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GDL Online Darts - Season 12

In partnership with Target Darts

Are you ready to improve your game?

Season 12 of the famous GDL league is now open for registration!

You are invited to join the GDL – the home of online darts leagues

At the forefront of advancing this exciting new code of our sport, we assure you that our exceptional service will enhance at least one aspect of your game, provided you’re committed.

Our league is thoughtfully structured so that each match is both challenging and achievable, preparing you for the real-world pressures of the sport.

Regardless of your skill level, we have a division that fits you like a glove.

What’s more, we ensure fair play by offering equal prizes across all divisions, from the highest to the lowest, maintaining a spirit of inclusivity and fairness. No elitism, just pure competitive fun!

Stats like you never imagined

Visualise accessing precise, authentic data that tracks your progress over time.

Wondering if you’re scoring higher or need to refine your aim? Curious about your scoring phase versus your finishing? Our platform provides all these insights. This degree of detailed analysis is unique to our service.

And that’s a promise we stand by. 🎯

How does it work?

Without sounding like an old episode of Blue Peter, you will need:

  • A dartboard
  • Some darts
  • A device to type in your scores*
  • A device to show your board on a video call*
  • A reliable internet connection

That’s it. You really don’t need much.

*examples for the devices could be two phones, two tablets, a phone and a tablet, but the best way by far is a PC/laptop with a webcam. 

Our games are played using our very own scoring system, however, nakka is also an approved scorer.

You contact your opponent via their GDL profile and arrange a day and time to play the game, you then play the game and the winner submits the result #simples.

If you’re new to online darts and all that just went over your head, fear not! Keep reading for more info.

Confused? Worried about your setup? Nervous?

Don't worry!

Our GDL Mentors can help you get started.

If you’re new to the GDL, we assign an experienced GDL player to you as a Mentor to help you understand how the system works and play a few games with you to get a decent idea of where your game is at. This will help you settle in and will mean that you have a good contact if you need any help or advice.

As a GDL player, you don't just get to play in the League though...

As part of your GDL membership, you become a GDL Tour Card holder. This gives you access to playing:

Get all this, plus banter, fun, and friends for life, for just £14.95 per month.

Entries closed!


Week 1 begins on Monday 8th January and the season ends 24th March.

Enter Now 👇

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FINAL Entry List

Only completed entries will be shown below.


Your name will not be shown automatically after registration and will not appear if you have only completed GDL registration and mentorship since the latest update time shown above.

If you entered before the time shown above but do not appear on the entry list then your registration or mentorship is not yet complete. This may include players who are returning to GDL competition after not playing for 90+ days (in this case the GDL will be in touch for you to collect new data with a mentor).

If you withdrew, were timed out or were removed from Season 10 then you will not appear of the Season 11 entry list until a full review in to your eligibility has been conducted by the GDL. This review may conclude in, but isn’t limited to, the following: a deposit being required to enter the new season (returned upon completion of the season) or refusal of entry to the new season.  If any further action is required to confirm your eligibility to the new season, the GDL will contact you.

If you are unsure, please contact us to see what information we still need from you.

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