GDL Tour 8 Entries

Entries close in....


ENTRY Closed

Round deadlines will be:

L128: 2nd August
Last 64: 5th August
Last 32: 9th August
Last 16: 12th August
Quarter Finals: 14th August
Semi Finals: 16th August
Final: 18th August

Matches can be played ahead of time, but deadlines must be adhered to unless by prior consent via a support ticket


The event begins on 28th July and runs until 18th August

If you believe that you entered before the deadline but are unsure, please check the list below before asking the admin team. 

You need to be a paid tour card holder with membership covering the entire tournament to be eligible to play.

Note: If you have joined the leagues and sent in your averages and payment, you can class yourself as an EXISTING player on the form below, if not, please class yourself as a new player

More info: Check the GDL Tour Hub


Rejected or Withdrawn entries: Dylan Ritchie, Evan Kelly, Jack Alexander, Lorenzo Ballerini, Nathan Clegg, Ryan Nassau

Aaron PearcePlatinum
Adam GawthropPlatinum
Alexey BushuyPlatinum
Andy BlydePlatinum
Ashley CoombsPlatinum
Brandon WesternPlatinum
Brendon ClarkPlatinum
Chris FreshwaterPlatinum
Chris SharpPlatinum
Christopher BazleyPlatinum
Christy GoughPlatinum
Conor BastablePlatinum
Craig NealonPlatinum
Dan HutchinsonPlatinum
Danny TruemanPlatinum
Darren ArmstrongPlatinum
Darren BoughPlatinum
Dave FrancisPlatinum
David WrightPlatinum
Gary BarhamPlatinum
Gene HillPlatinum
Joe CarsonPlatinum
John CrossleyPlatinum
Josh WilliamsPlatinum
Kevin LanePlatinum
Kyle BennettPlatinum
Kyle BevanPlatinum
Lee AndrewsPlatinum
Liam AndersonPlatinum
Liam AndrewsPlatinum
Mark TomlinPlatinum
Mat McCallionPlatinum
Michael BeardPlatinum
Neeman HasidaPlatinum
Neil MeneerPlatinum
Nick BrandonPlatinum
Paul PenfoldPlatinum
Paul RadfordPlatinum
Paul TubbPlatinum
Peter ReynoldsPlatinum
Ryan HarkerPlatinum
Scott ArtissPlatinum
Scott WinderPlatinum
Shane AndersonPlatinum
Simon IsbellPlatinum
Simon KeyPlatinum
Stephen BurtonPlatinum
Adam PopeGold
Adam WhelanGold
Aiden McGroartyGold
Alan LappinGold
Andrew HillsGold
Andrew ShortGold
Andrew SkeggsGold
Andy HendersonGold
Andy LoweGold
Bhav PatelGold
Billy ShanahanGold
Bradley GeorgeGold
Chris WallGold
Christopher ElliottGold
Colin StewartGold
Craig FowlerGold
Craig MarshallGold
Craig MitchellGold
Dan CavanaghGold
Daniel RadfordGold
Daniel WatkinsGold
Darren StedmanGold
Daryl ClarkeGold
Dave BowenGold
David McCrackenGold
David McCrumGold
David WeymesGold
Dean DuffGold
Dean WatsonGold
Eric CicognaGold
Gaz MagillGold
George FowlerGold
Greg WellingtonGold
Gregg CheyneGold
Iain FraserGold
Ian BageGold
Ian WindrossGold
Jake PowellGold
James ColesGold
Jay VargoGold
Joe LoganGold
Joe TaylorGold
Joel SalernoGold
John CurtisGold
John SmythGold
John TitcombeGold
Jordan ButlerGold
Joseph WrightGold
Julian PottsGold
Justin O'DellGold
Justin ReßGold
Kane DarkesGold
Kay PallandtGold
Keiran CromptonGold
Kevin ThackwellGold
Lee MorganGold
Liam CowlinGold
Marian BucicaGold
Mariusz NiemyjskiGold
Mark MarlowGold
Mark WebsterGold
Martin MoirGold
Matty RogersGold
Michael LakiereGold
Neil WebsterGold
Niall DunneGold
Paddy IcemannGold
Paul O'MalleyGold
Richard LusardiGold
Ricky HitchmoughGold
Rob bridesonGold
Robert BondGold
Roger OsborneGold
Sammy BookerGold
Sean RooneyGold
Sean SomervilleGold
Shaun CahalinGold
Steven WintleGold
Sye Porter-BishopGold
Thomas BentGold
Tom BeresfordGold
Tony DavisonGold
Aidan CorkerrySilver
Alex PowellSilver
Andrew MarsdenSilver
Andy BurnsSilver
