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GDL League Season 12 Division Allocations

The divisions are locked in! The table below shows your division and pool for the first phase of this league season.

With more players entering this season, many of them being new players, and some taking the season off, you may find that the number of your Division ‘has gone down’ compared to Season 11. This does not necessarily mean you’re in a Division with a lesser ability.

Players are assigned their Divisions so that they are in a cohort of 18 players that they are “closest to” when the season starts. “Closest to” includes consideration for running GDL average, previous results, very recent averages/form (i.e. GDL Worlds) and a special blend of GDL spices.

Nobody has been ‘promoted’ or ‘relegated’😊

Pro tip: When you’ve found your name by the search function, you can then search your division number by typing e.g. division 10 to see who else is with you.

Brendon ClarkSuperleague Pool A
David WrightSuperleague Pool A
Dmitriy ZhukovSuperleague Pool A
Kamil JanowiczSuperleague Pool A
Paul LewisSuperleague Pool A
Stephen BurtonSuperleague Pool A
Chris SharpSuperleague Pool B
Danny TruemanSuperleague Pool B
Darren ArmstrongSuperleague Pool B
Jamie LewisSuperleague Pool B
Lee DaviesSuperleague Pool B
Paul AndersonSuperleague Pool B
Adam GawthropSuperleague Pool C
Ádám SepsiSuperleague Pool C
Alexey BushuySuperleague Pool C
Kevin LaneSuperleague Pool C
Scott WinderSuperleague Pool C
Shane AndersonSuperleague Pool C
Josh HallPremiership Pool A
Nick BrandonPremiership Pool A
Paul SpiersPremiership Pool A
Raitis RitumsPremiership Pool A
Simon KeyPremiership Pool A
Terry ArcherPremiership Pool A
Chris FreshwaterPremiership Pool B
Dave FrancisPremiership Pool B
Mark MarlowPremiership Pool B
Martin CoullPremiership Pool B
Peter ReynoldsPremiership Pool B
Stuart ScarsbrookPremiership Pool B
Dylan RitchiePremiership Pool C
Gene HillPremiership Pool C
James PowellPremiership Pool C
Jurre BegardPremiership Pool C
Kyle BennettPremiership Pool C
William ScottPremiership Pool C
Abe BougheyDivision 1 Pool A
Al SaundersDivision 1 Pool A
Colin ThompsonDivision 1 Pool A
Daniel Murphy (WALES)Division 1 Pool A
Dylan FalconerDivision 1 Pool A
Michael FearonDivision 1 Pool A
Daniel BrownDivision 1 Pool B
Jimmy McKirdyDivision 1 Pool B
Leon BakerDivision 1 Pool B
Mike DaltonDivision 1 Pool B
Nathan UnderwoodDivision 1 Pool B
Vince PuddicombeDivision 1 Pool B
Aaron PearceDivision 1 Pool C
Karl AndrewsDivision 1 Pool C
Rhys DaviesDivision 1 Pool C
Rob HoughtonDivision 1 Pool C
Simon CuthbertDivision 1 Pool C
Stephen CarrDivision 1 Pool C
Jack BarrowsDivision 2 Pool A
Karl McDonaldDivision 2 Pool A
Mark StanawayDivision 2 Pool A
Michael DevineDivision 2 Pool A
Robert CurryDivision 2 Pool A
Stephen McDermottDivision 2 Pool A
Danny WoodworthDivision 2 Pool B
Darren BoughDivision 2 Pool B
Lars NilssonDivision 2 Pool B
Sean SomervilleDivision 2 Pool B
Thomas BentDivision 2 Pool B
William CampbellDivision 2 Pool B
Andre WertheimDivision 2 Pool C
