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Season 3 Premiership


MAIN LEAGUE: Matches in the Premiership are BEST OF TWELVE, which means first to 7 or 6-6

LEAGUE CUP: Matches in the Premiership League Cup are BEST OF THIRTEEN, which means first to 7



Equaliser week 1 (overall week 8): 18th-24th October
Equaliser week 2 (overall week 9): 25th-31st October
Equaliser week 3 (overall week 10): 1st-7th November
Equaliser week 4 (overall week 11): 8th-14th November
Equaliser week 5 (overall week 12): 15th-21st November
Equaliser week 6 (overall week 13): 22nd-28th November
Equaliser week 7 (overall week 14): 29th November – 5th December


League Cup Round 1: Mini round-robin: 4th October to 29th October
Semi-Finals and Finals: 1st November to 12th November

To check your fixtures and results, click on your name in the table and then click Matches on the next page

Statman League Cup


PlayerPhase 1 LeagueEqualiser LeagueTeamPlayedLegs Pl.WinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match100+/leg140+/leg180/legTotal/legBest LegHigh FinishFirst 9High First 93DAHigh 3DAOpponent First 9Opponent 3DA
Paul HockenhullPremiership APremiership Group 1Team 81011072182313452919531.2180.4730.0821.7731411677.9896.3373.5785.2476.5972.01
Paul PenfoldPremiership BPremiership Group 1Team 71211981292517345822621.4540.3780.0671.8991314285.3198.8376.4983.8774.0972.16
Mark VenablesPremiership APremiership Group 1Team 211010852101711446916931.0560.4260.0831.5651311782.2398.2976.186.9580.2475.47
Brendon ClarkPremiership CPremiership Group 1Team 5121286262011543716520.8980.3360.0551.2891410980.8187.2274.4281.0880.372.7
Dave FrancisPremiership CPremiership Group 2Team 19893437158739713320.9350.4190.0751.4291413683.2891.2574.3480.6380.2972.8
Adam GawthropPremiership CPremiership Group 1Team 131213345517117451918130.880.3380.1431.3611117081.6989.2174.1479.9579.1373.19
Nick BrandonN/APremiership Group 3Team 164442288491716711.1140.3860.0231.5231514075.2777.4770.172.0472.8767.43
Craig NealonPremiership BPremiership Group 1Team 101212944-11612233315810.9460.2560.0231.2251412975.018469.7672.4775.9870.65
Dale PaulPremiership APremiership Group 2Team 31010341-713134381218431.3010.3690.1171.7871112282.9688.4873.580.0378.6473.24
Martin CoullPremiership BPremiership Group 2Team 61010743315105541317230.9810.5050.1211.6071316079.6489.3370.5679.8572.8767.5
Darren BoughPremiership CPremiership Group 1Team 1121324421615542520221.1740.3180.0381.531413075.8990.2371.5779.3377.9673
Ben FieldingPremiership APremiership Group 2Team 299934313134391018351.3540.3940.1011.849149477.9484.6771.3778.6177.4970.17
Brandon WesternN/APremiership Group 2N/A54931910432036620.8780.4080.0611.347146077.2286.4270.7278.3977.3871.21
Kyle BevanPremiership CPremiership Group 2Team 18121314351515634419411.1910.260.0311.4821411780.6390.4472.5179.3179.2770.69
Jimmy McKirdyPremiership APremiership Group 3Team 1277922-187128310220.8990.3540.0381.2911513274.1980.1970.8175.7981.2573.08
Aaron PearcePremiership CPremiership Group 3Team 141111834-41312446617621.0510.390.0511.4921310079.51101.3771.6184.3375.0570.59
David O'LearyPremiership BPremiership Group 3Team 1166511-34531757520.8150.2620.0771.1541316070.5980.3966.0971.0377.8569.89
Dave TaylorPremiership BPremiership Group 3Team 498904-294652839610.730.3150.0341.0791515867.475.4466.274.5679.3370.03
Mike BaberPremiership CPremiership Group 3Team 1677502-192682329310.9070.3070.0271.2411310668.6581.3965.1569.9678.2369.84
Janis MustafejevsPremiership BPremiership Group 3Team 2077112-1957113286210.1830.0281.2111416469.4375.6163.8872.5878.5469.98
Ryan HarkerPremiership BPremiership Group 2Team 151111022-2288932612720.8090.2910.0551.1551611270.3683.5666.3878.2575.3569.23

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