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Please read the guidelines fully before continuing. If you ask questions to which the answers are in the guidelines, you might not get a response from the team.

The GDL Open is a knockout tournament that any GDL Tour Card Holder can attempt to qualify for. There are 4 qualifying events between January 2nd 2021 and the start of the Open, which is Saturday 27th March. 

The qualifying events give players the chance to either automatically qualify or earn enough Order of Merit (OOM) points to be one of the OOM qualifiers.

The winner of each qualifier will be given an automatic spot in the open and will be seeded 1-4 based on their overall average throughout the 4 qualifiers and the remaining 28 places will be given to the top 28 players on the order of merit.

Players who win an automatic spot to the major are encouraged to play the other qualifiers still, as there are ranking points available for all events that will lead up to the GDL World Championships at the end of the year. 

If an automatically qualified player wins another qualifier, there will be another spot added to the OOM qualifying list.

Ranking Points

Ranking points will be awarded to players who play each event. The points are shown below and apply to all grades in the same way.


Round Points
Losing Semi-Finalists
Losing Quarter-Finalists
Last 16 Losers
Last 32 Losers
Last 64 Losers
Last 128 (prelim) Losers


Round Points
Losing Semi-Finalists
Losing Quarter-Finalists
Last 16 Losers
Last 32 Losers


As you should be aware by now, there are three different grades of ability on the GDL Tour. These are:

64+ avg.

54-63.99 avg.

below 54 avg.

Each grade has its own qualifiers and its own majors. A 48avg. player won’t be facing a 78avg. player.

Find out what grade you’re in

The qualifying event matches are all the same length. These are as follows:

64+ avg. Best of 11 legs of 501.

54-63.99 avg. Best of 9 legs of 501.

below 54 avg. Best of 7 legs of 501.

The Draw

The draws for each qualifying event will be made the day before each event is due to start. Once the draw is made, players can play their games immediately and have up to three days from the start of the event to complete their first game.

When the draw has been made, we will create the competition brackets on the website and you’ll be able to find them via the links below. If there are no links below, then that means the brackets have not been created yet, but will be when the draw has been made.

Deadlines for each round:

Qualifier 2

Prelims/L64: Wednesday 27th January
L32: Friday 29th January
L16: Sunday 31st January
Quarter Finals: Tuesday 2nd February
Semi Finals: Thursday 4th February
Final: Friday 5th February

Players can arrange their games as soon as their next opponent is known and are encouraged to do so, if possible!

Prize Money

Cash prizes are available for reaching the last 8 of the major and beyond. The prize breakdown is as follows:

Quarter finalists: £50

Semi finalists: £100

Runner-up: £200

Winner: £400

This is the same throughout the grades.

When the match is completed, the winner must take a full screenshot of the result, including stats and go to the results page to submit the result

If you are playing on WDA, you must make a note of your first 9 average and email This is because WDA doesn’t provide that data in the match summary.

We would prefer that you do not use dartconnect for your games, purely because it is difficult to obtain the stats from DC games.

Have a question? Check the guidelines and this page first.

We are a very small team. Smaller than you can imagine given the size of the operation (Our stats man is only 5’3″!). So we cannot deal with questions that have answers available on this website. Please search around for the answer before messaging us.

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A.J. Urmston-Toft

Aaron Donald

Aaron Pearce

Adam Bowman

Adam Gawthrop

Adam Mould

Ady Maddocks

Aman Urazov

Andrew Quinn

Andy Maddams

Arno Looijen

Brad Burnett

Brendon Clark

Chris Bingham

Chris Lee

Christopher Buckley

Conor Bastable

Craig Brown

Craig Nealon

Dale Paul

Dan Hutchinson

Dan Jones (England)