Chris PalmerDivision 2 Pool C
David McCrumDivision 2 Pool C
David ThomsonDivision 2 Pool C
Jamie McIntoshDivision 2 Pool C
Lewis LongthornDivision 2 Pool C
Connor WagnerDivision 3 Pool A
Daniel LyonsDivision 3 Pool A
Darren SansomDivision 3 Pool A
David ShearerDivision 3 Pool A
John TitcombeDivision 3 Pool A
Tom MoonDivision 3 Pool A
Damian PinchDivision 3 Pool B
Daniel BoyleDivision 3 Pool B
Gerry PetersDivision 3 Pool B
Josh WilliamsDivision 3 Pool B
Ricky HitchmoughDivision 3 Pool B
Sam EdmondsDivision 3 Pool B
Brett PickersgillDivision 3 Pool C
Iain FraserDivision 3 Pool C
Jamie McLeodDivision 3 Pool C
John SmythDivision 3 Pool C
Julian PottsDivision 3 Pool C
Justin O'DellDivision 3 Pool C
Christy GoughDivision 4 Pool A
Joe CarsonDivision 4 Pool A
Matty RogersDivision 4 Pool A
Paul MittooDivision 4 Pool A
Ross EvansDivision 4 Pool A
Shaun HopkinsDivision 4 Pool A
David McCrackenDivision 4 Pool B
Gareth LinesDivision 4 Pool B
Jonathan WinfindaleDivision 4 Pool B
Luke HicktonDivision 4 Pool B
Neil FosterDivision 4 Pool B
Rob DownerDivision 4 Pool B
Andy DunnDivision 4 Pool C
Christopher ElliottDivision 4 Pool C
Daniel WatkinsDivision 4 Pool C
Gerry LevinsDivision 4 Pool C
Jonny RedfearnDivision 4 Pool C
Luke StaffordDivision 4 Pool C
Adam PopeDivision 5 Pool A
Dean WatsonDivision 5 Pool A
Lo WolswijkDivision 5 Pool A
Maikel SlendersDivision 5 Pool A
Mark NichollsDivision 5 Pool A
Sean ButcherDivision 5 Pool A
Ben RowleyDivision 5 Pool B
Dennis HandDivision 5 Pool B
Euan PageDivision 5 Pool B
Gaz MagillDivision 5 Pool B
Paul GardnerDivision 5 Pool B
Rob BridesonDivision 5 Pool B
Ash SmithDivision 5 Pool C
Evaldas TamosynasDivision 5 Pool C
Keith CrillyDivision 5 Pool C
Paddy IcemannDivision 5 Pool C
Ryan ClaytonDivision 5 Pool C
Stewart BlacowDivision 5 Pool C
Adam WhelanDivision 6 Pool A
Greg LyndonDivision 6 Pool A
John MagillDivision 6 Pool A
Justin KingDivision 6 Pool A
Neil MunroDivision 6 Pool A
Simon NicholsonDivision 6 Pool A
Andrew MundyDivision 6 Pool B
Bleddyn RichardsDivision 6 Pool B
Chris CowleyDivision 6 Pool B
Kevin ThackwellDivision 6 Pool B
Paul O'MalleyDivision 6 Pool B
Robbie PriddleDivision 6 Pool B
Adam CookeDivision 6 Pool C
Alex MunroDivision 6 Pool C
Darren StedmanDivision 6 Pool C
Dave TaylorDivision 6 Pool C
Iwan LewisDivision 6 Pool C
Lewis CarterDivision 6 Pool C
Billy ShanahanDivision 7 Pool A
David WeymesDivision 7 Pool A
Ian WindrossDivision 7 Pool A
Leigh BrooksDivision 7 Pool A
Liam SimpsonDivision 7 Pool A
Petru FloroiuDivision 7 Pool A
Billy KempDivision 7 Pool B
Connor GillespieDivision 7 Pool B
Craig YoungDivision 7 Pool B
Gary HawkinsDivision 7 Pool B
James MundyDivision 7 Pool B
Pearce ToddDivision 7 Pool B
Craig MarshallDivision 7 Pool C
Dylan ThomsonDivision 7 Pool C
Jamie PickDivision 7 Pool C
Peter Brown Division 7 Pool C
Sean BerryDivision 7 Pool C
Tom PritchardDivision 7 Pool C
Aidan CorkerryDivision 8 Pool A
Andrew SkeggsDivision 8 Pool A
Craig NealonDivision 8 Pool A
Daniel GrossiDivision 8 Pool A
Daniel LaxDivision 8 Pool A
Richard CameronDivision 8 Pool A
Joe LoganDivision 8 Pool B
