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Entry for the Dan Statman League Cup

Sponsored by:

The tournament begins on 14th June


If you believe that you entered before the deadline but are unsure, please check the list below before asking the admin team. 

You need to be a paid tour card hold to enter this competition and either be a participant in the current league season or be on the reserve list. If you are not already a tour card holder, please visit

Introducing…The Dan Statman League Cup!
One round per week starting 14th June
First round losers in to the ‘plate’
Winners receive a 50cl bottle of DoubleTrouble spirit of their choice
Plate winners receive a GDL mini bundle
Deadline SHUT


NameDivisionLeague Cup Comp
Adam MouldSuperleague ASuperleague
Kevin LaneSuperleague ASuperleague
Ray MulveySuperleague ASuperleague
Dan HutchinsonSuperleague BSuperleague
Danny TruemanSuperleague BSuperleague
Dmitriy ZhukovSuperleague BSuperleague
Luke NewportSuperleague BSuperleague
Michael BeardSuperleague BSuperleague
Paul TubbSuperleague BSuperleague
Craig NealonPremiership APremiership
James GreenPremiership APremiership
Wayne TraskPremiership BPremiership
Barry CampbellPremiership CPremiership
Ian LongPremiership CPremiership
Keith SlocombePremiership CPremiership
Ryan HarkerPremiership CPremiership
Tony MitchellPremiership CPremiership
Dan TatumPremiership DPremiership
Dave FrancisPremiership DPremiership
Dave TaylorPremiership DPremiership
David WrightPremiership DPremiership
Jimmy McKirdyPremiership DPremiership
John CrossleyPremiership DPremiership
Scott WinderPremiership DPremiership
Adam GawthropDivision 1ADivision 1
Conor BastableDivision 1ADivision 1
John SmythDivision 1ADivision 1
Mike BaberDivision 1ADivision 1
Oisin FurlongDivision 1ADivision 1
Steve GreenwoodDivision 1ADivision 1
Dale PaulDivision 1BDivision 1
Jason StalkerDivision 1BDivision 1
Nigel HylandsDivision 1BDivision 1
Sam PriceDivision 1BDivision 1
Andy BlydeDivision 1CDivision 1
Chris BinghamDivision 1CDivision 1
Julian PottsDivision 1CDivision 1
Lee O'NeillDivision 1CDivision 1
Michael FearonDivision 1CDivision 1
Brendon ClarkDivision 1DDivision 1
Josh WilliamsDivision 1DDivision 1
Kyle BevanDivision 1DDivision 1
Mark LeachDivision 1DDivision 1
Aaron PearceDivision 2ADivision 2
Mat McCallionDivision 2ADivision 2
Paul HockenhullDivision 2ADivision 2
Rob DownerDivision 2ADivision 2
Aaron DonaldDivision 2BDivision 2
Darren BoughDivision 2BDivision 2
Jason BarrettDivision 2BDivision 2
Mark WebsterDivision 2BDivision 2
Peter ReynoldsDivision 2BDivision 2
Gary TrowDivision 2CDivision 2
Lee AndrewsDivision 2CDivision 2
Paul PenfoldDivision 2CDivision 2
David O'LearyDivision 2DDivision 2
Sober Darts GuyDivision 2DDivision 2
Edward McMillanDivision 3ADivision 3
Neeman HasidaDivision 3ADivision 3
Stuart ButlerDivision 3ADivision 3
Thommo SmithDivision 3ADivision 3
Bradley GeorgeDivision 3BDivision 3
Ethan McMahonDivision 3BDivision 3
Ryan HollandDivision 3BDivision 3
Stephen McCormackDivision 3BDivision 3
Warren VanderaheDivision 3BDivision 3
Andrew RollasonDivision 3CDivision 3
