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Target Darts Super Cup Qualifier 2 Entries

Entries close in....



All full GDL members can enter

The Target Darts Super Cup Qualifier 1 is the first of 4 qualifiers for the second GDL Major of 2024.

The schedule of events for the Target Darts World Trophy are*:

Qualifier 1: 4th May – 30th May

Qualifier 2: 25th May – 20th June

Qualifier 3: 15th June – 11th July

Qualifier 4: 6th July – 1st August

Major (& Plate): 10th August – 5th September

*Schedules subject to change

Target Darts World Trophy Qualifier 2 deadlines will be:

L256 (if required): 27th May
L128: 30th May
L64: 3rd June
L32: 6th June
L16: 10th June
QF: 13th June
SF: 17th June
F: 20th June

Matches can be played ahead of time, but deadlines must be adhered to unless by prior consent via a support ticket

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If you believe that you entered before the deadline but are unsure, please check the list below before asking the admin team. 

You need to be a paid tour card holder with membership covering the entire tournament to be eligible to play.

Note: If you have already sent in your averages and payment, you can class yourself as ALREADY a GDL player on the form above, if not, please class yourself as a new player

More info: Check the GDL Tour Hub

*Grades subject to change before the event draws

Alexey BushuyDiamond
Brendon ClarkDiamond
Chris FreshwaterDiamond
Chris SharpDiamond
Danny TruemanDiamond
Darren ArmstrongDiamond
David WrightDiamond
Dawid StepienDiamond
Dmitriy ZhukovDiamond
Gene HillDiamond
James PowellDiamond
Kevin LaneDiamond
Kyle BennettDiamond
Mark MarlowDiamond
Mark StanawayDiamond
Nathen OwenDiamond
Nick BrandonDiamond
Paul SpiersDiamond
Peter ReynoldsDiamond
Scott WinderDiamond
Simon Alwyn ReesDiamond
Simon KeyDiamond
Stephen BurtonDiamond
Aaron PearcePlatinum
Aaron WheelerPlatinum
Abe BougheyPlatinum
Adam PopePlatinum
Al SaundersPlatinum
Andre WertheimPlatinum
Andrew GoodingPlatinum
Andy DunnPlatinum
Ash SmithPlatinum
August Eie-StangelandPlatinum
Ben WallisPlatinum
Brett PickersgillPlatinum
Chris CowleyPlatinum
Christopher ElliottPlatinum
Christy GoughPlatinum
Connor GillespiePlatinum
Damian PinchPlatinum
Daniel BrownPlatinum
Daniel ForrestPlatinum
Daniel WatkinsPlatinum
Danny WoodworthPlatinum
Darren BoughPlatinum
Darren SansomPlatinum
David McCrackenPlatinum
David McCrumPlatinum
David ThomsonPlatinum
Dean WatsonPlatinum
Dylan-Jack MurphyPlatinum
Gareth LinesPlatinum
Gerry PetersPlatinum
Jamie McLeodPlatinum
Jimmy McKirdyPlatinum
John SmythPlatinum
Jonathan WinfindalePlatinum
Jonny RedfearnPlatinum
Julian PottsPlatinum
Justin O'DellPlatinum
Karl AndrewsPlatinum
Karl McDonaldPlatinum
Lars NilssonPlatinum
Leigh BrooksPlatinum
Lo WolswijkPlatinum
Luke HicktonPlatinum
Málik IstvánPlatinum
Michael FearonPlatinum
Mike WallisPlatinum
Nathan UnderwoodPlatinum
Paul GardnerPlatinum
Ricky HitchmoughPlatinum
Rob HoughtonPlatinum
Robert CurryPlatinum
Ryan ClaytonPlatinum
Ryan CunliffePlatinum
Sean SomervillePlatinum
Sean StonelakePlatinum
Stephen McDermottPlatinum
Thomas BentPlatinum
Thomas HurstPlatinum
Aidan CorkerryGold
Andrew SkeggsGold
Ben FullertonGold
