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Target Darts World Trophy Finals Entries

Entries close in....


ENTRY CLOSES 9th April @ 23:59 BST

All full GDL members can enter

The Target Darts World Trophy Finals is the first GDL Major of 2024.

Current ranking tables and Major qualification can be found on the ‘Order of Merits’ page.

Any players who have not qualified for the Major event will play in the Plate competition for their grade.

Match formats will be confirmed before the event starts.

Target Darts World Trophy Finals deadlines will be:

L128: 18th April
L64: 22nd April
L32: 25th April
L16: 29th April
QF: 2nd May
SF: 6th May
F: 9th May

Matches can be played ahead of time, but deadlines must be adhered to unless by prior consent via a support ticket


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If you believe that you entered before the deadline but are unsure, please check the list below before asking the admin team. 

You need to be a paid tour card holder with membership covering the entire tournament to be eligible to play.

Note: If you have already sent in your averages and payment, you can class yourself as ALREADY a GDL player on the form above, if not, please class yourself as a new player

More info: Check the GDL Tour Hub

Entry List Last Updated 09/04/24 @ 12:00 BST

Aaron Flynn
Aaron Kennaugh
Aaron Pearce
Aaron Stokle
Abe Boughey
Abu Mahmud
Adam Dominey
Adam Duffill
Adam Gawthrop
Adam George (Tooting)
Adam Lewis
Adam Pope
Adam Price
Aditya Summanwar
Adrian Harlow
Adrian Rayel
Adrian Sheppard
Aidan McKay
Al Saunders
Alan Brown
Alan Cahill
Alex Schalow
Alexander Mundy
Alexey Bushuy
Alfie Bell
Alistair McLaren
Andre Wertheim
Andrew Belton
Andrew Ellemore
Andrew Mundy
Andrew Shelley
Andrew Skeggs
Andy Dunn
Andy Fenn
Andy Hind
Andy Holloway
Andy Macrae
Andy Odell
Andy Welland
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Cox
Anthony Ferguson
Anthony Flood
Anthony Gusich
Anthony O'Neill
Anthony Pratley
Archie Colyer
Arran Breslin
Arron Smith
Ash Smith
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Everitt
Bartosz Wika
Ben Dorkins
Ben Fullerton
Ben Harvey
Ben Mocroft
Ben Thompson
Ben Wallis
Benjamin Housley
Billy McKenzie
Billy Shanahan
Blair Hall
Bleddyn Richards
Bradley Pitts
Bradley Warren
Brendan Wilson
Brendon Clark
Brett Pickersgill
Brian Franks
Brian Plested
Brian Woods
Bruce Claridge
Bryan Gilmour
Cal Jones
Cameron Haggo
Carli Wigham
Cathal Daly
Charlie Bicknell
Charlie Williams
Chris Cowley
Chris Freshwater
Chris Palmer
Chris Scouller
Chris Sysock
Christoffer Källqvist
Christopher Elliott
Christy Gough
Cian Crowley
Colin Franks
Colin Grey
Colin Thompson
Connor Gillespie
Connor Sinclair
Conor Nye
Conor Ward
Craig Beaton
Craig Cook
Craig Finnie
Craig Lewis
Craig Marshall
Craig Miller
Craig Slater
Craig Strand
Dale Cosgrove
Dale Taylor
Damian Pinch
Dan Burchmore
Dan Davy
Dan Enright
Dan Wardle
Dane Attard
Daniel Boyle
Daniel Brown