Brian HylandsDivision 3CDivision 3
Colin StewartDivision 3CDivision 3
Dean DuffDivision 3CDivision 3
Kurtis BevanDivision 3CDivision 3
Joe CarsonDivision 3DDivision 3
Tim Jones (Ireland)Division 3DDivision 3
Tyler GabrielDivision 3DDivision 3
Brett PickersgillDivision 4ADivision 4
David McCrackenDivision 4ADivision 4
Justin O'DellDivision 4ADivision 4
Craig FinnieDivision 4BDivision 4
Dan CavanaghDivision 4BDivision 4
Gareth ZanellanDivision 4BDivision 4
Jack KellyDivision 4BDivision 4
Michael WoodbridgeDivision 4BDivision 4
Shaun CahalinDivision 4BDivision 4
Alan BowdenDivision 4CDivision 4
Christopher ElliottDivision 4CDivision 4
James TooneDivision 4CDivision 4
Sye PorterDivision 4CDivision 4
Brett StevensonDivision 4DDivision 4
Carl HadlingtonDivision 4DDivision 4
Luke FordDivision 4DDivision 4
Philip SmithDivision 4DDivision 4
Tony MakinsonDivision 4DDivision 4
Ian BainDivision 5ADivision 5
Jordan OttleyDivision 5ADivision 5
Paddy MannDivision 5ADivision 5
Adam PopeDivision 5BDivision 5
Andrew HuntDivision 5BDivision 5
Daniel CoopeDivision 5BDivision 5
Geoff BettsDivision 5BDivision 5
Joe LoganDivision 5BDivision 5
Kate DrakeDivision 5BDivision 5
Tom BeresfordDivision 5BDivision 5
Billy ShanahanDivision 5CDivision 5
Bradley WarrenDivision 5CDivision 5
Paul MonaghanDivision 5CDivision 5
Rob MayDivision 5CDivision 5
Sean McHughDivision 5CDivision 5
David LeeDivision 5DDivision 5
John CurtisDivision 5DDivision 5
Stephen RoutledgeDivision 5DDivision 5
Andrew SkeggsDivision 6ADivision 6
Ian MalcolmDivision 6ADivision 6
Jack AveryDivision 6ADivision 6
Matt SmithDivision 6ADivision 6
Rob SullivanDivision 6ADivision 6
Ethan PackardDivision 6BDivision 6
Joel SowtonDivision 6BDivision 6
Neil WebsterDivision 6BDivision 6
Darren StedmanDivision 6CDivision 6
Jay VargoDivision 6CDivision 6
Joe FitzpatrickDivision 6CDivision 6
John CameronDivision 6CDivision 6
Matthew GallentDivision 6CDivision 6
Nick McCartanDivision 6CDivision 6
Simon NewlandDivision 6CDivision 6
Lee GilbertDivision 6DDivision 6
Chris ScoullerDivision 7ADivision 7
Simon CharlesDivision 7ADivision 7
Eddie PackardDivision 7BDivision 7
Jack TaylorDivision 7BDivision 7
Kevin ThackwellDivision 7BDivision 7
Lee HumphreyDivision 7BDivision 7
Rob BridesonDivision 7BDivision 7
Ryan BroadbentDivision 7BDivision 7
Alexandru CostecDivision 7CDivision 7
Chris HoleDivision 7CDivision 7
David Alvaro GriffithsDivision 7CDivision 7
David FergusonDivision 7CDivision 7
Harvey GeorgeDivision 7CDivision 7
Oliver WarrenDivision 7CDivision 7
Scott JacksonDivision 7CDivision 7
Ashley CalverDivision 7DDivision 7
Craig FowlerDivision 7DDivision 7
Frank KeenanDivision 7DDivision 7
Harry WilloughbyDivision 7DDivision 7
Hywel JonesDivision 7DDivision 7
Lewis CarterDivision 7DDivision 7
John McCluskeyDivision 8ADivision 8
Lars JensenDivision 8ADivision 8
Niall DunneDivision 8ADivision 8
Pablo RoderoDivision 8ADivision 8
Ross McFarlaneDivision 8ADivision 8
Tomas MorrisseyDivision 8ADivision 8
Chris MillenDivision 8BDivision 8
Daniel MayerDivision 8BDivision 8
Howard PhillipsDivision 8BDivision 8
