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GDL Season 7 - Division 14

Before continuing, please read the GDL guidelines


Matches in this division are BEST OF TEN, which means first to 6 or 5-5

League Dates

Phase 1

Week 1: 3rd-9th October
Week 2: 10th-16th October
Week 3: 17th-23rd October
Week 4: 24th-30th October*

Phase 2: The Equaliser

Equaliser week 1 (overall week 6): 7th-13th November
Equaliser week 2 (overall week 7): 14th-20th November
Equaliser week 3 (overall week 8): 21st-27th November
Equaliser week 4 (overall week 9): 28th November-4th December*

*beyond these dates, extensions will not be granted.

(Weeks run from Monday to Sunday)

All games must be played on time unless an extension has been granted via a support ticket. It is important that players keep to the required structure in order to facilitate the smooth running of all divisions. Players are expected to arrange a suitable day and time to play their fixtures within the week that they’re assigned.

3 points are awarded for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. The league is ordered by points, then leg difference, legs won, and finally, the head-to-head result.

Results for the leagues are added to the website the day after the results are submitted, where possible.

What is the Equaliser?

The Equaliser is a powerful league format comprising of two ‘phases’. It is made possible by the GDL’s famous stats system.

Phase 1

In Phase 1, players have been allocated to a division and pool based on GDL 3 dart average and some magic fairy dust. Players in each pool play each other once. (5 or 6 matches, depending on numbers in the pool).

At the end of phase 1, players in all pools in the same division are then ranked by points gained and then leg difference.

Phase 2 - The Equaliser

In the Equaliser phase, the top third of players from all pools in the division are placed into a new league table, called Group 1. The second third-best performers are placed in Group 2, and then the remaining players into Group 3.

Ranking points are given after the final positions in phase 2 are known, with the highest points going to Group 1, followed by 2, then 3.

1st and 2nd position in Group 1 at the end of the season will win £40 and £20 worth of GDL vouchers respectively.

There are also ranking points available for completing the league season. Click here for more info.


League Tables

To view your fixtures and results, log in to your GDL profile

League Cup

The league cup is a knockout-style tournament open to all players in the division. It is a bonus competition that is included in the GDL membership price.

League Cup Dates

Match Format

Last 32 (if applicable): 31st October-6th November
Last 16 (if applicable): 7th-13th November
Quarter Finals: 14th-20th November
Semi Finals: 21st-27th November
Final: 28th November-4th December

Match Format

All matches in the league cup for this division are the BEST OF ELEVEN legs. 


League Stats

PlayerPhase 1 DivisionEqualiser DivisionPlayedLegs Pl.WinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match100+/leg140+/leg180/legTotal/legBest LegHigh FinishFirst 9High First 93DAHigh 3DAOpponent First 9Opponent 3DA
Ben PulhamDivision 14 Pool ADivision 14 Group 11311110135318626311510.7750.2340.0271.0361611063.574.9455.4461.457.0653.14
Lewis QuayleDivision 14 Pool CDivision 14 Group 11210672182374908300.6980.08500.7832010057.5169.0651.8662.4259.9451.39
Jonathan DaviesDivision 14 Pool BDivision 14 Group 11413211228358318410510.6290.1360.030.7951613458.5670.6751.5861.752.9248.89
Dean SmithDivision 14 Pool BDivision 14 Group 11310671622721138610.6790.1040.0280.811161085869.5650.6959.7852.6348.9
Neil WestgateDivision 14 Pool CDivision 14 Group 11110434013751749620.7210.1630.0380.9221510856.6571.6350.3256.3555.0450.1
Howard PhillipsDivision 14 Pool CDivision 14 Group 3108650415581106900.6740.12800.802166056.0762.649.6554.3854.9248.3
Ian McLeishDivision 14 Pool CDivision 14 Group 2111004481658916810.580.090.010.68177056.8663.0349.4252.2353.5949.33
Alexander MundyDivision 14 Pool BDivision 14 Group 211975271763907200.6490.09300.742188653.2867.9548.4654.1355.5148.56
Stuart MasonDivision 14 Pool ADivision 14 Group 29813451351816010.630.0990.0120.741209652.8963.1448.3253.1155.2448.57
Edward McMillanDivision 14 Pool CDivision 14 Group 3108733-31252816110.5980.0920.0110.7011911655.6862.3747.6954.354.9247.51
Bradley WarrenDivision 14 Pool ADivision 14 Group 2109043-61560616710.6670.0670.0110.7452011252.1262.546.8651.5852.9346.73
Nathan WalkerDivision 14 Pool ADivision 14 Group 2119541-151346715410.4840.0740.0110.569178250.766046.1951.6854.5146.31
Pauric McGroartyDivision 14 Pool BDivision 14 Group 1108831-121032703900.3640.0800.4441711546.6360.8545.3151.1853.747.5
Bradley CoyneDivision 14 Pool ADivision 14 Group 3121066121955806300.5190.07500.5942211048.7461.474349.5352.5944.47
Craig PritchardDivision 14 Pool CDivision 14 Group 31210221-247381125110.3730.1080.020.501245552.0361.942.850.852.5444.84
Paul Ross-RuffyDivision 14 Pool BDivision 14 Group 3107901-39130303300.380.03800.4182210747.1256.1941.8146.5453.5546.37

Phase 1 Final Tables

Tables will appear here after 6th November

GDL World Championship Order of Merit Points

Players are awarded ‘Race to the World Championship’ points based on where they finish in their ‘Equaliser’ pool. Players MUST finish all games to be eligible to receive these points. There are also points available for the League Cup. 

Replacement players who join after the Equaliser commences are awarded points as though they were in Group 3, irrelevant of the Group they’re in i.e. if a replacement player joins in the second week of the Equaliser, are put in to Group 1 and finish runner-up, they receive 30 ranking points which is the equivalent of finishing runner up in Group 3.

The allocated points are as follows: