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League Season 8 division allocations

The Season 8 allocations are here!

We are delighted to announce the allocations for the new league season and even more delighted to tell you there are TWENTY-SEVEN divisions of players, each comprising three Pools of 6.

Below is a list of players and their divisions and pools. You can search your name and you can search by division too, to see who you’re playing!

PLEASE NOTE: This isn’t a case of promotion or relegation from Season 7. It’s a reshuffle so that everybody is exactly where they should be in terms of their ability. As we have 2 extra divisions, there are naturally going to be people who are in divisions ‘lower’ than Season 7, but in reality, is it lower? Probably not.

Stephen BurtonSuperleague Pool A
Kevin BlommeSuperleague Pool A
Dmitriy ZhukovSuperleague Pool A
Shane AndersonSuperleague Pool A
Brendon ClarkSuperleague Pool A
Adam GawthropSuperleague Pool A
Scott WinderSuperleague Pool B
Darren ArmstrongSuperleague Pool B
Jamie JarrettSuperleague Pool B
Danny TruemanSuperleague Pool B
Christopher BazleySuperleague Pool B
Alexey BushuySuperleague Pool B
Kevin LaneSuperleague Pool C
Simon Alwyn ReesSuperleague Pool C
David WrightSuperleague Pool C
Paul AndersonSuperleague Pool C
Liam AndersonSuperleague Pool C
Shaun DevonaldSuperleague Pool C
Michael MagneronPremiership Pool A
Simon KeyPremiership Pool A
Scott ArtissPremiership Pool A
Gene HillPremiership Pool A
Liam Andrews (Wales)Premiership Pool A
Vince PuddicombePremiership Pool A
Chris SharpPremiership Pool B
Dave FrancisPremiership Pool B
David CarrPremiership Pool B
Niklas BrackelmannPremiership Pool B
Kyle BennettPremiership Pool B
Chris FreshwaterPremiership Pool B
Kyle BevanPremiership Pool C
Brandon WesternPremiership Pool C
Dale HeritagePremiership Pool C
Aaron PearcePremiership Pool C
Steven AdleighPremiership Pool C
Andy BlydePremiership Pool C
Gregg CheyneDivision 1 Pool A
Simon CuthbertDivision 1 Pool A
Bruno AmaroDivision 1 Pool A
Michael FearonDivision 1 Pool A
Thomas BentDivision 1 Pool A
Mariusz NiemyjskiDivision 1 Pool A
Nick BrandonDivision 1 Pool B
Daniel BrownDivision 1 Pool B
Stephen CarrDivision 1 Pool B
Gary BarhamDivision 1 Pool B
Danny WoodworthDivision 1 Pool B
Christopher ThieleDivision 1 Pool B
Josh UnderwoodDivision 1 Pool C
Jack WalkerDivision 1 Pool C
Bhav PatelDivision 1 Pool C
Dave TaylorDivision 1 Pool C
Jeroen SaccolDivision 1 Pool C
Daniel AndersonDivision 1 Pool C
Joe CarsonDivision 2 Pool A
Greg WellingtonDivision 2 Pool A
David ThomsonDivision 2 Pool A
Jimmy McKirdyDivision 2 Pool A
Jamie CassidyDivision 2 Pool A
Rob DownerDivision 2 Pool A
John SmythDivision 2 Pool B
Keiran CromptonDivision 2 Pool B
Iain FraserDivision 2 Pool B
Sean SomervilleDivision 2 Pool B
Alan BowdenDivision 2 Pool B
Adam WhelanDivision 2 Pool B
Marc ArnottDivision 2 Pool C
Ricky HitchmoughDivision 2 Pool C
Oisin FurlongDivision 2 Pool C
Dylan RitchieDivision 2 Pool C
John TitcombeDivision 2 Pool C
Dean WatsonDivision 2 Pool C
Lee MorganDivision 3 Pool A
Josh WilliamsDivision 3 Pool A
Gary HawkinsDivision 3 Pool A
Matty RogersDivision 3 Pool A
Eric CicognaDivision 3 Pool A
