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Entry for the fourth GDL Matchplay Qualifier

Sponsored by:

The qualifier begins on 12th June and runs until 25th June.


If you believe that you entered before the deadline but are unsure, please check the list below before asking the admin team. 

You need to be a paid tour card hold to enter this competition. If you are not already a tour card holder, please visit

More info: Check the GDL Tour Hub

Deadline SHUT

FINAL Entry List

NameGradeNew to the Tour
A.J. Urmston-ToftUpper Grade
Aaron DonaldUpper Grade
Aaron PearceUpper Grade
Adam GawthropUpper Grade
Adam MouldUpper Grade
Ady MaddocksUpper Grade
Andy BlydeUpper Grade
Barry CampbellUpper Grade
Ben FieldingUpper Grade
Bob KinnearUpper Grade
Brad BurnettUpper Grade
Brendon ClarkUpper Grade
Chris BinghamUpper Grade
Chris EvansUpper Grade
Chris LeeUpper Grade
Christopher BuckleyUpper Grade
Conor BastableUpper Grade
Craig NealonUpper Grade
Dan TatumUpper Grade
Danny TruemanUpper Grade
Dave FrancisUpper Grade
Dave TaylorUpper Grade
David O'LearyUpper Grade
David WrightUpper Grade
Dmitriy ZhukovUpper Grade
Fraser DeaconUpper Grade
Gary TrowUpper Grade
Ian LongUpper Grade
James EdwardsUpper Grade
James GreenUpper Grade
James JoyceUpper GradeY
Jamie BerryUpper Grade
Jamie McIntoshUpper Grade
Janis MustafejevsUpper Grade
Jason BarrettUpper Grade
Jason FarnanUpper Grade
Jason StalkerUpper Grade
Jeroen SaccolUpper Grade
Jim ThompsonUpper Grade
Jimmy McKirdyUpper Grade
John CrossleyUpper Grade
John SmythUpper Grade
Josh WilliamsUpper Grade
Julian PottsUpper Grade
Keith SlocombeUpper Grade
Kevin DunstanUpper Grade
Kevin LaneUpper Grade
Kristaps MickusUpper Grade
Kyle BevanUpper Grade
Lee AndrewsUpper Grade
Lee NewmanUpper Grade
Lee O'NeillUpper Grade
Luke NewportUpper Grade
Mark LeachUpper Grade
Martin CoullUpper Grade
Michael BeardUpper Grade
Michael FearonUpper Grade
Mike BaberUpper Grade
Neeman HasidaUpper Grade
Neil DempseyUpper Grade
Neil MeneerUpper Grade
Nigel HylandsUpper Grade
Oisin FurlongUpper Grade
Paul RadfordUpper Grade
Paul TubbUpper Grade
Peter ReynoldsUpper Grade
Ray MulveyUpper GradeY
Rob WoodsUpper Grade
Ryan HarkerUpper Grade
Sam PriceUpper Grade
Scott WinderUpper Grade
Sean RossUpper Grade
Simon IsbellUpper Grade
Sober Darts GuyUpper Grade
Stefan VermaakUpper Grade
Stephen BurtonUpper Grade
Steve GreenwoodUpper Grade
Thomas HowlingUpper Grade
Timothy Jones (Wales)Upper Grade
Tom BaughanUpper Grade
Tony MitchellUpper Grade
Adam LinfordMiddle GradeY
Adam PopeMiddle Grade
Alan BowdenMiddle Grade
Alex CouttsMiddle Grade
Andrew HuntMiddle Grade
Andrew RollasonMiddle Grade
Ben PeelMiddle Grade
Billy ShanahanMiddle Grade
Bradley GeorgeMiddle Grade
Bradley WarrenMiddle Grade
Brett PickersgillMiddle Grade
Brett StevensonMiddle Grade
Brian DooganMiddle GradeY
Brian HylandsMiddle Grade
Brian RitchieMiddle Grade
Carl HadlingtonMiddle Grade
Carter GuineyMiddle Grade
Christopher ElliottMiddle Grade
Colin StewartMiddle Grade
Craig FinnieMiddle Grade
Craig MitchellMiddle Grade
Dan CavanaghMiddle Grade
Daniel BrownMiddle Grade
Daniel CoopeMiddle Grade
Daniel RadfordMiddle Grade
Darren BoughMiddle Grade
David LeeMiddle Grade
David McCrackenMiddle GradeY
Dean DuffMiddle Grade
Donal ButlerMiddle Grade
Edward McMillanMiddle Grade
Elliot LewthwaiteMiddle Grade
Ethan McMahonMiddle Grade
Ethan PackardMiddle Grade
Gareth ZanellanMiddle Grade
Gary CookMiddle Grade
Geoff BettsMiddle Grade
Ian BainMiddle Grade
Ian MalcolmMiddle Grade
Jack AveryMiddle Grade
Jack KellyMiddle Grade
James TooneMiddle Grade
Jay VargoMiddle Grade
Joe CarsonMiddle Grade
Joe KilduffMiddle Grade
Joe LoganMiddle Grade
John CameronMiddle Grade
John CurtisMiddle Grade
John DevaneMiddle Grade
John McCreaMiddle GradeY
Jordan OttleyMiddle Grade
Justin O'DellMiddle Grade
Kate DrakeMiddle Grade
Kurtis BevanMiddle Grade
Luke FordMiddle Grade
Mark TomlinMiddle Grade
Mark WebsterMiddle Grade
Mat MccallionMiddle Grade
Matt PhippsMiddle Grade
Matthew GallentMiddle Grade
Matty RogersMiddle Grade
Michael FleetMiddle Grade
Michael WoodbridgeMiddle Grade
Neil WebsterMiddle Grade
Paddy MannMiddle Grade
Paul HockenhullMiddle Grade