Josh ParkerDivision 8 Pool B
Liam TaitDivision 8 Pool B
Lloyd WillisDivision 8 Pool B
Matthijs PaterDivision 8 Pool B
Nathanial Minskip-AggettDivision 8 Pool B
Aaron KennaughDivision 8 Pool C
Dave BowenDivision 8 Pool C
David FergusonDivision 8 Pool C
Mike WallisDivision 8 Pool C
Tom LuxfordDivision 8 Pool C
Vincent BorgmansDivision 8 Pool C
Danny WakleyDivision 9 Pool A
Justin ReßDivision 9 Pool A
Keith MurrayDivision 9 Pool A
Osvaldas BielskisDivision 9 Pool A
Ross SmithDivision 9 Pool A
Ryan MitchellDivision 9 Pool A
Bradley PittsDivision 9 Pool B
Dale CosgroveDivision 9 Pool B
David-John McGeochDivision 9 Pool B
James HooperDivision 9 Pool B
Kiyfa BryantDivision 9 Pool B
Nathan BuckleyDivision 9 Pool B
Adam PerrymanDivision 9 Pool C
Ash CardnoDivision 9 Pool C
Dave WoodDivision 9 Pool C
Edgars MelnisDivision 9 Pool C
Rom RussellDivision 9 Pool C
Thomas BarnesDivision 9 Pool C
Craig FowlerDivision 10 Pool A
Jamie Chinn-BrownDivision 10 Pool A
Joey den BoerDivision 10 Pool A
John CurtisDivision 10 Pool A
Michael CoxDivision 10 Pool A
Thomas HurstDivision 10 Pool A
Gareth WaltersDivision 10 Pool B
Harry WilloughbyDivision 10 Pool B
Jordan OsborneDivision 10 Pool B
Martin KirkbyDivision 10 Pool B
Sam SquireDivision 10 Pool B
Steven BrownDivision 10 Pool B
Ads CarterDivision 10 Pool C
Hugo BrottmanDivision 10 Pool C
James LeadbeaterDivision 10 Pool C
John Brett-SmithDivision 10 Pool C
Kieran McDonaghDivision 10 Pool C
Neil WestgateDivision 10 Pool C
Aaron FlynnDivision 11 Pool A
Anthony PratleyDivision 11 Pool A
Ben MocroftDivision 11 Pool A
Hagai BerkovichDivision 11 Pool A
Michael Ward SnrDivision 11 Pool A
Spencer HallDivision 11 Pool A
Darren KinlochDivision 11 Pool B
Huw RowcliffeDivision 11 Pool B
John Paul WardDivision 11 Pool B
Lewis QuayleDivision 11 Pool B
Stewart BrownDivision 11 Pool B
Tom YeomansDivision 11 Pool B
Kirk TrimbyDivision 11 Pool C
Mathijs BlommaertDivision 11 Pool C
Morgan Phillips-PeateDivision 11 Pool C
Scot DuncanDivision 11 Pool C
Toby MarettDivision 11 Pool C
Tom ProcterDivision 11 Pool C
Adrian RayelDivision 12 Pool A
Andrew BrowningDivision 12 Pool A
Callum YatesDivision 12 Pool A
Ian HarfordDivision 12 Pool A
Jake DuffyDivision 12 Pool A
Russell BlytheDivision 12 Pool A
Chris ScoullerDivision 12 Pool B
Jordan WardDivision 12 Pool B
Josh ChilversDivision 12 Pool B
Krzysztof KotDivision 12 Pool B
Matthew GoldsmithDivision 12 Pool B
Peter GlavinDivision 12 Pool B
Alan BrownDivision 12 Pool C
Darren LewisDivision 12 Pool C
John TunstallDivision 12 Pool C
Jonathan HornDivision 12 Pool C
Jonathan ProcterDivision 12 Pool C
Mark KettDivision 12 Pool C
Darren SmithDivision 13 Pool A
David BartleyDivision 13 Pool A
Jack SpoonerDivision 13 Pool A
James Baker (Hertfordshire)Division 13 Pool A
Lawrence KelmanDivision 13 Pool A
Michael Ward JnrDivision 13 Pool A
Aaron StokleDivision 13 Pool B
Darragh WardDivision 13 Pool B
David WarrenDivision 13 Pool B
Lee MorrisonDivision 13 Pool B
Neil JonesDivision 13 Pool B
Ryan McDonaldDivision 13 Pool B
David HolgateDivision 13 Pool C
Finley HewittDivision 13 Pool C
