GDL journey

I started playing in the GDL back in season 5. Then I was in silver because of how I played online with my friends. 

I suddenly realised how out of my depth I was. Now and again I could play to a middling silver level. But alot of my finishing consistently let me down. 

Since dropping to Bronze I have enjoyed it so much more. Not that I’m winning every game but both my opposition and myself have chances every leg. And that makes it soo much more enjoyable. 

Thats what I feel is the best thing about GDL playing against people of a similar level makes it more exciting and close. And that keeps it more interesting. 


2 thoughts on “GDL journey”

  1. Gareth Johnston

    It’s been amazing, some great folk to play against. And our division top 3 was only split by a few legs.

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