Andy DunnSilver
Ben McInerneySilver
Ben PulhamSilver
Billy BlakemanSilver
Blair WaughSilver
Bradley CoyneSilver
Bradley WarrenSilver
Chris ScoullerSilver
Craig YoungSilver
Dale CosgroveSilver
Daniel LaxSilver
Danny WakleySilver
Daryl SteathamSilver
Dave WilsonSilver
Dave WoodSilver
David StewartSilver
David WarrenSilver
David-John McgeochSilver
Dean SmithSilver
Declan WallingSilver
Dennis HandSilver
Edward McMillanSilver
Finlay CassellSilver
George TaylorSilver
Hagai BerkovichSilver
Howard PhillipsSilver
Hywel JonesSilver
Ian McLeishSilver
Ian McLeodSilver
Jack BowmanSilver
Jakob KlingenbergSilver
James HooperSilver
James O'ReganSilver
James TooneSilver
Jamie MarcoonsSilver
Jody HancockSilver
Joe FitzpatrickSilver
John McCluskeySilver
Jonny RedfearnSilver
Jordan OsborneSilver
Jordan StevelySilver
Keith MurraySilver
Lawrence KelmanSilver
Lee HumphreySilver
Lewis CarterSilver
Lewis QuayleSilver
Liam ByronSilver
Liam TaitSilver
Martin ThomsonSilver
Mathew SnapeSilver
Matt EllisSilver
Matthew CrosbySilver
Matthew GallentSilver
Michael FleetSilver
Mike HooperSilver
Mike WallisSilver
Nick McCartanSilver
Nicky GoodbrandSilver
Oliver WarrenSilver
Owen FaunchSilver
Paul GardnerSilver
Paul GrimesSilver
Richie DavidsonSilver
Robert SlaterSilver
Ross SmithSilver
Ryan ClaytonSilver
Ryan MurraySilver
Sean McHughSilver
Sean McMillanSilver
Simon LoySilver
Simon ParkerSilver
Tom ChapmanSilver
Tomas MorrisseySilver
Tommy GabrielSilver
Wayne FeredaySilver
Aaron KentBronze
Abu MahmudBronze
Adam GeorgeBronze
Adam RussellBronze
Aden HamillBronze
Aidan SneydBronze
Alan CahillBronze
Alex KempsterBronze
Alex TearleBronze
Andrew KinsmanBronze
Andy FennBronze
Andy TurnerBronze
Ben GeorgeBronze
Ben MaddockBronze
Blair HallBronze
Brandon GloverBronze
Caleb BresnockBronze
Callum GordonBronze
Carli WighamBronze
Charlie WeltonBronze
Chris BatesBronze
Chris MillenBronze
Chris PozziBronze
Chris RobertsBronze
Christian BresnockBronze
Craig MillerBronze
Damijan NejasmicBronze
Dan EdwardsBronze
Danny AndersonBronze
Darren LindsayBronze
Darren ReedBronze
David AllenBronze
David FergusonBronze
David NightingaleBronze
Declan RiedyBronze
Dominic RückleBronze
Dwaine ButtersBronze
Eddie PackardBronze
Erik SaulBronze
Ethan PackardBronze
Fearghal HobanBronze
Glenn JonesBronze
Graeme-Tait BuchanBronze
Greg CoatesBronze
Haydn PhillipsBronze
Ian MalcolmBronze
Jake ClarkBronze
Jake PankhurstBronze
Jake StobieBronze
James DoldenBronze
Jared PhillipsBronze
Jenna KelmanBronze
Joel ErikssonBronze
John HalkettBronze
Jon McGoldrickBronze
Jonathan DaviesBronze
Jonathan McMillanBronze
Jordan RitchieBronze
Keith McGuireBronze
Kenny PenderBronze
Kev HardwickBronze
Kevin CrainieBronze
Kyle MartinBronze
Leon ParkerBronze
Lewis SalterBronze
Liam WilsonBronze
Mark MurrayBronze
Mark NightingaleBronze
Matthew VirginBronze
Michael BruceBronze
Michael KimberBronze
Michael SmithBronze
Nathan Woodhouse (Cheshire)Bronze
Neil FergusonBronze
Neil ForrestBronze
Noel McVeighBronze
Oliver SwettenhamBronze
Paul BrownBronze
Paul OliverBronze
Phil LeeBronze
Rachel WakefieldBronze
Robbie BoddyBronze
Russ DullestonBronze
Ryan FeredayBronze
Sam HuntBronze
Sam KirbyBronze
Sam PhillipsBronze
Sam SladeBronze
Scot DuncanBronze
Sean NeedhamBronze
Shane WilkinsonBronze
Shaun BennettBronze
Simon KnowlesBronze
Steve CookBronze
Steven CareyBronze
Stuart CobbBronze
Sue NealonBronze
Tom MontiBronze
Tommy WrightBronze
Tony StandingBronze
Wayne GordonBronze
Will ThorpeBronze
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