Daniel Forrest
Daniel Grossi
Daniel Horwood
Daniel Jones (WALES)
Daniel Lax
Daniel Lyons
Daniel Morris
Daniel Murphy (WALES)
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Todd
Daniel Watkins
Danny Howes
Danny Trueman
Danny Wakley
Danny Woodworth
Darragh Brosnan
Darragh Ward
Darren Armstrong
Darren Bough
Darren Cook
Darren Ison
Darren Lewis
Darren Reed
Darren Sansom
Darren Smith
Darren Stedman
Dave Barrows
Dave Batty
Dave Francis
Dave Roberts
Dave Wood
David Bartley
David Cummins
David Draper
David Holmes
David le Roux
David McCracken
David McCrum
David Nightingale
David Shearer
David Thomson
David Till
David Warren
David Wright
David-John McGeoch
Dazz Humphreys
Dean Byrne
Dean Smith
Dean Todd
Dean Watson
Declan Walling
Dennis Hand
Doug Martin
Dylan Falvey
Dylan Ritchie
Dylan Thomson
Dylan-Jack Murphy
Eddie Packard
Elliot Field
Emlyn Clark
Eoghan Herriot
Eoin Keary
Eric Bromley
Eric Patrick
Ethan Cohen
Ethan Packard
Euan Robertson
Evaldas Tamosynas
Gareth Lines
Gareth Walters
Gary Brown
Gavin Bartley
Gaz Magill
Gene Hill
George Martin
Gerry Levins
Gerry Peters
Glenn Goodman
Glenn Hennessy
Glenn Jones
Gordon Drummond
Graeme Cromwell
Graeme-Tait Buchan
Grahame Paton
Greig Peden
Gustav Luies
Hagai Berkovich
Harley Draper
Harry Chapman
Harry Spence
Harry Stanhope
Harvey Williams
Houston Williams
Hywel Jones
Iain Fraser
Ian Harford
Ian Hollies
Ian McLeish
Ian Sellers
Ian Windross
Ildar Kelly
Isaac Garrett
Iwan Lewis
Jack Barnard
Jack Hepworth
Jack Lowe
Jack Lowndes
Jack Norcott
Jacob Soo
Jake Duffy
Jake Morrison
James Clarke
James Cole
James Graham
James Hooper
James Ivey
James Mundy
James Oakley
James Powell
James Reed
James Rudd
Jamie Chinn-Brown
Jamie Coleman
Jamie Harper
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Mcleod
Jamie Phillips
Jamie Pick
Jamie Ward
Jason Taveirne
Jayden Hulme
Jenna Kelman
Jim Thomson
Jimmy McKirdy
Joe Carson
Joe Crowley
Joe Ellis
Joe Feeley
Joe Jones
Joe Kesson
Joe Logan
Joe Shaw
Joe Taylor
Joel Eriksson
John Brett-Smith
John Craig
John Curtis
John Dempsey
John McCluskey
John Peacock
John Smyth
John Titcombe
John Tunstall
Jon Witherspoon
Jonathan Horn
Jonathan McMillan
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Reynolds
Jonathan Viaene
Jonathan Walters
Jonathan Winfindale
Jonny Lynch
Jonny Redfearn
Jordan Osborne
Josh Chilvers
Josh Green
Josh Parker
Josh Smart
Julian Potts
Justin King
Justin O'Dell
Karl Andrews
Karl McDonald
Keith Crilly
Keith Murray
Keith Young
Kelvin O'Hare
Kev Hardwick
Kevin Lane
Kieran Hibbard
Kieran McDonagh
Kirk Trimby
Kiyfa Bryant
Krzysztof Kot
Kyle Bennett
Lars Nilsson
Lawrence Barlow
Lawrence Kelman
Lee Davies
Lee Hand
Lee Hutcheson
Lee Morrison
Lee Rayner
Lee Skerritt
Lee Wilson
Leigh Brooks
Leon Bould
Lewis Boyd
Lewis Carter
Lewis Main
Lewis Martin
Liam Desai
Liam Horton
Liam Jarvis
Liam McConnell
Liam McCulloch
Liam Simpson
Liam Tait
Liam-Stan Stannard
Lloyd Willis
Lo Wolswijk
Louis Mancini
Louise Cameron
Lukas Lüde
