Season 3 Division 7


MAIN LEAGUE: Matches in Division 7 are BEST OF TEN, which means first to 6 or 5-5

LEAGUE CUP: Matches in the Division 7 League Cup are BEST OF ELEVEN, which means first to 6



Equaliser week 1 (overall week 8): 18th-24th October
Equaliser week 2 (overall week 9): 25th-31st October
Equaliser week 3 (overall week 10): 1st-7th November
Equaliser week 4 (overall week 11): 8th-14th November
Equaliser week 5 (overall week 12): 15th-21st November
Equaliser week 6 (overall week 13): 22nd-28th November
Equaliser week 7 (overall week 14): 29th November – 5th December


League Cup Round 1: Mini round-robin: 4th October to 29th October
Semi-Finals and Finals: 1st November to 12th November

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Statman League Cup


PlayerPhase 1 LeagueEqualiser LeagueTeamPlayedLegs Pl.WinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match100+/leg140+/leg180/legTotal/legBest LegHigh FinishFirst 9High First 93DAHigh 3DAOpponent First 9Opponent 3DAGDL Form Rating
Johnny RooneyDiv 7 BDiv 7 Group 1Team 6121059333309328012100.8860.26701.1531515466.2282.4359.0569.3461.0255.46.74
James AylesDiv 7 CDiv 7 Group 1Team 21121038219268625011100.8350.24301.078148364.9576.6354.2660.2159.5152.214.519
Sean RooneyDiv 7 CDiv 7 Group 1Team 20121068016249321211610.8770.1980.0191.0941711762.0771.756.2261.460.754.942.903
Danny KennedyDiv 7 ADiv 7 Group 1Team 411101541519721729110.7130.1680.020.9011911063.5573.3856.4761.4759.9654.862.391
Adam LinfordDiv 7 BDiv 7 Group 2Team 141188611419701708700.7950.19300.988157060.3270.552.8956.9757.8451.531.9
Tomas MorrisseyDiv 7 CDiv 7 Group 2Team 91210953518692139310.6330.1930.0280.854208057.0366.0452.1256.9858.5452.341.832
Nick McCartanDiv 7 ADiv 7 Group 1Team 7119561519591117110.6210.1160.0110.7481715859.3673.7453.3662.9863.3453.61.789
Scott WickensDiv 7 CDiv 7 Group 2Team 1512105731724791319310.7520.1240.010.886189056.4366.7951.7958.3955.9550.771.689
Tommy GabrielDiv 7 BDiv 7 Group 1Team 11210734-913741508900.6920.1400.832198858.0768.252.9857.2760.6754.051.56
Ian WindrossDiv 7 ADiv 7 Group 1Team 1912101621120711318510.7030.1290.010.842188660.368.4654.166058.1352.91.553
Liam CowlinDiv 7 ADiv 7 Group 3Team 81211135-3149811211110.8830.0990.0181159664.482.0752.4758.7659.1451.141.537
Oliver WarrenDiv 7 ADiv 7 Group 2Team 161110242-6147819310020.7650.1860.0290.981712656.1966.6751.2659.5956.3250.731.512
Ryan MurrayDiv 7 BDiv 7 Group 3Team 131211334-713671828710.5930.1590.0180.771810457.8368.8351.1159.5457.4251.021.23
Paul GrayDiv 7 BDiv 7 Group 2Team 101211434-8138316210110.7280.140.0180.8861910956.6269.350.9354.5554.9250.361.2
Josh MasonDiv 7 CDiv 7 Group 2Team 3108941-313401215310.4490.1350.0110.5951814753.8158.5248.9351.3957.5150.191.133
Jamie PhillipsDiv 7 CDiv 7 Group 3Team 111211135-3149814111310.8830.1260.0091.0181712657.7965.6748.4252.6157.4749.621.097
Alex RollDiv 7 ADiv 7 Group 3Team 21211234-413652008500.580.17900.759179462.274.3351.3557.9958.8250.341.065
Ryan NassauDiv 7 CDiv 7 Group 3Team 51210721-237571627510.5330.150.0190.7021811154.8573.2550.160.6259.1452.440.978
Stephen CurwenDiv 7 BDiv 7 Group 3Team 17129941-1913711318510.7170.1310.010.858188156.7374.2650.9261.0260.3352.440.963
Howard PhillipsDiv 7 ADiv 7 Group 3Team 121210405-30552806000.50.07700.5772112451.9966.6246.9354.5761.6651.610.502
Matthew GoldsmithDiv 7 BDiv 7 Group 2Team 181210023-209511817010.510.180.010.7167752.9763.7148.0356.0656.5251.420.419

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