Michael BrownDivision 3 Pool A
Matt GilmartinDivision 3 Pool B
Andrew ShortDivision 3 Pool B
Tom MoonDivision 3 Pool B
Brett PickersgillDivision 3 Pool B
Dean DuffDivision 3 Pool B
Daniel WatkinsDivision 3 Pool B
Josh HallDivision 3 Pool C
Stephen McDermottDivision 3 Pool C
David McCrackenDivision 3 Pool C
Christy GoughDivision 3 Pool C
Kane DarkesDivision 3 Pool C
William CampbellDivision 3 Pool C
Mark MarlowDivision 4 Pool A
Mike DaltonDivision 4 Pool A
Colin StewartDivision 4 Pool A
Peter BrowningDivision 4 Pool A
Karl McDonaldDivision 4 Pool A
Talon D'OrazioDivision 4 Pool A
Ben PeelDivision 4 Pool B
Ryan ClaytonDivision 4 Pool B
Christopher ElliottDivision 4 Pool B
Ashley CoombsDivision 4 Pool B
Andrew HillsDivision 4 Pool B
Daniele Di TofanoDivision 4 Pool B
Mariusz MorońDivision 4 Pool C
Darren LesselsDivision 4 Pool C
David WeymesDivision 4 Pool C
Billy ShanahanDivision 4 Pool C
Joseph ButlerDivision 4 Pool C
Jake PowellDivision 4 Pool C
Ian WhittallDivision 5 Pool A
Darren StedmanDivision 5 Pool A
Robert BondDivision 5 Pool A
Jack BowmanDivision 5 Pool A
Steven WintleDivision 5 Pool A
Paul O'MalleyDivision 5 Pool A
James HooperDivision 5 Pool B
Andrew SkeggsDivision 5 Pool B
Rob BridesonDivision 5 Pool B
John MagillDivision 5 Pool B
Craig NealonDivision 5 Pool B
Jamie ReynoldsDivision 5 Pool B
Chris WallDivision 5 Pool C
Erlens MitrofanovsDivision 5 Pool C
Andy HendersonDivision 5 Pool C
John ArnoldDivision 5 Pool C
Joe LoganDivision 5 Pool C
Jack KellyDivision 5 Pool C
Harry WilloughbyDivision 6 Pool A
Roger OsborneDivision 6 Pool A
Paul GrimesDivision 6 Pool A
Jack PapierowskiDivision 6 Pool A
John RobertsDivision 6 Pool A
Craig MitchellDivision 6 Pool A
Wesley HarneyDivision 6 Pool B
Leigh BrooksDivision 6 Pool B
Mathew SnapeDivision 6 Pool B
Abe BougheyDivision 6 Pool B
Osvaldas BielskisDivision 6 Pool B
Richard LusardiDivision 6 Pool B
Thomas MackayDivision 6 Pool C
Kevin ThackwellDivision 6 Pool C
Craig MarshallDivision 6 Pool C
James MundyDivision 6 Pool C
Ian WindrossDivision 6 Pool C
Justin O'DellDivision 6 Pool C
Paul GardnerDivision 7 Pool A
Bleddyn RichardsDivision 7 Pool A
Jon WitherspoonDivision 7 Pool A
Wez ElstonDivision 7 Pool A
Justin ReßDivision 7 Pool A
Dave BowenDivision 7 Pool A
Blair WaughDivision 7 Pool B
Mark FosterDivision 7 Pool B
Tom BeresfordDivision 7 Pool B
Richard DaviesDivision 7 Pool B
Rob HeathDivision 7 Pool B
Joel DandoDivision 7 Pool B
Lee NightingillDivision 7 Pool C
Kay PallandtDivision 7 Pool C
Steven PassmoreDivision 7 Pool C
Mark GordonDivision 7 Pool C
Ant HumeDivision 7 Pool C
Pearce ToddDivision 7 Pool C
Sean ButcherDivision 8 Pool A
Ryan VesseyDivision 8 Pool A
Ash SmithDivision 8 Pool A
Gaz MagillDivision 8 Pool A
Craig FowlerDivision 8 Pool A
Robbie PriddleDivision 8 Pool A
Greg LyndonDivision 8 Pool B
Neil WebsterDivision 8 Pool B
Stephen WycherleyDivision 8 Pool B
Stuart MuirDivision 8 Pool B
Jonny RedfearnDivision 8 Pool B
Craig FinnieDivision 8 Pool B
Ben MocroftDivision 8 Pool C
Bobby ThomsonDivision 8 Pool C
Finlay CassellDivision 8 Pool C
Lewis CarterDivision 8 Pool C
Danny KennedyDivision 8 Pool C
Martin MoirDivision 8 Pool C
Andy DunnDivision 9 Pool A
Jamie PickDivision 9 Pool A