Luke Coventry
Luke Hickton
Luke Ryan
Luke Stafford
Málik István
Mark Kett
Mark Marlow
Mark Murray
Mark Nicholls
Mark Nightingale
Mark Stanaway
Mark Steinberg
Mathijs Blommaert
Mats Kwint
Matt Lee
Matt Thompson
Matt Tizzard
Matthew Goldsmith
Matthew Hine
Matthew Martin
Matthew McCarthy
Max Cotillard
Max Dziadul
Max Huber
Michael Bircher
Michael Cox
Michael Farragher
Michael Fearon
Michael Hayes
Michael Nolan
Michael Rennocks
Michael Sellers
Michael Ward Jnr
Michael Ward Snr
Mike Doveton
Mike Tommey
Mike Voase
Mike Wallis
Morgan Phillips-Peate
Nathan Almond
Nathan Buckley
Nathan Roberts
Nathan Tugwell
Nathan Underwood
Nathanial Minskip-Aggett
Nathen Owen
Neil Bibby
Neil Ferguson
Neil Foster
Neil Munro
Niall Willis
Nick Brandon
Nick Hogarth
Nicky Goodbrand
Nigel Geneyn
Noel McVeigh
Ollie Challinor
Olly Harker
Omar Ghias
Osvaldas Bielskis
Owen Judd
Paddy Fenton
Paddy Icemann
Pat Murphy (England)
Paul Barker
Paul Blackbourn
Paul Bowmar
Paul Brown
Paul Gardner
Paul Higgins
Paul Lees
Paul Mittoo
Paul Moores
Paul Oliver
Paul O'Malley
Paul Spiers
Perry Boers
Peter Brown
Peter Glavin
Peter Reynolds
Peter Taylor
Petru Floroiu
Phil Lee
Phil McGrath
Raitis Ritums
Reece Drew
Rhys Roberts
Richard Cameron
Richard Pain
Rick Klein Schaarsberg
Ricky Hitchmough
Rob Brideson
Rob Houghton
Rob May
Robbie Boddy
Robbie Wade
Robbie Wright
Robert Curry
Robin Smith
Robin van Eijkelenborg
Ross Evans
Ross Mulholland
Ross Smith
Russell Blythe
Ryan Burns
Ryan Clayton
Ryan Cunliffe
Ryan Hague
Ryan McDonald
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Nassau
Ryan Richards
Ryan Robb
Ryan Thomas
Sam Ramage
Sam Slade
Sam Taylor
Scot Duncan
Scott Cameron
Scott Simmons
Scott Winder
Sean Butcher
Sean McMillan
Sean Somerville
Sean Stonelake
Shane Craddock
Shaun Babbage
Shaun Campbell
Simon Alwyn Rees
Simon Cuthbert
Simon Key
Simon Knowles
Simon Loy
Simon Nicholson
Simon Parker
Siôn Jenkins
Sjors Kathmann
Stef Wolters
Stephen Burton
Stephen Hewitt
Stephen McDermott
Steve Deverson
Steven Barnsley
Steven Bromage
Steven Fleming
Steven Maddock
Steven Neil
Steven Oatway
Stewart Blacow
Stewart Brown
Stuart Gaylor
Stuart McGill
Stuart Scarsbrook
Sue Nealon
Terry Archer
Terry Mallin
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Bent
Thomas Hurst
Tom Davies
Tom Jeffery
Tom Moon
Tom Newbegin
Tom Pritchard
Tom Procter
Tom Thacker
Tom Wrigglesworth
Tom Yeomans
Tomas Morrissey
Tomos Hughes
Tomos Israel
Tony Standing
Valentino ten Brinke
Vin Scimeca
Vincent Borgmans
Vincent Ceulemans
Vincent Van Dyck
Wayne Gordon
Will Partridge
William Wright
Zale Wood
Adam Rosszer (not yet eligible)
August Eie-Stangeland (not yet eligible)
Campbell Petre (not yet eligible)
Darko Vukosavljevic (not yet eligible)
Jeremy Sturgeon (not yet eligible)
Laeton Stephens (not yet eligible)
Lewis Longthorn (Multiple games unplayed in S12, not eligible)
Liam Rochford (not yet eligible)
Matty Rogers (Withdrew from S13, not eligible)
Pato Bravo (not yet eligible)