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New tour card holder? Missed the league entry deadline? Want to keep your throw going?

As we have grown, we have a lot of new tour card holders join after the main leagues started. A lot of these players still want to take part in a league before the main leagues start.

Introducing the GDL Feeder Leagues

We will be running Feeder Leagues of up to 20 for players who missed the deadline for the latest set of the main leagues. These leagues will be graded still, ensuring that players still have a good chance of being competitive. The gradings won’t be as tight as the main leagues, but it gives you the opportunity to still be competitive, get to know new people, and provide the GDL with known data so that we can make sure you’re definitely placed in the correct leagues when the new main league season begins.

Entry is included in your tour card holder’s membership fee. No extra entry fees are required.

To be eligible to enter, you:

Must be an active and paying GDL Tour Card Holder. To get a Tour Card, visit the sign up page.


Must not already be involved in the main Leagues that are currently running.

The leagues will begin on Monday 1st March, however anyone with a Tour Card who is not in the main leagues can enter these leagues at anytime, as this is only a semi-competitive league. 

Format will be best of 10, 501 straight in double out. Each division will begin with a minimum of 6 players and there will be slots for up to 4 more players per division to join at any time up until Friday 9th April.


Fill out the form below to be entered into a Feeder League

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