Bleddyn RichardsGold
Bradley PittsGold
Brian FranksGold
Chris PalmerGold
Connor SmithGold
Craig MarshallGold
Dan DavyGold
Dan EnrightGold
Daniel BoyleGold
Daniel LaxGold
Daniel LeeGold
Daniel TaylorGold
Danny WakleyGold
Darren StedmanGold
Dave WoodGold
David FergusonGold
David-John McGeochGold
Dean JonesGold
Dennis HandGold
Donald BainGold
Dylan ThomsonGold
Gareth WaltersGold
Gary HawkinsGold
Gaz MagillGold
George MartinGold
Greg LyndonGold
Hagai BerkovichGold
Hugo BrottmanGold
Ian HarfordGold
Ian WindrossGold
Iwan LewisGold
Jack LoweGold
Jake DuffyGold
James IveyGold
James MundyGold
Jamie PhillipsGold
Jamie PickGold
Jason SmallwoodGold
Joe CarsonGold
Joe LoganGold
John Brett-SmithGold
John CurtisGold
Jordan WalkerGold
Josh ParkerGold
Justin KingGold
Keith CrillyGold
Keith MurrayGold
Kiyfa BryantGold
Kurt BevanGold
Lee HutchesonGold
Lewis BoydGold
Lewis CarterGold
Liam SimpsonGold
Liam TaitGold
Liam-Stan StannardGold
Luke CoventryGold
Mark NichollsGold
Matthew ZellnerGold
Michael CoxGold
Nathan BuckleyGold
Nathan RobertsGold
Nathanial Minskip-AggettGold
Neil MunroGold
Pat Murphy (England)Gold
Paul BlackbournGold
Paul MittooGold
Paul O'MalleyGold
Peter Brown Gold
Richard CameronGold
Rob BridesonGold
Rob MayGold
Robbie PriddleGold
Roger G NybergGold
Ross SmithGold
Ryan McDonaldGold
Ryan MitchellGold
Scott SimmonsGold
Sean ButcherGold
Simon NicholsonGold
Sjors KathmannGold
Steve DeversonGold
Stewart BlacowGold
Tom HitchingsGold
Tom MoonGold
Aaron FlynnTungsten
Abu MahmudTungsten
Adam DomineyTungsten
Adam DuffillTungsten
Adam LewisTungsten
Adrian SheppardTungsten
Alan BrownTungsten
Alexander MundyTungsten
Andrew ShelleyTungsten
Andy TurnerTungsten
Anthony FloodTungsten
Anthony O'NeillTungsten
Archie ColyerTungsten
Ashley OliveTungsten
Ben ThompsonTungsten
Cathal DalyTungsten
Charlie BicknellTungsten
Chris ScoullerTungsten
Colin GreyTungsten
Darragh BrosnanTungsten
Darren SmithTungsten
Dave MetcalfeTungsten
Dave RobertsTungsten
David BartleyTungsten
David SimmonsTungsten
Dean SmithTungsten
Dean ToddTungsten
Declan WallingTungsten
Dylan van SchijndelTungsten
Eric BromleyTungsten
Ethan PackardTungsten
Euan RobertsonTungsten
Gary BrownTungsten
Ian HolliesTungsten
Isaac GarrettTungsten
Jake MorrisonTungsten
James OakleyTungsten
James ReedTungsten
James RuddTungsten
Jayden HulmeTungsten
Joe TaylorTungsten
Joel ErikssonTungsten
John CraigTungsten
John McCluskeyTungsten
John TunstallTungsten
Jonathan MooreTungsten
Jonathan ProcterTungsten
Jonathan ReynoldsTungsten
Jonathan ViaeneTungsten
Jordan OsborneTungsten
Josh SmartTungsten
Kev HardwickTungsten
Lee MorrisonTungsten
Lee RaynerTungsten
Lee WilsonTungsten
Leon BakerTungsten
Liam DesaiTungsten
Liam HortonTungsten
Liam McConnellTungsten
Louis GrundyTungsten
Marcel OudejansTungsten
Matt LeeTungsten
Matthew GoldsmithTungsten
Matthew HineTungsten
Matthew McCarthyTungsten
Michael BircherTungsten
Michael SellersTungsten
Ollie ChallinorTungsten
Paul BrownTungsten
Perry BoersTungsten
Pete WhiteTungsten
Peter GlavinTungsten
Phil McgrathTungsten
Ryan RobbTungsten
Sam SladeTungsten
Sam TaylorTungsten
Simon LoyTungsten
Simon ParkerTungsten
Steven OatwayTungsten
Stewart BrownTungsten
Tom YeomansTungsten
Zale WoodTungsten
