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Season 3 Teams League

Your team needs you!

As part of season 3, the Equaliser, you have been assigned a team to play in. Each team has one player from each division in their team, and their individual league results will count towards their team’s tally for the week and each team will go against another team each week.

There are three pools of 7 teams and teams will play each other in their own pool over the first 7 weeks, then the equaliser takes effect, as in the individuals league.

Find out which team you're in
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How to win a teams match

If you win your individual game that is assigned to you during the matchweek, you earn your team 3 legs. If you draw, the team gets 1 leg added and if you lose, no legs are added.


Team 1 this week have won 6, drawn 2 and lost 5 of their games and, thus, get 20 legs in their matchup with team 2.

Team 2, however, won 8, drew 3 and lost only 2 of their games and get 27 legs. 

Therefore, team 2 beats team 1 by 27 legs to 20

If your team gets more legs than your opposing team, you win the match and your team gets 3 points in the teams league. A draw is 1 point and a loss is no points.

ONLY matches that are due to be played in the current matchweek will count towards the team’s leg total.

The key to doing well in the teams league is to motivate each other in your team and guide them towards winning their matches.

The teams league season begins on Monday 30th August, in line with the main league.

The Equaliser Explained


Fixtures and Results

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Group 2

Group 3

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