Alan BrownDivision 9 Pool A
Lawrence KelmanDivision 9 Pool A
Ben PulhamDivision 9 Pool A
Anthony FloodDivision 9 Pool A
Dean LaxDivision 9 Pool B
David-John McGeochDivision 9 Pool B
Sean McHughDivision 9 Pool B
Sye Porter-BishopDivision 9 Pool B
Dale CosgroveDivision 9 Pool B
Danny WakleyDivision 9 Pool B
Craig YoungDivision 9 Pool C
Niall DunneDivision 9 Pool C
Declan WallingDivision 9 Pool C
John CurtisDivision 9 Pool C
Richard CameronDivision 9 Pool C
Joe TaylorDivision 9 Pool C
Andrew McCormickDivision 10 Pool A
Matt EllisDivision 10 Pool A
Luke PlaneDivision 10 Pool A
Hagai BerkovichDivision 10 Pool A
Wayne FeredayDivision 10 Pool A
Louis BirminghamDivision 10 Pool A
Daryl ClarkeDivision 10 Pool B
Sean McMillanDivision 10 Pool B
Jay VargoDivision 10 Pool B
Hugo BrottmanDivision 10 Pool B
Alan AdamsDivision 10 Pool B
Gavin McFarlaneDivision 10 Pool B
Andrew MarsdenDivision 10 Pool C
Ben WinterDivision 10 Pool C
Tom SeaborneDivision 10 Pool C
Michael MaloneDivision 10 Pool C
Ian WilbyDivision 10 Pool C
Jody HancockDivision 10 Pool C
Ethan McMahonDivision 11 Pool A
Sean TimminsDivision 11 Pool A
Jesse BorgerDivision 11 Pool A
John McCluskeyDivision 11 Pool A
Michael FleetDivision 11 Pool A
Ryan MurrayDivision 11 Pool A
Nathan BuckleyDivision 11 Pool B
Joseph WrightDivision 11 Pool B
Andrew AdamsDivision 11 Pool B
Matt BrainDivision 11 Pool B
Johnathan YanceyDivision 11 Pool B
Liam TaitDivision 11 Pool B
Tom WalkerDivision 11 Pool C
Lewis WallDivision 11 Pool C
Lee HumphreyDivision 11 Pool C
Keith MurrayDivision 11 Pool C
Ricky RossDivision 11 Pool C
Alex PowellDivision 11 Pool C
Daniel LaxDivision 12 Pool A
Tom ChapmanDivision 12 Pool A
Lewis QuayleDivision 12 Pool A
Billy BlakemanDivision 12 Pool A
Simon ParkerDivision 12 Pool A
Matthew CrosbyDivision 12 Pool A
Jacob HopkinsDivision 12 Pool B
Chris ScoullerDivision 12 Pool B
Stephen CurwenDivision 12 Pool B
Geoff BettsDivision 12 Pool B
Kirk TrimbyDivision 12 Pool B
Jonathan DaviesDivision 12 Pool B
Jake PankhurstDivision 12 Pool C
Dave WoodDivision 12 Pool C
Josh ChilversDivision 12 Pool C
Matt DobsonDivision 12 Pool C
Jamie PhillipsDivision 12 Pool C
Ross SmithDivision 12 Pool C
Roger G NybergDivision 13 Pool A
Dean SmithDivision 13 Pool A
Liam MeyrickDivision 13 Pool A
Tomas MorrisseyDivision 13 Pool A
David FergusonDivision 13 Pool A
Tom PritchardDivision 13 Pool A
Martin KirkbyDivision 13 Pool B
Nick McCartanDivision 13 Pool B
Kyle WattsDivision 13 Pool B
Daryl SteathamDivision 13 Pool B
Adrian LuscombeDivision 13 Pool B
Lewis LongthornDivision 13 Pool B
Andrew McDuffDivision 13 Pool C
Dennis HandDivision 13 Pool C
Josh BarnesDivision 13 Pool C
Alex HoughtonDivision 13 Pool C
Jamie MarcoonsDivision 13 Pool C
Martin ThomsonDivision 13 Pool C
David WarrenDivision 14 Pool A
Matthew GallentDivision 14 Pool A
Dave WilsonDivision 14 Pool A
Rob GriffithsDivision 14 Pool A
Neil FergusonDivision 14 Pool A
Joel ErikssonDivision 14 Pool A
Bradley SharpDivision 14 Pool B
Martin JohnstonDivision 14 Pool B
Andy BurnsDivision 14 Pool B
Neil WestgateDivision 14 Pool B
Gary MorrisDivision 14 Pool B
Caleb KeenDivision 14 Pool B
Adam PerrymanDivision 14 Pool C
Joe FitzpatrickDivision 14 Pool C
