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GDL Open Plate

We’re running a plate competition for GDL Tour Card Holders that did not qualify for the GDL Open Finals due to not enough points on the Order of Merit. This is also open to feeder league players who have played and submitted 5 feeder league games before Thursday 25th March.

Round 1 will begin on Thursday 25th March and the Final must be played on or before 9th April.

There will be MORE grades than the main qualifiers (dependent on numbers) which will enable two things:

1)  The grades will be more competitive for those who were toward the bottom of the main grade brackets

2) The competition will be able to be run concurrently with the Finals such that all rounds will be completed smoothly. 

This is NOT a ranked event.

Dependent on numbers, we hope to have 5 grades:

45 and below




70.01 and above

The draw bracket will be a standard draw, rather than an open draw each round. Short(ish) format matches.

Entry is £5.95 and the prize money will be dependent on entries. 


Fill in the form below and pay your entry fee. Simple as that!

List of entries and paid status

Entries close at midnight UK time on Tuesday 23rd March

Note that the form for the payment might say Direct Debit. It is NOT a Direct Debit - it is a one-off payment.

AS OF 7pm ON MONDAY 22nd March

Entered and paid:

Aaron Donald
Abe Boughey
Adam Howe
Adrian Hughes
Ady Maddocks
Ady Somers
Aidan Corkerry
Aiden Larsen
Andrew Hunt
Andrew Shelley
Andrew Skeggs
Antony Chesters
Bartosz Wika
Billy Shanahan
Bradley Warren
Brendon Clark
Brian Stewart
Carl Hadlington
Chris Robertson
Chris Scouller
Colin Stewart
Conor Bastable
Craig Dyer
Craig Finnie
Dalil Kissanov
Dan Tatum
Daniel Jones (Wales)
Dave Francis
David Cummins
David Ferguson
David Lee
David Nightingale
David Warren
Dean Duff
Dean Martin
Eddie Packard
Erik Saul
Fons Hardeman
Gary Trow
Gavin Smith
Gavin Stedman
Gaz Bond
Harry Willoughby
Ian Malcolm
Ian Plumb
Jack Alexander
Jake Dobbie
Jamie McIntosh
Jay Vargo
John McCluskey
Johnny Rooney
Jordan Ritchie
Joshua Coffey
Julian Potts
Keith Murray
Kevin Thackwell
Kurtis Bevan
Lars Jensen
Lee Andrews
Lee Gilbert
Lee Humphrey
Lee Kilcoyne
Lewis McDowell
Louis Carter
Mark Leach
Mark Nightingale
Mark Tomlin
Martin Coull
Mat McCallion
Matthew Gallent
Mike Baber
Oliver Swettenham
Paddy Mann
Patrick Proctor
Paul Burke
Paul Hockenhull
Paul Monaghan
Philip Smith
Rachel Wakefield
Richard Biddington
Rob Sullivan
Roger Osborne
Ryan Broadbent
Ryan Kerr
Ryan Marten
Ryan Urquhart
Sam Price
Sam Tattersfield
Samuel Mallon
Sean Rooney
Simon Isbell
Siôn Jenkins
Sober Darts Guy
Stefan Hilton
Steve Greenwood
Steven Bowles
Steven Passmore
Stuart Butler
Stuart Cobb
Taylor Paterson
Tomas Morrissey
Tommy Gabriel
Tony Mitchell

Entered, payment required:

Daniel Hillman
Edward Mcmillan
Gary Barham
Ian Bain
Ian Windross
Jamie Cassidy
Jamie Hudson
Janis Mustafejevs
Larry Block
Marco Corrado
Nigel Hylands
Pars Yuksel
Rob Downer
Rob May
Robin Ellison
Ryan McCaughan
Shaun Barnes
Simon Charles
Christopher Elliott
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