Liam DesaiDivision 13 Pool C
Michael BircherDivision 13 Pool C
Michael WilcoxDivision 13 Pool C
Tom JefferyDivision 13 Pool C
Dan GeddesDivision 14 Pool A
Daniel ForrestDivision 14 Pool A
Dean ToddDivision 14 Pool A
Jason DeardenDivision 14 Pool A
Kory LlewellynDivision 14 Pool A
Martin McDowellDivision 14 Pool A
Brian PlestedDivision 14 Pool B
Dan EnrightDivision 14 Pool B
Joel ErikssonDivision 14 Pool B
Michael RennocksDivision 14 Pool B
Tom JohnsonDivision 14 Pool B
Tomos IsraelDivision 14 Pool B
Ben ThompsonDivision 14 Pool C
Colin GreyDivision 14 Pool C
Dan JenkinsDivision 14 Pool C
Dylan van SchijndelDivision 14 Pool C
Harvey WilliamsDivision 14 Pool C
Louie KirkDivision 14 Pool C
Anthony FloodDivision 15 Pool A
Jamie PhillipsDivision 15 Pool A
Luke CoventryDivision 15 Pool A
Luke RyanDivision 15 Pool A
Matt LeeDivision 15 Pool A
Matthew McCarthyDivision 15 Pool A
Clarke CurrieDivision 15 Pool B
Dean SmithDivision 15 Pool B
Michael SellersDivision 15 Pool B
Paul BrownDivision 15 Pool B
Rob MayDivision 15 Pool B
Sean McHughDivision 15 Pool B
Ant HumeDivision 15 Pool C
Darragh BrosnanDivision 15 Pool C
Daryl ClarkeDivision 15 Pool C
Jonathan DaviesDivision 15 Pool C
Josh BarnesDivision 15 Pool C
Michael CooperDivision 15 Pool C
Charlie WoodDivision 16 Pool A
Dan EdwardsDivision 16 Pool A
Dylan EllisDivision 16 Pool A
John McCluskeyDivision 16 Pool A
Josh GreenDivision 16 Pool A
Stephen CurwenDivision 16 Pool A
Andrew EllemoreDivision 16 Pool B
Declan WallingDivision 16 Pool B
Ian HolliesDivision 16 Pool B
Mihai BodeanuDivision 16 Pool B
Robin van EijkelenborgDivision 16 Pool B
Sam RamageDivision 16 Pool B
Dan PoveyDivision 16 Pool C
Isaac GarrettDivision 16 Pool C
Jak StottDivision 16 Pool C
Luke BeadleDivision 16 Pool C
Phil McGrathDivision 16 Pool C
Shaun BennettDivision 16 Pool C
Adam LewisDivision 17 Pool A
Charlie SteelDivision 17 Pool A
Ian McLeishDivision 17 Pool A
James OakleyDivision 17 Pool A
Jamie CurrieDivision 17 Pool A
Jonathan ReynoldsDivision 17 Pool A
Adam DomineyDivision 17 Pool B
Liam HortonDivision 17 Pool B
Ollie ChallinorDivision 17 Pool B
Paul BarkerDivision 17 Pool B
Scott McCammonDivision 17 Pool B
Sjors KathmannDivision 17 Pool B
Conor MolloyDivision 17 Pool C
James RuddDivision 17 Pool C
Keith PriceDivision 17 Pool C
Michael NolanDivision 17 Pool C
Steven OatwayDivision 17 Pool C
Thomas OldfieldDivision 17 Pool C
Dan DavyDivision 18 Pool A
Hywel JonesDivision 18 Pool A
James Baker (Lincolnshire)Division 18 Pool A
Jonathan McMillanDivision 18 Pool A
Liam TelferDivision 18 Pool A
Peter TaylorDivision 18 Pool A
Alexander MundyDivision 18 Pool B
Anthony O'NeillDivision 18 Pool B
Joe TaylorDivision 18 Pool B
Kev HardwickDivision 18 Pool B
Tom WesleyDivision 18 Pool B
Zale WoodDivision 18 Pool B
Chris McLeodDivision 18 Pool C
Craig FinnieDivision 18 Pool C
Gregor LeaskDivision 18 Pool C
Ian SellersDivision 18 Pool C
Martin JohnstonDivision 18 Pool C
Simon ParkerDivision 18 Pool C
Adrian HarlowDivision 19 Pool A
Benjamin HousleyDivision 19 Pool A
Carli WighamDivision 19 Pool A
