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Target Darts World Trophy Qualifier 1 Entries

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All full GDL members can enter

The Target Darts World Trophy Qualifier 1 is the first of 4 qualifiers for the first GDL Major of 2024.

The schedule of events for the Target Darts World Trophy are*:

Qualifier 1: 13th January – 8th February

Qualifier 2: 3rd February – 29th February

Qualifier 3: 24th February – 21st March

Qualifier 4: 16th March – 11th April

Major (& Plate): 13th April – 9th May

*Schedules subject to change

Initial 2024 Gradings & qualification criteria will be confirmed before Qualifier 1

Target Darts World Trophy Qualifier 1 deadlines will be:

L128: 18th January
L64: 22nd January
L32: 25th January
L16: 29th January
QF: 1st February
SF: 5th February
F: 8th February

Matches can be played ahead of time, but deadlines must be adhered to unless by prior consent via a support ticket


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If you believe that you entered before the deadline but are unsure, please check the list below before asking the admin team. 

You need to be a paid tour card holder with membership covering the entire tournament to be eligible to play.

Note: If you have already sent in your averages and payment, you can class yourself as ALREADY a GDL player on the form above, if not, please class yourself as a new player

More info: Check the GDL Tour Hub

Entry List 👇LAST UPDATED 10/01/24 @ 13:30 GMT

The initial Grades for 2024 will be as followed:
Below 43avg (Bronze), 

43-49.5 avg (Silver), 

49.5-56 avg (Tungsten), 

56-63 avg (Gold), 

63-71.5 avg (Platinum) 

71.5+ avg (Diamond)
Note that, as part of initial grading, players who have GDL average close to one of the grade boundaries have had additional analysis conducted on their data to
ensure that they start in an appropriate grade. This has included analysis of even more recent data and results than the standard GDL average calculation. This may mean that your GDL average showing on your profile does not exactly match the grade boundaries listed above.

Your initial grade will be confirmed before the live draw.

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