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IMPORTANT! New players missing vital information


Below is a list of NEW PLAYERS who have registered for the GDL – either the leagues, the tour, or both, but we are missing vital information from them. 

It could be that they’ve not entered the league yet, it could be that we don’t have stats/an average for them, it could be that payments are not yet setup

Or it could be any combination of all three. 

If you are on this list and wish to play in the GDL leagues this season it is ESSENTIAL that you get in touch with us urgently, else we cannot put you in a league division. 

We want you to play GDL, but if the issues aren’t cleared up before 9pm on Wednesday 6th January, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the next season.

If you are on this list please get in touch as soon as possible, so we can work together to try and secure your spot in the leagues, or if you know someone on this list, please let them know immediately.

You can contact us via Twitter or Facebook – or on email

Again, it’s important to note that if we don’t have all our ducks in a row for you, we CANNOT enter you into the leagues. 

Thank you all for your cooperation.

Aaron Padgett
Adam McCarthy
Adam Sayers
Andrew Kay
Andy Henderson
Aydn Jackson
Billy Evans
Callum Poultney
Cameron Pickard
Carl Gorton
Christopher Sharp
Colin Digby
Conor Lloyd
Craig Mitchell
Daleo Thomas
Daniel Cornes
Daniel Smith
David Burton
Derrick McCabe
Dewi Benyon
Dominic Brandon
Eddie Bott
Ellis Hollyhead
Greg Lloyd
Harry Lewis
Harry Shipley
James Carmen
James Crump
Jamie Muir
Jay Simpson
Joe Costello
Joel Dando
Joel Eriksson
John Arnold
John cameron
Jordan Colville
Joseph Wright
Keith McGuire
Kevin Dudley
Kevin Peters
Liam Fisher
Mark Archer
Mark Marlow
Martin Ryan
Mat James
Matt Clark
Matt Funnell
Matthew Cunniss
Matthew Good
Meg Cullen
Michael Copeland
Michael Cuff
Michael Nolan
Michael Smith
Michael Southey
Mick Steele
Noel McVeigh
Owen Wain
Robbie Priddle
Roman Gallagher
Ross Barr
Roy Hamilton
Ryan Hardwidge
Sam Eldridge
Sam Files
Scott Bell
Scott Neithercut
Sean McCrory
Shane Pearce
Simon Clewlow
Sonni Mitchell
Steven Mains
Steven Spence
Thomas Hughes
Tom Bracher
Tom Jay
Tom Swainston
Warren McMahon
Wez Elston
Xiaoen Sykes
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