Colin FranksDivision 19 Pool A
Neil FergusonDivision 19 Pool A
Simon LoyDivision 19 Pool A
Charlie BicknellDivision 19 Pool B
Dave BattyDivision 19 Pool B
David StewartDivision 19 Pool B
Jamie WardDivision 19 Pool B
Phil LeeDivision 19 Pool B
Tristan DjiannDivision 19 Pool B
Blake OsborneDivision 19 Pool C
Joe JonesDivision 19 Pool C
Lewis MartinDivision 19 Pool C
Lukas LüdeDivision 19 Pool C
Mihael RodekDivision 19 Pool C
Tyler SwanDivision 19 Pool C
Anthony GusichDivision 20 Pool A
Connor SinclairDivision 20 Pool A
Ivan NewmanDivision 20 Pool A
Joe CrowleyDivision 20 Pool A
Ryan NassauDivision 20 Pool A
Steven FlemingDivision 20 Pool A
Abu MahmudDivision 20 Pool B
Glenn GoodmanDivision 20 Pool B
Josh SmartDivision 20 Pool B
Mathew CollinsDivision 20 Pool B
Ryan RobbDivision 20 Pool B
Tomas MorrisseyDivision 20 Pool B
Bradley CoyneDivision 20 Pool C
Brian CostelloDivision 20 Pool C
Darren IsonDivision 20 Pool C
James CrewsDivision 20 Pool C
James ReedDivision 20 Pool C
Sam SladeDivision 20 Pool C
Ashley EverittDivision 21 Pool A
Graeme-Tait BuchanDivision 21 Pool A
Mark MurrayDivision 21 Pool A
Paul FergusonDivision 21 Pool A
Robbie WadeDivision 21 Pool A
William WrightDivision 21 Pool A
Craig SlaterDivision 21 Pool B
Darren CookDivision 21 Pool B
Eddie PackardDivision 21 Pool B
Mike VoaseDivision 21 Pool B
Roy VaderDivision 21 Pool B
Tom FordDivision 21 Pool B
Adrian SheppardDivision 21 Pool C
Ben HarveyDivision 21 Pool C
Callum HulmeDivision 21 Pool C
Dan BurchmoreDivision 21 Pool C
Lawrence BarlowDivision 21 Pool C
Nathan AlmondDivision 21 Pool C
Bret WilliamsDivision 22 Pool A
Craig BeatonDivision 22 Pool A
David NightingaleDivision 22 Pool A
Ethan PackardDivision 22 Pool A
Matt TizzardDivision 22 Pool A
Mike DovetonDivision 22 Pool A
Alex KempsterDivision 22 Pool B
Daniel HorganDivision 22 Pool B
Daniel WilliamsDivision 22 Pool B
Dwaine ButtersDivision 22 Pool B
Jack DalbyDivision 22 Pool B
Max HuberDivision 22 Pool B
Ben MoretonDivision 22 Pool C
Christoffer KällqvistDivision 22 Pool C
Dale TaylorDivision 22 Pool C
Louis ManciniDivision 22 Pool C
Neil MongerDivision 22 Pool C
Paddy FentonDivision 22 Pool C
Andy HollowayDivision 23 Pool A
Jayden HulmeDivision 23 Pool A
Kieran EarlyDivision 23 Pool A
Reece BatesDivision 23 Pool A
Robbie WrightDivision 23 Pool A
Wade MyersDivision 23 Pool A
Bryan GilmourDivision 23 Pool B
Jason Barrett (ENGLAND)Division 23 Pool B
Michael FarragherDivision 23 Pool B
Richard PainDivision 23 Pool B
Sam HuntDivision 23 Pool B
Scott CameronDivision 23 Pool B
Bradley WarrenDivision 23 Pool C
Craig AdamsDivision 23 Pool C
Lee HandDivision 23 Pool C
Max DziadulDivision 23 Pool C
Nathan BrightDivision 23 Pool C
Sam EdlinDivision 23 Pool C
Euan McFarlaneDivision 24 Pool A
Graeme CromwellDivision 24 Pool A
James ClarkeDivision 24 Pool A
Michael KimberDivision 24 Pool A
Saul LyonsDivision 24 Pool A
Simon KnowlesDivision 24 Pool A
Adam DuffillDivision 24 Pool B
Bartosz WikaDivision 24 Pool B
Dave BarrowsDivision 24 Pool B
Edward McMillanDivision 24 Pool B
Joshua PriceDivision 24 Pool B
Siôn JenkinsDivision 24 Pool B
Adam RobsonDivision 24 Pool C
Anthony GarrettDivision 24 Pool C
Daniel Jones (WALES)Division 24 Pool C
Gordon DrummondDivision 24 Pool C
Jonathan MooreDivision 24 Pool C
Steven BromageDivision 24 Pool C
Andy FennDivision 25 Pool A
Eric PatrickDivision 25 Pool A
John HogarthDivision 25 Pool A
Nick HogarthDivision 25 Pool A
Shane CraddockDivision 25 Pool A
Stephen HewittDivision 25 Pool A
Ben DorkinsDivision 25 Pool B
Darren ReedDivision 25 Pool B
Dave BallDivision 25 Pool B
Josh GivelinDivision 25 Pool B
Kevin AsselmanDivision 25 Pool B
Morgan ParmarDivision 25 Pool B
Arron SmithDivision 25 Pool C
Dan WardleDivision 25 Pool C
Jason TaveirneDivision 25 Pool C
Keith YoungDivision 25 Pool C
Noel McVeighDivision 25 Pool C
Steven MaddockDivision 25 Pool C
Alex SchalowDivision 26 Pool A
Gary BrownDivision 26 Pool A
Joe FeeleyDivision 26 Pool A
Matthew MartinDivision 26 Pool A
Paul Ross-RuffyDivision 26 Pool A
Ryan HagueDivision 26 Pool A
Alex TearleDivision 26 Pool B
Dazz HumphreysDivision 26 Pool B
Fiachra FurlongDivision 26 Pool B
Lewis MainDivision 26 Pool B
Steve JacksonDivision 26 Pool B
Steven BarnsleyDivision 26 Pool B
Cameron HaggoDivision 26 Pool C
Daniel MorrisDivision 26 Pool C
Elliot FieldDivision 26 Pool C
Gavin BartleyDivision 26 Pool C
James BaileyDivision 26 Pool C
Matthew HousleyDivision 26 Pool C
Doug MartinDivision 27 Pool A
Eoghan HerriotDivision 27 Pool A
Jacob SooDivision 27 Pool A
James GrahamDivision 27 Pool A
Jamie BuckleyDivision 27 Pool A
Ryan ThomasDivision 27 Pool A
Andy OdellDivision 27 Pool B
Conor NyeDivision 27 Pool B
Craig MillerDivision 27 Pool B
John DempseyDivision 27 Pool B
Jordan ShawDivision 27 Pool B
Tony StandingDivision 27 Pool B
David HolmesDivision 27 Pool C
Jenna KelmanDivision 27 Pool C
John PeacockDivision 27 Pool C
Steven NeilDivision 27 Pool C
Stuart McGillDivision 27 Pool C
Wayne GordonDivision 27 Pool C
Bence BányaiDivision 28 Pool A
Callum ShepherdDivision 28 Pool A
Glenn JonesDivision 28 Pool A
Liam McCullochDivision 28 Pool A
Liz FenwickDivision 28 Pool A
Nick HendersonDivision 28 Pool A
Alan CahillDivision 28 Pool B
Jordan RitchieDivision 28 Pool B
Mark SteinbergDivision 28 Pool B
Matt ThompsonDivision 28 Pool B
Mike TommeyDivision 28 Pool B
Piotr WielgórskiDivision 28 Pool B
Buster DaviesDivision 28 Pool C
David CumminsDivision 28 Pool C
Mark NightingaleDivision 28 Pool C
Matthew AvenellDivision 28 Pool C
Sue NealonDivision 28 Pool C
Tom DaviesDivision 28 Pool C
Craig CookDivision 29 Pool A
Daniel ShawDivision 29 Pool A
Ian PearmainDivision 29 Pool A
Jack ShawDivision 29 Pool A
Jamie JohnsonDivision 29 Pool A
Liam SmithDivision 29 Pool A
Harrison EvansDivision 29 Pool B
Jonty RawboneDivision 29 Pool B
Louise CameronDivision 29 Pool B
Mark ArmitsteadDivision 29 Pool B
Michael HayesDivision 29 Pool B
Shaun CampbellDivision 29 Pool B
Callum BrownDivision 29 Pool C
Fabian WeyDivision 29 Pool C
Mark AshtonDivision 29 Pool C
Mitchell SharpDivision 29 Pool C
Nigel GeneynDivision 29 Pool C
Paul LeesDivision 29 Pool C
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