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The inaugural winners of the Statman Player of the Week, based on who has increased their GDL Form the most are:

Platinum: Michael Fearon
Gold: Iain Fraser
Silver: Jordan Butler
Bronze: Tom Monti

GDL Form is calculated using various stats including 3DA, match results and match difficulty

Michael Fearon: 6-1 win in the Tour, 7-3 win in the League Cup & 6-6 draw in the Leagues
Iain Fraser: 7-0 and 7-4 wins in the Leagues & 2 x 6-2 wins in the Tour
Jordan Butler: 7-4 win in the League Cup, 5-3 win in the Tour & 7-4 win in the League
Tom Monti: 6-4 win in the League, 6-0 & 6-5 wins in the League Cup

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