidy
Dan Tatum
Daniel Brown
Daniel Corbett-Yeates
Daniel Jones (Wales)
Daniel Lax
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Radford
Daniel Smith
Daniel Spotwood
Daniel Watkins
Danny Develing
Danny Kennedy
Danny Trueman
Danny Wakley
Danny Woodworth
Darren Armstrong
Darren Reed
Darren Stedman
Daryl Steatham
Dave Bowen
Dave Francis
Dave Taylor
Dave Wood
David Carroll
David Cummins
David Ferguson
David Lee
David McCracken
David Nightingale
David O'Leary
David Wall
David Warren
David Wright
David-John McGeoch
Dazz Humphreys
Dean Duff
Dean Smith
Dean Watson
Declan Evans
Declan Riedy
Declan Walling
Derek Allan
Derek Moynihan
Dmitriy Zhukov
Dwaine Butters
Dylan Lynn
Dylan Ritchie
Eddie Packard
Edward McMillan
Erik Saul
Ethan Packard
Evan O'Brien
Fearghal Hoban
Fiachra Furlong
Finlay Cassell
Fred Wood
Gareth Clement
Gareth Johnston
Gary Barham
Gary Morris
Gary Trow
Gary Vesey
Gavin McFarlane
Gavin Stedman
Gaz Barker
Gaz Bond
Gaz McLean
Gaz Stevens
Geoff Betts
George McLean
Glenn Jones
Graeme-Tait Buchan
Greg Coates
Greg Lloyd
Greg Wellington
Gregg Cheyne
Harry Gathercole
Harry Lewis
Harry Lumb
Harry Willoughby
Henry Davidson
Howard Phillips
Hywel Jones
Iain Fraser
Ian Bage
Ian Bain
Ian Malcolm
Ian McLeish
Ian Windross
Jack Barrows
Jack Kelly
Jack Spooner
Jacob Salmon
Jake Dobbie
Jake Pankhurst
Jake Powell
James Coles
James Hooper
James O'Regan
James Toone
James Watson
Jamie Marcoons
Jamie O'Hara
Jamie Phillips
Jamie Pick
Jared Phillips
Jay Vargo
Jenna Kelman
Jeroen Saccol
Jim Thompson
Jimmy McKirdy
Joe Carson
Joe Fitzpatrick
Joe Logan
Joe Taylor
Joel Dando
Joel Eriksson
John Arnold
John Burgess
John Cameron
John Crossley
John Curtis
John McCluskey
John Norton
John Smyth
John Titcombe
Johnny Rooney
Jon McGoldrick
Jonathan Davies
Jonathan McMillan
Jordan Butler
Jordan Gilbert
Jordan Ritchie
Jordan Stevely
Jordan Turner (Derbyshire)
Josef Kelly
Joseph Wright
Josh Aplin
Josh Carhart
Josh Williams
Joshua Phillips
Julian Potts
Justin O'Dell
Justin Reß
Kaden Mitchell
Kaine Morphy
Kane Slocombe
Karl Parsons
Keiran Crompton
Keith McGuire
Keith Murray
Keith Slocombe
Keith Wright
Kev Hardwick
Kevin Crainie
Kevin Lane
Kevin Selby
Kevin Steenson
Kevin Thackwell
Kyle Bennett
Kyle Bevan
Lars Jensen
Lawrence Kelman
Lee Andrews
Lee Davies
Lee Humphrey
Lee Jones
Lee Kilcoyne
Lee Kinsella
Lee Morgan
Lee Payne
Leon Parker
Lewis Carter
Lewis Quayle
Lewis Salter
Liam Anderson
Liam Byron
Liam Cowlin
Liam Meyrick
Liam Tait
Liam Wilson
Liz Fenwick
Louis Hutton
Luke Donisthorpe
Luke Newport
Marc O'Donovan
Marian Bucica
Mark Jacobs
Mark Marlow
Mark Nightingale
Mark Tomlin
Mark Venables
Mark Webster
Martin Coull
Martin Dunn
Martin Moir
Martin Thomson
Martyn Jones
Mat McCallion
Matt Bleasdale
Matt Clark
Matt Lynn
Matt Schofield