Paul MonaghanMiddle Grade
Paul PenfoldMiddle Grade
Philip SmithMiddle Grade
Pieter KlokMiddle Grade
Ricky TerryMiddle Grade
Rob MayMiddle Grade
Rob SullivanMiddle Grade
Ryan HollandMiddle Grade
Ryan OakleyMiddle Grade
Ryan UrquhartMiddle Grade
Samuel MallonMiddle Grade
Sean McHughMiddle Grade
Shaun CahalinMiddle Grade
Simon NewlandMiddle Grade
Stephen McCormackMiddle Grade
Stephen RoutledgeMiddle Grade
Stuart ButlerMiddle Grade
Sye PorterMiddle Grade
Taylor PatersonMiddle Grade
Thommo SmithMiddle Grade
Tim Jones (Ireland)Middle Grade
Tom BeresfordMiddle Grade
Tom DavisonMiddle Grade
Tony MakinsonMiddle Grade
Tyler GabrielMiddle Grade
Warren VanderaheMiddle Grade
Adam GeorgeLower Grade
Adrian HughesLower Grade
Aidan CorkerryLower Grade
Alan CahillLower Grade
Alan LappinLower Grade
Alex DilleyLower Grade
Alex PowellLower GradeY
Alex RollLower Grade
Alex TearleLower Grade
Alexandru CostecLower Grade
Andrew ShelleyLower Grade
Andrew SkeggsLower Grade
Antony ChestersLower Grade
Bartosz WikaLower Grade
Ben WhiteLower Grade
Benjamin HandsLower Grade
Billy BlakemanLower Grade
Billy MarshLower Grade
Chris HanksLower Grade
Chris HoleLower Grade
Chris MillenLower Grade
Chris ScoullerLower Grade
Colin GaughanLower Grade
Craig FowlerLower Grade
Dan CakebreadLower Grade
Daniel Corbett-YeatesLower Grade
Daniel MayerLower Grade
Danny KennedyLower Grade
Darren StedmanLower Grade
Dave BowenLower Grade
Dave RussellLower Grade
David AllenLower Grade
David Alvaro GriffithsLower Grade
David CumminsLower Grade
David FergusonLower Grade
David NightingaleLower Grade
David WarrenLower Grade
Dean FergusonLower Grade
Dean MartinLower Grade
Dwaine ButtersLower Grade
Dylan RitchieLower Grade
Eddie PackardLower Grade
Eric SicklerLower Grade
Erik SaulLower Grade
Fiachra FurlongLower GradeY
Frank KeenanLower Grade
Gavin StedmanLower Grade
Gaz StevensLower Grade
George McleanLower Grade
Harvey GeorgeLower Grade
Hayden JohnsonLower Grade
Henry DavidsonLower Grade
Howard PhillipsLower Grade
Hywel JonesLower Grade
Ian McLeishLower Grade
Ian WindrossLower Grade
Isabel KerrLower Grade
Jack AlexanderLower Grade
Jack EdgeLower Grade
Jake DobbieLower Grade
James LackLower Grade
Jamie PhillipsLower Grade
Jared PhillipsLower Grade
Jason RuizLower Grade
Jim NeedleLower Grade
Jim WismerLower Grade
Joe FitzpatrickLower Grade
Joel SowtonLower Grade
John McCluskeyLower Grade
Johnny RooneyLower Grade
Jordan RitchieLower Grade
Jordan Turner (Derbyshire)Lower Grade
Jordan Turner (Tyne & Wear)Lower Grade
Jordan WalkerLower Grade
Josh MasonLower Grade
Keith MurrayLower Grade
Kev HardwickLower Grade
Kevin ThackwellLower Grade
Larry BlockLower Grade
Lars JensenLower Grade
Lee GilbertLower Grade
Lee HumphreyLower Grade
Leon ParkerLower Grade
Lewis CarterLower Grade
Lewis QuayleLower Grade
Louis MurrayLower Grade
Luke WardLower Grade
Marc O'DonovanLower Grade
Mark NightingaleLower Grade
Martin ThomsonLower Grade
Martyn JonesLower Grade
Matt SmithLower Grade
Matthew GoldsmithLower Grade
Michael BleasdaleLower Grade
Michael KimberLower Grade
Michael McGlenLower Grade
Nathan WoodhouseLower Grade
Niall DunneLower Grade
Nicholas JohnsonLower Grade
Nick McCartanLower Grade
Nicky GoodbrandLower Grade
Oliver SwettenhamLower Grade
Oliver WarrenLower Grade
Pablo RoderoLower Grade
Paul GrayLower Grade
Paul GunningLower Grade
Paul LeesLower Grade
Paul O'MalleyLower Grade
Phillip McConnellLower Grade
Rachel WakefieldLower Grade
Richard BiddingtonLower Grade
Ricky KingLower Grade
Rob BridesonLower Grade
Robert LaneLower Grade
Ross PizzeyLower Grade
Ross SmithLower Grade
Ryan BroadbentLower Grade
Ryan KerrLower Grade
Ryan NassauLower Grade
Sam TattersfieldLower Grade
Sammy BookerLower Grade
Scott JacksonLower Grade
Scott WickensLower GradeY
Sean RooneyLower Grade
Sean TalbotLower Grade
Shane WilkinsonLower Grade
Shaun LawsonLower Grade
Simon CharlesLower Grade
Siôn JenkinsLower Grade
Stefan HiltonLower Grade
Steven BowlesLower Grade
Stuart CobbLower Grade
Stuart MassonLower Grade
Sue NealonLower Grade
Tomas MorrisseyLower Grade
Tommy GabrielLower Grade
Tommy WrightLower Grade
Wayne GordonLower Grade
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