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Season 4 Division 2


MAIN LEAGUE: Matches in Division 2 are BEST OF TWELVE, which means first to 7 or 6-6

LEAGUE CUP: Matches in the Division 2 League Cup are BEST OF THIRTEEN, which means first to 7

League Dates

Phase 1

Week 1: 10th-16th Jan
Week 2: 17th-23rd Jan
Week 3: 24th-30th Jan
Week 4: 31st Jan-6th Feb
Week 5: 7th-13th Feb
Week 6 selected pools only: 14th-Saturday 19th Feb

Phase 2: The Equaliser

Equaliser week 1 (overall week 7): 21st Feb-27th Feb
Equaliser week 2 (overall week 8): 28th Feb-6th Mar
Equaliser week 3 (overall week 9): 7th-13th Mar
Equaliser week 4 (overall week 10): 14th-20th Mar
Equaliser week 5 (overall week 11): 21st-26th Mar

Games must not be played ahead of schedule, due to the unnecessary admin caused.

What is the equaliser??

The equaliser is a powerful league format, made possible by the GDL’s famous stats system.

In Phase 1, players are allocated to a division and pool based on GDL 3 dart average and previous performances. 

Pools of 6/7 players play each other once over a period of 5/6 weeks.

At the end of phase 1, players in all pools in the same division are then ranked by points gained and then leg difference.

Points per game will be used in the case where there are differing amounts of games played.

Phase 2 (The equaliser)

In phase two, the top third of players from all pools in the division are placed into a new league table, called Group 1. The second third-best performers are placed in Group 2, and then the remaining players into Group 3.

Ranking points are given after the final positions in phase 2 are known, with the highest points going to Group 1, followed by 2, then 3.

The top 2 players in Group 1 at the end of the Equaliser will win £40 worth of GDL vouchers for 1st and £20 for 2nd.2

To check your fixtures and results, click on your name in the table and then click Matches on the next page

League Cup Dates:

Round Robin Fixture 1: 24th-30th Jan
Round Robin Fixture 2: 31st Jan-6th Feb
Round Robin Fixture 3: 7th-13th Feb
Round Robin Fixture 4: 14th-20th Feb
Semi-Finals: 28th Feb-6th Mar
Final: 7th-13th Mar

Statman League Cup


PlayerPhase 1 LeagueEqualiser LeaguePlayedLegs Pl.WinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match100+/leg140+/leg180/legTotal/legBest LegHigh FinishFirst 9High First 93DAHigh 3DAOpponent First 9Opponent 3DA
Stuart ButlerDivision 2 Pool CDivision 2 Group 11415682182618742723621.1990.2690.0451.5131312872.7781.9767.3273.9172.3966.22
Peter ReynoldsDivision 2 Pool BDivision 2 Group 11516092162919860726521.2380.3750.0441.6571114975.3588.6368.8576.5373.0267.25
Stephen CarrDivision 2 (League Cup)N/A219101317712510.8950.3680.0531.316146674.1278.1567.4971.6666.6767.07
Mark TomlinDivision 2 Pool CDivision 2 Group 31010933-71214440418811.3210.3670.0371.7251311776.4185.7366.9173.970.9765.72
Josh WilliamsDivision 2 Pool ADivision 2 Group 115151812125136421619430.9010.2780.1061.2851313175.7986.4270.183.5571.4166.86
Christy GoughDivision 2 Pool ADivision 2 Group 2131277152214337118111.1260.2910.0081.4251512070.7282.7364.0771.8870.8464.04
Rob DownerDivision 2 Pool CDivision 2 Group 116169101233116058622410.9470.3430.0361.3261513271.9296.0866.1480.8470.8864.93
Alex GawthropDivision 2 Pool BDivision 2 Group 1131416332114827818331.050.1910.0571.2981313573.6983.4266.5378.1573.9467.49
Pieter KlokDivision 2 Pool ADivision 2 Group 11212761131915745620831.2360.3540.0471.6371612172.3181.4366.8977.9369.8263.89
Andy MaddamsDivision 2 Pool ADivision 2 Group 2141337132211549817220.8650.3680.061.2931314074.6985.8869.5681.4172.4468.72
John SmythDivision 2 Pool BDivision 2 Group 21212733-71211932515610.9370.2520.0391.2281413871.7782.1866.9673.675.4668.11
Mark WebsterDivision 2 Pool ADivision 2 Group 2111066141995241012920.8960.2260.0941.2161311273.1986.526672.5767.6964.36
Matty RogersDivision 2 Pool ADivision 2 Group 21110332-2311103242129110.2330.0191.2521514168.0581.0562.8274.0977.3167.37
Julian PottsDivision 2 Pool BDivision 2 Group 21313161519104461016030.7940.3510.0761.2211515866.637662.8170.872.6664.5
Jeroen SaccolDivision 2 Pool BDivision 2 Group 3910023-12911430114511.
Colin StewartDivision 2 Pool CDivision 2 Group 11415635-61417636621821.1280.2310.0381.3971315072.0482.5864.5675.1870.8464.38
Eric CicognaDivision 2 Pool CDivision 2 Group 3999331129516311410.960.1620.031.1521610268.5478.763.2470.3372.164.48
Daniel WatkinsDivision 2 Pool ADivision 2 Group 31312941-231312633516410.9770.2560.0391.2721411670.2582.763.8771.8872.8566.39
Niall DunneDivision 2 Pool BDivision 2 Group 31213143-31513429717021.0230.2210.0531.2971516071.3182.3764.0871.1370.1163.07
Derek MoynihanDivision 2 Pool CDivision 2 Group 31212413-3269222411810.7420.1770.0320.951149869.0582.6762.1272.0273.4866.62

Submit the screenshot of your result below


Does your stats screenshot have ALL of the following for both players?

Player names
first 9 average
high finish
best leg

If the answer is no, then we need this information. If you used Nakka or Lidarts, please go back and screenshot the full match summary. 

Other sites can be used, but they’re not approved by GDL. This is because not all stats are shown normally. 

If you use a scoring site other than Nakka or Lidarts, you MUST make sure that all info is submitted (and accurate).

Results for the Tour are added to the website the SAME DAY the results are submitted, where possible

Results for the Leagues are added to the website the DAY AFTER the results are submitted, where possible

If results are submitted in multiple parts or with insufficient information, we will be contacting you to ask you to make a minimum £2 donation to our chosen charity.

Please do this ahead of time so we don’t have to chase you.

(maximum file size 10mb).

If you can’t submit for whatever reason, please raise a support ticket and include the division, pool, gameweek, score, and both players’ names

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