Sam PhillipsDivision 14 Pool C
Richie DavidsonDivision 14 Pool C
Mike WallisDivision 14 Pool C
Tom LuxfordDivision 14 Pool C
Andrew MundyDivision 15 Pool A
Ian McLeodDivision 15 Pool A
Ian PearmainDivision 15 Pool A
Daniel HorganDivision 15 Pool A
Ian McLeishDivision 15 Pool A
Paul BarkerDivision 15 Pool A
Ian BrooksDivision 15 Pool B
Howard PhillipsDivision 15 Pool B
Sam SladeDivision 15 Pool B
Aidan CorkerryDivision 15 Pool B
Dan BullerDivision 15 Pool B
Thomas van der MeerDivision 15 Pool B
Alexander MundyDivision 15 Pool C
Keith PriceDivision 15 Pool C
Jordan OsborneDivision 15 Pool C
Zachary ThorntonDivision 15 Pool C
Niall RussellDivision 15 Pool C
Cahal McGahanDivision 15 Pool C
Simon LoyDivision 16 Pool A
Brett GarnerDivision 16 Pool A
Dan EdwardsDivision 16 Pool A
Sean LutkinDivision 16 Pool A
Kevin CrainieDivision 16 Pool A
Ben LancasterDivision 16 Pool A
Lewis ButcherDivision 16 Pool B
Sean NeedhamDivision 16 Pool B
Leon ParkerDivision 16 Pool B
Nicky GoodbrandDivision 16 Pool B
Jared PhillipsDivision 16 Pool B
Bradley WarrenDivision 16 Pool B
Stuart MasonDivision 16 Pool C
Ryan McDonaldDivision 16 Pool C
Hywel JonesDivision 16 Pool C
Scott WatsonDivision 16 Pool C
Liam RobinsonDivision 16 Pool C
Carli WighamDivision 16 Pool C
Scot DuncanDivision 17 Pool A
James O'ReganDivision 17 Pool A
Jack TaylorDivision 17 Pool A
Blake OsborneDivision 17 Pool A
Jake ClarkDivision 17 Pool A
Neil ForrestDivision 17 Pool A
Gareth JohnstonDivision 17 Pool B
Ross PizzeyDivision 17 Pool B
Russ DullestonDivision 17 Pool B
Kev HardwickDivision 17 Pool B
Edward McMillanDivision 17 Pool B
Dean ToddDivision 17 Pool B
Michael CoxDivision 17 Pool C
John MolyneuxDivision 17 Pool C
Keith McGuireDivision 17 Pool C
Phil LeeDivision 17 Pool C
Ryan SergiDivision 17 Pool C
Ryan FeredayDivision 17 Pool C
Mark MurrayDivision 18 Pool A
Jakob KlingenbergDivision 18 Pool A
Ben McNicolDivision 18 Pool A
Josh LeeDivision 18 Pool A
Anthony Wilson-GeenDivision 18 Pool A
Malachy RooneyDivision 18 Pool A
Michael KimberDivision 18 Pool B
Paul GrayDivision 18 Pool B
Barry MoylesDivision 18 Pool B
Max WrightDivision 18 Pool B
Scott HauglandDivision 18 Pool B
Andy TurnerDivision 18 Pool B
Wade MyersDivision 18 Pool C
Graeme-Tait BuchanDivision 18 Pool C
Alex KempsterDivision 18 Pool C
Steven LongdenDivision 18 Pool C
Lawrence BarlowDivision 18 Pool C
Pauric McGroartyDivision 18 Pool C
Chris MillenDivision 19 Pool A
Richard DennisonDivision 19 Pool A
Ross DavieDivision 19 Pool A
Neil BadrockDivision 19 Pool A
Ivan NewmanDivision 19 Pool A
Chris BatesDivision 19 Pool A
David StewartDivision 19 Pool B
Tom WesleyDivision 19 Pool B
Paul OliverDivision 19 Pool B
Greg LloydDivision 19 Pool B
Ian MalcolmDivision 19 Pool B
Sam EdlinDivision 19 Pool B
Stuart CobbDivision 19 Pool C
Tom YeomansDivision 19 Pool C
Liam TelferDivision 19 Pool C
Michael BruceDivision 19 Pool C
Eddie PackardDivision 19 Pool C
Daniel PellegrinaDivision 19 Pool C
David NightingaleDivision 20 Pool A
Siôn JenkinsDivision 20 Pool A
Luke MulhernDivision 20 Pool A
David HodgesDivision 20 Pool A
Bradley PittsDivision 20 Pool A
Noel McVeighDivision 20 Pool A
Louis ManciniDivision 20 Pool B
Craig BeatonDivision 20 Pool B
