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On the rise?

After a good couple of months on the board I started showing signs of my old self from a few years back. A tour RU, Tour Winner, Season 4&5 group 1 RU and Season 5 League Cup RU helped me on my way to a promotion to silver 

Season 6 has seen me go into Division 11 after previously being in 16 for 4&5.


First up was a game with Dave Wood. After winning the bull I kicked of the match with a 180 and in typical amateur fashion followed it up with a 5 🤦‍♂️ then back at it with 100 taking the first leg with a 23 darter. 

Dave went on to hold and break in the next 2 legs breaking with a 22 darter but I instantly break back for a 2-2 score line.

5th let I held my throw to take the lead again and in the 6th broke Dave for the second time with a 126 out on the bull. I guaranteed myself a draw with another hold of throw in what was a shocking leg from us both with double trouble and a 51 darter. I sealed the win in the next leg with a 40 checkout winning 6-2 with a 51.09 average and 67.17 first 9


My average was up near the 60s most the game until a shocking last 2 legs saw it drop. 

Dave Wood 2-6 Ross Smith







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