Aaron CliffordSilver
Adam George (Tooting)Silver
Aditya SummanwarSilver
Aidan McKaySilver
Andy FennSilver
Andy HindSilver
Andy HollowaySilver
Arron SmithSilver
Ashley EverittSilver
Ben DorkinsSilver
Blair HallSilver
Bradley CoyneSilver
Bradley WarrenSilver
Bruce ClaridgeSilver
Carli WighamSilver
Charlie WilliamsSilver
Chris SysockSilver
Ciaran AlgarSilver
Colin FranksSilver
Colin HolmwoodSilver
Connor McConnellSilver
Craig StrandSilver
Dale TaylorSilver
Dan HopleySilver
Daniel ToddSilver
Danny van der ZeeSilver
Darren IsonSilver
David HolmesSilver
David le RouxSilver
David NightingaleSilver
Dean ByrneSilver
Derek RossSilver
Dylan EllisSilver
Eddie PackardSilver
Erik ManussenSilver
Gavin BartleySilver
Glenn GoodmanSilver
Glenn HennessySilver
Gordon DrummondSilver
Grahame PatonSilver
Greig PedenSilver
Gustav LuiesSilver
Houston WilliamsSilver
Ian SellersSilver
James Cole Silver
James GrahamSilver
James ShoplandSilver
Jim ThomsonSilver
Joe CrowleySilver
Joe JonesSilver
Jon WitherspoonSilver
Jonny LynchSilver
Kelvin O'HareSilver
Kevin AsselmanSilver
Kieran HibbardSilver
Lawrence BarlowSilver
Lee BarberSilver
Lee SkerrittSilver
Leon BouldSilver
Lewis MartinSilver
Liam McCullochSilver
Lukas LüdeSilver
Mark MurraySilver
Matt C SmithSilver
Matthew NolanSilver
Max HuberSilver
Michael NolanSilver
Mike DovetonSilver
Mike VoaseSilver
Nathan AlmondSilver
Nathan WoodingSilver
Neil BibbySilver
Neil FergusonSilver
Nick HogarthSilver
Nicky GoodbrandSilver
Owen JuddSilver
Paddy FentonSilver
Peter TaylorSilver
Phil LeeSilver
Rhys RobertsSilver
Rhys WordsworthSilver
Richard PainSilver
Richard Van De SteenovenSilver
Robbie WrightSilver
Ryan HagueSilver
Ryan NassauSilver
Ryan RichardsSilver
Scott CameronSilver
Stephen HewittSilver
Steven FlemingSilver
Steven MaddockSilver
Steven NeilSilver
Steven WallisSilver
Terry MallinSilver
Thomas SissonsSilver
Tom WrigglesworthSilver
Tomos HughesSilver
Valentino ten BrinkeSilver
Vincent Van DyckSilver
William WrightSilver
Andy OdellBronze
Asa AckleyBronze
Cal JonesBronze
Connor SinclairBronze
Conor NyeBronze
Craig CookBronze
Craig LewisBronze
Craig MillerBronze
Darren ReedBronze
David CumminsBronze
David DraperBronze
David LawrenceBronze
Dazz HumphreysBronze
Dylan FalveyBronze
Ethan CohenBronze
Fiachra FurlongBronze
Glenn JonesBronze
Harry ChapmanBronze
Jacob SooBronze
Jamie JohnsonBronze
Jenna KelmanBronze
Joe FeeleyBronze
John DempseyBronze
John PeacockBronze
Keith YoungBronze
Levi Matthews-KnightBronze
Lewis MainBronze
Louise CameronBronze
Mark NightingaleBronze
Mats KwintBronze
Matthew MartinBronze
Michael HayesBronze
Michael KimberBronze
Mike TommeyBronze
Nathan TugwellBronze
Nick OwenBronze
Nigel GeneynBronze
Noel McVeighBronze
Omar GhiasBronze
Paul BowmarBronze
Paul LeesBronze
Paul MooresBronze
Paul Ross-RuffyBronze
Phil TexelBronze
Robbie BoddyBronze
Robin SmithBronze
Ryan BurnsBronze
Sean DonagheyBronze
Shane CraddockBronze
Shaun CampbellBronze
Simon KnowlesBronze
Steve OdessaBronze
Steven BromageBronze
Stuart GaylorBronze
Stuart McGillBronze
Sue NealonBronze
Tom DaviesBronze
Tom ThackerBronze
Tony StandingBronze
Vin ScimecaBronze
Wayne GordonBronze
Dawid ZiolkowskiNot yet eligible
Mark VenablesNot yet eligible