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Graded Team Stream League

Build a team of 5 GDL players; one from each Grade, and play all games on stream in a fiercely competitive league.

Match formats randomly drawn in advance - a selection of 501, Big Fish, 301 DIDO, and Cricket

We're looking for up to 6 teams of 5 to take part.

(First come, first served)

Held on Thursdays, each stream night will consist of a match between two of the teams. Every player will play one game and the winner of each game picks up a leg towards the final match score. The league will be a round-robin format, with every team playing every other team once.

Only players from the same grade will play each other so, don’t worry, you won’t get tonked!

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In case of availability issues, your team will be allowed one sub per match. If more than one player can’t make it, you lose that leg automatically.

If anyone in your team moves up or down a grade, you’ll need to find a replacement.

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