Paul O'MalleyDivision 8BDivision 8
Ryan KerrDivision 8BDivision 8
Shaun LawsonDivision 8BDivision 8
Billy BlakemanDivision 8CDivision 8
Hayden JohnsonDivision 8CDivision 8
Nicholas JohnsonDivision 8CDivision 8
Ryan NassauDivision 8CDivision 8
Dean HoldenDivision 8DDivision 8
Nathan WoodhouseDivision 8DDivision 8
Paul GrayDivision 8DDivision 8
Keith MurrayDivision 9ADivision 9
Martin ThomsonDivision 9ADivision 9
Matthew GoldsmithDivision 9ADivision 9
Alex RollDivision 9BDivision 9
Johnny RooneyDivision 9BDivision 9
Josh MasonDivision 9BDivision 9
Lewis QuayleDivision 9BDivision 9
Liam TaitDivision 9BDivision 9
Nicky GoodbrandDivision 9BDivision 9
Paul GunningDivision 9BDivision 9
Adam LinfordDivision 9CDivision 9
Aidan CorkerryDivision 9CDivision 9
Antony ChestersDivision 9CDivision 9
Dean FergusonDivision 9CDivision 9
Ross SmithDivision 9CDivision 9
Adam GeorgeDivision 9DDivision 9
Ian WindrossDivision 9DDivision 9
Martyn JonesDivision 9DDivision 9
Phillip McConnellDivision 9DDivision 9
Sean RooneyDivision 9DDivision 9
Stefan HiltonDivision 9DDivision 9
Tommy GabrielDivision 9DDivision 9
Bartosz WikaDivision 10ADivision 10
Erik SaulDivision 10ADivision 10
George McleanDivision 10ADivision 10
Jamie PhillipsDivision 10ADivision 10
Stuart CobbDivision 10ADivision 10
David NightingaleDivision 10BDivision 10
Isabel KerrDivision 10BDivision 10
Leon ParkerDivision 10BDivision 10
Gary LightfootDivision 10CDivision 10
Gaz StevensDivision 10CDivision 10
Jack EdgeDivision 10CDivision 10
Andrew ShelleyDivision 10DDivision 10
Danny KennedyDivision 10DDivision 10
Dylan RitchieDivision 10DDivision 10
Tommy WrightDivision 10DDivision 10
Billy MarshDivision 11ADivision 11
Jared PhillipsDivision 11ADivision 11
Michael BleasdaleDivision 11ADivision 11
Michael McGlenDivision 11ADivision 11
Gavin StedmanDivision 11BDivision 11
Henry DavidsonDivision 11BDivision 11
Jordan RitchieDivision 11BDivision 11
Michael KimberDivision 11BDivision 11
Ross PizzeyDivision 11BDivision 11
Sam TattersfieldDivision 11BDivision 11
Dwaine ButtersDivision 11CDivision 11
Ian McLeishDivision 11CDivision 11
Kev HardwickDivision 11CDivision 11
Robert LaneDivision 11CDivision 11
Chris HanksDivision 11DDivision 11
Dean MartinDivision 11DDivision 11
Gaz BondDivision 11DDivision 11
Luke WardDivision 11DDivision 11
Dan CakebreadDivision 12ADivision 12
Gary ForrestDivision 12ADivision 12
Louis MurrayDivision 12ADivision 12
Sue NealonDivision 12ADivision 12
Wayne GordonDivision 12ADivision 12
Alan CahillDivision 12BDivision 12
David WallDivision 12BDivision 12
Jason RuizDivision 12BDivision 12
Fiachra FurlongDivision 12CDivision 12
Marc O'DonovanDivision 12CDivision 12
Mark NightingaleDivision 12CDivision 12
Paul LeesDivision 12CDivision 12
Rachel WakefieldDivision 12CDivision 12
Adrian HughesDivision 12DDivision 12
Alex TearleDivision 12DDivision 12
Colin GaughanDivision 12DDivision 12
Daniel Corbett-YeatesDivision 12DDivision 12
Jordan Turner (Tyne & Wear)Division 12DDivision 12
A.J. Urmston-ToftNoneInvalid entry
Stefan VermaakNoneInvalid entry
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