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Entry for the SECOND GDL World Championship Qualifier

The qualifier begins on 30th October and runs until 12th November.

If you believe that you entered before the deadline but are unsure, please check the list below before asking the admin team. 

You need to be a paid tour card hold to play in this competition. If you are not already a tour card holder, please visit

More info: Check the GDL Tour Hub

Entries CLOSED

Round deadlines will be:

L128: Tuesday 2nd November
L64: Thursday 4th November
L32: Saturday 6th November
L16: Monday 8th November
QF: Wednesday 10th November
SF: Thursday 11th November
F: Friday 12th November



UpperAaron Pearce
UpperAdam Gawthrop
UpperAdam Mould
UpperAlex Dilley
UpperAlexey Bushuy
UpperAndy Blyde
UpperBrad Burnett
UpperBrendon Clark
UpperCraig Nealon
UpperDale Paul
UpperDan Cavanagh
UpperDan Hutchinson
UpperDan Tatum
UpperDanny Trueman
UpperDarren Bough
UpperDave Francis
UpperDave Taylor
UpperDavid O'Leary
UpperDavid Wright
UpperDmitriy Zhukov
UpperFraser Deacon
UpperGary Cook
UpperGary Trow
UpperJack Kelly
UpperJames Edwards
UpperJamie McIntosh
UpperJason Stalker
UpperJeroen Saccol
UpperJim Thompson
UpperJohn Crossley
UpperJohn Smyth
UpperJosh Williams
UpperJulian Potts
UpperKevin Lane
UpperKyle Bevan
UpperLee Andrews
UpperLee Kilcoyne
UpperLuke Newport
UpperMark Venables
UpperMark Webster
UpperMartin Coull
UpperMatt Phipps
UpperMatty Rogers
UpperMichael Beard
UpperMichael Fearon
UpperNeil Meneer
UpperNiall Dunne
UpperOisin Furlong
UpperPaul Hockenhull
UpperPaul Penfold
UpperPaul Radford
UpperPaul Tubb
UpperPeter Reynolds
UpperPhilip Smith
UpperPieter Klok
UpperRob Downer
UpperRob Woods
UpperRoger Osborne
UpperScott Winder
UpperSean Ross
UpperSimon Isbell
UpperSimon Key
UpperStephen Burton
UpperStuart Butler
UpperStuart Pritchard
UpperThomas Howling
UpperThommo Smith
UpperTim Jones (Ireland)
UpperTony Mitchell
MiddleAdam Pope
MiddleAlan Bowden
MiddleAndrew Hunt
MiddleAndrew Rollason
MiddleBen Peel
MiddleBilly Shanahan
MiddleBradley George
MiddleBradley Warren
MiddleBrian Hylands
MiddleChristopher Elliott
MiddleColin Stewart
MiddleCraig Finnie
MiddleCraig Fowler
MiddleDaniel Radford
MiddleDarren Stedman
MiddleDavid Lee
MiddleDean Duff
MiddleDean Watson
MiddleDylan Ritchie
MiddleEdward McMillan
MiddleEthan McMahon
MiddleEthan Packard
MiddleFrank Keenan
MiddleGareth Zanellan
MiddleGeorge Fowler
MiddleHywel Jones
MiddleIan Bain
MiddleIan Malcolm
MiddleIsabel Kerr
MiddleJack Avery
MiddleJames Ayles
MiddleJames Toone
MiddleJason O'Connor
MiddleJay Vargo
MiddleJoe Carson
MiddleJoe Fitzpatrick
MiddleJoe Kilduff
MiddleJoe Logan
MiddleJohn Curtis
MiddleJohn McCluskey
MiddleJustin O'Dell
MiddleKate Drake
MiddleKevin Thackwell
MiddleLawrence Kelman
MiddleLee Gilbert
MiddleLewis Carter
MiddleMark Tomlin
MiddleMartin Moir
MiddleMat McCallion
MiddleMatt Smith
MiddleMatthew Gallent
MiddleMichael Fleet
MiddleNeil Webster
MiddlePaddy Mann
MiddlePhillip McConnell
MiddleRob Sullivan
MiddleRyan Urquhart
MiddleSammy Booker
MiddleSean McHugh
MiddleSober Darts Guy
MiddleStephen McCormack
MiddleStephen Routledge
MiddleSye Porter-Bishop
MiddleTom Beresford
MiddleWarren Vanderahe
LowerAdam George
LowerAdam Linford
LowerAidan Corkerry
LowerAlan Cahill
LowerAlex Powell
LowerAlexandru Costec
LowerAndrew Skeggs
LowerBartosz Wika
LowerBilly Blakeman
LowerBilly Marsh
LowerBradley Sharp
LowerChris Hole
LowerChris Millen
LowerChris Scouller
LowerDan Cakebread
LowerDaniel Corbett-Yeates
LowerDanny Kennedy
LowerDave Bowen
LowerDavid Allen
LowerDavid Alvaro Griffiths
LowerDavid Cummins
LowerDavid Ferguson
LowerDavid Nightingale
LowerDean Holden
LowerDwaine Butters
LowerEddie Packard
LowerErik Saul
LowerFiachra Furlong
LowerGavin Stedman
LowerGeorge McLean
LowerGraeme-Tait Buchan
LowerHarry Willoughby
LowerHenry Davidson
LowerHoward Phillips
LowerIan McLeish
LowerJack Alexander
LowerJames O'Regan
LowerJamie Phillips
LowerJared Phillips
LowerJason Johnson
LowerJason Ruiz
LowerJohn Devane
LowerJohnny Rooney
LowerJordan Ritchie
LowerJordan Turner (Derbyshire)
LowerJordan Walker
LowerKeith Murray
LowerKev Hardwick
LowerKevin Steenson
LowerLars Jensen
LowerLee Humphrey
LowerLeon Parker
LowerLewis Quayle
LowerLiam Cowlin
LowerLouis Murray
LowerMarc O'Donovan
LowerMarco Corrado
LowerMark Nightingale
LowerMartin Thomson
LowerMartyn Jones
LowerMichael Bleasdale
LowerMichael Kimber
LowerMichael McGlen
LowerMick Barclay
LowerNathan Woodhouse
LowerNick McCartan
LowerNicky Goodbrand
LowerOliver Swettenham
LowerPablo Rodero
LowerPaul Burke
LowerPaul Gray
LowerPaul Lees
LowerPaul O'Malley
LowerRichard Biddington
LowerRichard Elvery
LowerRob Brideson
LowerRoss Pizzey
LowerRoss Smith
LowerRyan Kerr
LowerRyan Murray
LowerRyan Nassau
LowerSam Tattersfield
LowerScot Duncan
LowerScott Jackson
LowerScott Wickens
LowerSean Rooney
LowerShaun Lawson
LowerStuart Cobb
LowerStuart McGill
LowerSue Nealon
LowerTom Chapman
LowerTomas Morrissey
LowerTommy Gabriel
LowerTommy Wright
LowerTony Standing
LowerWayne Gordon
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