Dan Tatum

Daniel Hillman

Danny Trueman

Dave Francis

Dave Taylor

David O’Leary

David Read

David Wright

Dean Collett

Dmitriy Zhukov

Florian Hempel

Fons Hardeman

Fred Box

Grant Maclean

Ian Long

Ian Plumb

James Green

Jamie Berry

Jamie Cassidy

Jamie McIntosh

Janis Mustafejevs

Jason Barrett

Jason Stalker

Jeroen Saccol

Jimmy McKirdy

Joe Wright

John Crossley

John Smyth

Keith Slocombe

Kristaps Mickus

Lee Kilcoyne

Lee Nisbet

Lewis Coult

Lewis Dare

Liam Carr

Louis Carter

Luke Newport

Mark Leach

Mark Venables

Martin Coull

Matt Quick

Matthew Rogers

Michael Beard

Michael Poole

Michael Wallace

Mike Baber

Neil Dempsey

Neil Meneer

Oisin Furlong

Paul Dixon

Paul Radford

Paul Tubb

Philip Nash

Rob Downer

Roger Osborne

Scott Winder

Sean Fisher

Sean Ross

Shaun Barnes

Shaun Gowens

Simon Isbell

Simon Key

Stephen Burton

Steve Greenwood

Steven Passmore

Stuart Pritchard

Thomas Howling

Thomas Smith

Timothy Jones

Tom Baughan

Tony Clark

Tony Mitchell

Aaron Meale
Aaron Mitchell
Adam Pope
Alex Coutts
Andrew Rollason
Anthony Cianciolo
Bradley George
Bradley Warren
Brett Pickersgill
Brian Hylands
Brian Stewart
Carl Hadlington
Carter Guiney
Carwyn Evans
Chris Evans
Chris Robertson
Christopher Elliott
Craig Dyer
Craig Finnie
Craig Mitchell
Damien Tinlin
Dan Haylett
Daniel Cavanagh
Daniel Coope
Daniel Radford
Darren Bough
David Lee
Dean Duff
Dez Roberts
Donal Butler
Elliot Lewthwaite
Emmet Leonard
Ethan McMahon
Gareth Zanellan
Gary Cook
Gordon Duff
Hughie Cook
Ian Bain
Ian Malcolm
Jack Avery
James Edwards
James Toone
Jamie MacPhee
Jamie Marten
Jay Vargo
Jed MacPhee
Joe Carson
Joe Logan
John Cameron
Jordan Ottley
Joseph Kilduff
Kaden Mitchell
Kate Drake
Kenny Stafford
Kurtis Bevan
Kyle Bevan
Lee Hunter
Lewis McDowell
Marc Kerr
Mark Tomlin
Mark Webster
Mat McCallion
Matt Phipps
Mike Locke
Ned Fischer
Neil Griffiths
Owen Brierley
Paddy Mann
Paul Hastings
Pete Bryden
Peter Reynolds
Pieter Klok
Rhys Dudley
Richard Fielding
Ricky Terry
Rob May
Rob Sullivan
Rob Woods
Ross Hutchison
Ryan Holland
Ryan Urquhart
Sam Price
Samuel Mallon
Sean Elrick
Sean McHugh
Shaun Cahalin
Shawn House
Simon Newland
Spike Ceglio
Stephen McCormack
Sye Porter
Taylor Paterson
Tom Beresford
Tony Makinson
Tracy North
Tyler Gabriel

Adam George
Aidan Corkerry
Alan Lappin
Alex Roll
Alexandru Costec
Andrew Driscoll
Ashley Smith
Aydn Jackson
Bartosz Wika
Ben Moore
Billy Blakeman
Billy Marsh
Brian Farrelly
Callum Irving
Callum Meara-Wilson
Chris Hole
Chris Millen
Chris Scouller
Colin Gaughan
Daniel Brown
Daniel Jones (Wales)
Daniel Miller
Darren Stedman
Dave Jewell
David Allen
David Alvaro Griffiths
David Cromack
David Cummins
David Ferguson
David Nightingale
Dean Ferguson
Dean Holden
Dean Martin
Dylan Ritchie
Eddie Packard
Erik Saul
Ethan Packard
Gary Forrest
Gary McGinn
Gavin Smith
Gavin Stedman
Gaz Bond
Gaz Stevens
George Mclean
Harrison Cashman
Harry Willoughby
Harvey George
Hayden Johnson
Henry Davidson
Howard Phillips
Hywel Jones
Ian Windross
Jack Alexander
Jack Taylor
Jake Dobbie
James Clark
James Lack
James McKay
Jamie Kelly
Jared Phillips
Jim Needle
Joe Fitzpatrick
Joe Lettice
Joel Russell
Joel Sowton
Jordan Ritchie
Jordan Walker
Jordan Wright
Josh Desforges
Josh Mason
Justin Krantz
Justin O’Dell
Keith Murray
Kieran Halliday
Lars Jensen
Lewis Carter
Luke Donisthorpe
Luke Ford
Marco Corrado
Mark Nightingale
Martin Thomson
Matt Smith
Matthew Goldsmith
Michael Bleasdale
Michael Kimber
Mitchell Sharp
Neil Hughes
Nick McCartan
Oliver Swettenham
Oliver Warren
Owen Judd
Pars Yuksel
Paul Burke
Paul Gray
Paul Lees
Paul O’Malley
Phillip McConnell
Richard Biddington

Ricky King
Rob Brideson
Rob Taylor-Dunn
Robert Lane
Robin Ellison
Ross Ekins
Ryan Brown
Ryan McCaughan
Ryan Nassau
Ryan Tobin
Sam Edlin
Sammy Dow
Scott Jackson
Sean Falkinder
Sean Talbot
Shane Wilkinson
Simon Charles
Siôn Jenkins
Stuart Cobb
Tim Bradford
Tom Rouse
Tomas Morrissey
Tommy Gabriel
Tony Hammond
Walisson Oliveira
Wayne Gordon

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