Matt Smith
Matthew Crosby
Matthew Cunniss
Matthew Gallent
Matty Rogers
Max Wright
Michael Beard
Michael Bleasdale
Michael Bruce
Michael Buchan
Michael Fearon
Michael Fleet
Michael Kimber
Michael Lakiere
Michael Lewis
Michael Woodbridge
Mick Barclay
Mike Wallis
Nathan Matthews
Nathan Woodhouse (Cheshire)
Neil Badrock
Neil Ferguson
Neil Thomson
Neil Webster
Niall Dunne
Niall Russell
Nick Brandon
Nick McCartan
Nickie Adamson
Nicky Goodbrand
Nigel Wakefield
Noel McVeigh
Oisin Furlong
Oliver Swettenham
Oliver Warren
Owen Faunch
Owen Judd
Owen Purdie
Owen Wain
Paddy Icemann
Paul Brown
Paul Gray
Paul Grimes
Paul Gunning
Paul Hockenhull
Paul Lees
Paul O'Malley
Paul Penfold
Paul Tubb
Peter Reynolds
Phillip Ardill
Rachel Wakefield
Reece Mason
Rhys Woodward
Richard Biddington
Richard Dennison
Richard Elvery
Richard Lusardi
Richard Walker
Ricky Ross
Rob Brideson
Rob Downer
Rob Sullivan
Robbie Boddy
Robbie Carlile
Robbie Cattell
Robbie Priddle
Robert Bond
Robert Slater
Roger Osborne
Ronan Quigley
Ross Passfield
Ross Pizzey
Ross Smith
Russ Dulleston
Ryan Broadbent
Ryan Couch
Ryan Dow
Ryan Fereday
Ryan Harker
Ryan Homer
Ryan Jones
Ryan Miller
Ryan Murray
Ryan Nassau
Ryan Sproat
Sam Edlin
Sam Eldridge
Sam Files
Sam Hunt
Sam Martin
Sam Tattersfield
Sammy Booker
Scot Duncan
Scott Artiss
Scott Winder
Sean McCrory
Sean McMillan
Sean Needham
Sean Rooney
Sean Somerville
Shane Anderson
Shane Wilkinson
Shaun Devonald
Shaun Lawson
Shellie Phillips
Siemen Mulder
Simon Isbell
Simon Key
Simon Knowles
Simon Loy
Simon Parker
Stephen Brooker
Stephen Carr
Stephen Curwen
Stephen Harrison
Stephen McCormack
Stephen Robinson
Steve Hardie
Steven Hill
Steven Ryan
Steven Wintle
Stu Truman
Stuart Butler
Stuart Cobb
Stuart Mason
Stuart McGill
Sue Nealon
Sye Porter-Bishop
Terry Byrne
Thomas Bent
Thommo Smith
Tim Jones (Ireland)
Tom Beresford
Tom Chapman
Tom Monti
Tomas Morrissey
Tommy Flynn
Tommy Gabriel
Tommy Wright
Tony Davison
Tony Saunders
Tony Standing
Trevor Underdown
Tyler Gabriel
Walisson Oliveira
Wayne Fereday
Wayne Gordon
Wez Elston

PARTIALLY COMPLETED Entries as of 27/05/22 @ 19:00 BST

[none yet]

PlayerAverage SentPayment set up
Aidan Greaney
Aiden Ballantyne
Bailey Daniels
Barry Leask
Cahal McGahan
Charles ButlerY
Chris Hilton
Chris O'Connor
Craig Mathieson
Craig MillerY
Daniel WalmsleyY
Emmett Fearon
Foeke Wolfs
Jamie WardY
John Beverley
Josh Ellis
Josh Lloyd
Joshua CottonY
Lenn Marinoni
Mark FosterY
Mark Titley
Matthew Boyle
Matthew TudgeY
Michael Corcoran
Michael Nolan
Nick Govender
Ray Greensmith
Rob Hollinshead
Robbie BrownY
Ryan ClaytonY
Sam DaveyY
Sean Franky HornY
Stephen Richardson
Steve CookY
Steven NeilY
Stewart BlacowY
Tom NewbeginY
Tommie Coleman
William EversonY
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