Start of Season 6

Today was the start of Season 6 of GDL (Summer 2022). My form from last season was pretty poor but my averages and scoring seem OK.

So started tonight with Tour 7 (L128) lacking the confidence to succeed and it told early on as I slipped to a 3-0 defect.

I bounced back with a 70 out and traded legs to make it 2-4.

I then had a dart at double for a 113 out to make it 3-4 and on throw but Abe took out 36 on D9 for a 5-2 lead. 

Under pressure in the 8th leg but with 108 left, I failed to trouble Abe and after 6 darts I still wasn’t on a double. 

Abe wins 6-2, I’m out. (59avg)



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