Paul BrownDivision 20 Pool B
Abu MahmudDivision 20 Pool B
Ronan QuigleyDivision 20 Pool B
Bradley CoyneDivision 20 Pool B
Jason JamesDivision 20 Pool C
Matthew VirginDivision 20 Pool C
Tom NewcombDivision 20 Pool C
Tommy WhattonDivision 20 Pool C
Shaun BennettDivision 20 Pool C
Michael BuchanDivision 20 Pool C
Daniel BarrettDivision 21 Pool A
Jak StottDivision 21 Pool A
Jenna KelmanDivision 21 Pool A
Steven BrownDivision 21 Pool A
Sam HuntDivision 21 Pool A
Justin AnthonyDivision 21 Pool A
Keith YoungDivision 21 Pool B
Blair HallDivision 21 Pool B
Charlie WeltonDivision 21 Pool B
Luke MicklethwaiteDivision 21 Pool B
Jamie WardDivision 21 Pool B
Owen SimpsonDivision 21 Pool B
Jon McGoldrickDivision 21 Pool C
Adam McPhillipsDivision 21 Pool C
Jordan RitchieDivision 21 Pool C
James CrewsDivision 21 Pool C
Craig PritchardDivision 21 Pool C
Chris RobertsDivision 21 Pool C
Steven NeilDivision 22 Pool A
Alex TearleDivision 22 Pool A
Kieran EarlyDivision 22 Pool A
Ethan PackardDivision 22 Pool A
Matt TizzardDivision 22 Pool A
Reece BatesDivision 22 Pool A
Thomas HughesDivision 22 Pool B
Lars JensenDivision 22 Pool B
Paul Ross-RuffyDivision 22 Pool B
Cody LanceDivision 22 Pool B
Colin GaughanDivision 22 Pool B
Andrew KinsmanDivision 22 Pool B
Finley DicksDivision 22 Pool C
Jake StobieDivision 22 Pool C
James DoldenDivision 22 Pool C
Andy FennDivision 22 Pool C
Craig MillerDivision 22 Pool C
Ryan NassauDivision 22 Pool C
Ben DorkinsDivision 23 Pool A
Darren FletcherDivision 23 Pool A
Damijan NejasmicDivision 23 Pool A
Glenn JonesDivision 23 Pool A
Haydn PhillipsDivision 23 Pool A
Neil MongerDivision 23 Pool A
Darren ReedDivision 23 Pool B
Charlie CookDivision 23 Pool B
John DempseyDivision 23 Pool B
Liam BannonDivision 23 Pool B
Aaron CliffordDivision 23 Pool B
Fiachra FurlongDivision 23 Pool B
Nathan BrightDivision 23 Pool C
Malcolm LaneDivision 23 Pool C
Walisson OliveiraDivision 23 Pool C
Nathan MatthewsDivision 23 Pool C
Alan CahillDivision 23 Pool C
Daniel Jones (Wales)Division 23 Pool C
John PeacockDivision 24 Pool A
Warren HobsonDivision 24 Pool A
David HollasDivision 24 Pool A
Henry DavidsonDivision 24 Pool A
Kevin AsselmanDivision 24 Pool A
Aaron KentDivision 24 Pool A
Nathan AlmondDivision 24 Pool B
Lewis SalterDivision 24 Pool B
Adam GeorgeDivision 24 Pool B
Simon KnowlesDivision 24 Pool B
Sue NealonDivision 24 Pool B
Josh GivelinDivision 24 Pool B
Will ThorpeDivision 24 Pool C
Bence BányaiDivision 24 Pool C
Josh AtkinsonDivision 24 Pool C
Jonathan McMillanDivision 24 Pool C
Wayne GordonDivision 24 Pool C
William WrightDivision 24 Pool C
Paul LeesDivision 25 Pool A
Antony MunnDivision 25 Pool A
Chris BurkeDivision 25 Pool A
Louise CameronDivision 25 Pool A
Mark ArmitsteadDivision 25 Pool A
Jeff BannisterDivision 25 Pool A
Charles StedmanDivision 25 Pool B
Tony StandingDivision 25 Pool B
Stuart McGillDivision 25 Pool B
Jake LoughlinDivision 25 Pool B
Kamil MorońDivision 25 Pool B
Mark NightingaleDivision 25 Pool B
Dazz HumphreysDivision 25 Pool C
Liam WilsonDivision 25 Pool C
Tommy WrightDivision 25 Pool C
Hazel JacobsonDivision 25 Pool C
Shellie PhillipsDivision 25 Pool C
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