Registration for the Matchplay Finals

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The Matchplay Finals starts on Monday 5th July and ends on Friday 16th July

Entry CLOSES Thursday 1st July for those qualified, at which point reserve players will be contacted!

If you believe that you entered before the deadline but are unsure, please check the list below before asking the admin team. 

This invitation is ONLY for players who have made it into the top 32 of the Matchplay Order of Merit. If you didn’t qualify, please don’t fill the form out. 

If you don’t know if you’ve qualified, check the list below! 

More info: Check the GDL Tour Hub

Deadline SHUT

Qualifiers and entry status (updated 30/6/21 @ 9:45 am BST)

UpperA.J. Urmston-ToftY
UpperAdam GawthropY
UpperAdam MouldY
UpperBrad BurnettY
UpperChris EvansY
UpperConor BastableY
UpperDan HutchinsonY
UpperDave FrancisY
UpperDavid WrightY
UpperDmitriy ZhukovY
UpperFraser DeaconY
UpperIan PlumbY
UpperJason StalkerY
UpperJohn SmythY
UpperKevin DunstanY
UpperKevin LaneY
UpperLee NewmanY
UpperLee O'NeillY
UpperLewis Dare
UpperLuke NewportY
UpperMark LeachY
UpperMark VenablesY
UpperMartin CoullY
UpperMichael BeardY
UpperNeil MeneerY
UpperPaul RadfordY
UpperSam PriceY
UpperSean RossY
UpperStefan VermaakY
UpperStephen BurtonY
UpperThomas HowlingY
UpperTom BaughanY
UpperTony MitchellY
MiddleAlan BowdenY
MiddleAndrew RollasonY
MiddleChristopher ElliottY
MiddleColin StewartY
MiddleCraig FinnieY
MiddleDan CavanaghY
MiddleDaniel BrownY
MiddleDaniel RadfordY
MiddleDean DuffY
MiddleDonal ButlerY
MiddleEthan McMahonY
MiddleGareth ZanellanY
MiddleGary CookY
MiddleJason O'ConnorY
MiddleJoe LoganY
MiddleMark WebsterY
MiddleMat McCallionY
MiddleMatt PhippsY
MiddleMatthew GallentY
MiddleMatty RogersY
MiddlePaul HockenhullY
MiddlePaul MonaghanY
MiddlePaul PenfoldY
MiddlePieter KlokY
MiddleRicky TerryY
MiddleRyan HollandY
MiddleSamuel MallonY
MiddleStephen McCormackY
MiddleStephen RoutledgeY
MiddleThommo SmithY
MiddleTom BeresfordY
MiddleTyler GabrielY
LowerAlan LappinY
LowerAlex DilleyY
LowerAlexandru CostecY
LowerAndrew SkeggsY
LowerCraig FowlerY
LowerDaniel MayerY
LowerDavid Alvaro GriffithsY
LowerDylan RitchieY
LowerEric SicklerY
LowerFrank KeenanY
LowerHarry WilloughbyY
LowerHarvey George
LowerHywel JonesY
LowerJack AlexanderY
LowerJack TaylorY
LowerJames LackY
LowerJoe FitzpatrickY
LowerJohn McCluskeyY
LowerKevin ThackwellY
LowerLars JensenY
LowerLee GilbertY
LowerLee HumphreyY
LowerLewis CarterY
LowerNiall DunneY
LowerNick McCartanY
LowerPhillip McConnellY
LowerRicky KingY
LowerRyan BroadbentY
LowerSammy BookerY
LowerSean RooneyY
LowerShaun LawsonY
LowerSteven Finlayson
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