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Enter the Fourth and Final GDL World Championship Qualifier

Entries close in....

Entries CLOSED

The fourth and final qualifier is upon and this one is a little different.

To give those players outside the top 32 on the order of merit more of a chance of qualifying for the worlds (or cementing their position!), we are separating each grade into two competitions:

1) OOM ranked 1-32*

2) OOM ranked 33 and lower

This is setup in a way that the top 32 are rewarded for their achievement of making the top 32 by ensuring the lowest World Championship seeding they can have is 32nd. As there are still points available in this competition, you are playing for a higher seeding.

It also puts those outside the top 32 at a huge advantage because they’ll have a better chance of not coming up against one of the best players in the grade.

Scroll down for more information and to enter!

*The top 32 will be locked in upon the completion of the Q3 quarter-finals.

Round deadlines will be:

L64: Tuesday 7th December
L32: Thursday 9th December
L16: Saturday 11th December
QF: Monday 13th December
SF: Tuesday 14th December
F: Wednesday 15th December

Matches can be played ahead of time, but deadlines must be adhered to unless by prior consent via a support ticket


The qualifier begins on 4th December and runs until 14th December.

If you believe that you entered before the deadline but are unsure, please check the list below before asking the admin team. 

You need to be a paid tour card hold to play in this competition. If you are not already a tour card holder, please visit

More info: Check the GDL Tour Hub

FINAL Entry List

Q4 Comp*NameGradeCurrent Rank
Upper 1-32Adam GawthropUpper23
Upper 1-32Alexey BushuyUpper19
Upper 1-32Brendon ClarkUpper29
Upper 1-32Dan HutchinsonUpper9
Upper 1-32Danny TruemanUpper6
Upper 1-32David WrightUpper13
Upper 1-32Dmitriy ZhukovUpper10
Upper 1-32Fraser DeaconUpper31
Upper 1-32Jason StalkerUpper24
Upper 1-32John CrossleyUpper7
Upper 1-32Kyle BevanUpper32
Upper 1-32Luke NewportUpper20
Upper 1-32Mark VenablesUpper12
Upper 1-32Martin CoullUpper22
Upper 1-32Michael BeardUpper5
Upper 1-32Neil MeneerUpper4
Upper 1-32Paul PenfoldUpper14
Upper 1-32Scott WinderUpper17
Upper 1-32Sean RossUpper15
Upper 1-32Stephen BurtonUpper1
Upper 1-32Thomas HowlingUpper27
Upper 1-32Tony MitchellUpper26
Upper 33+Aaron PearceUpper35
Upper 33+Alex DilleyUpper72
Upper 33+Andy BlydeUpper51
Upper 33+Brandon WesternUpper105
Upper 33+Christy GoughUpper105
Upper 33+Craig NealonUpper49
Upper 33+Dale PaulUpper59
Upper 33+Darren BoughUpper61
Upper 33+Dave TaylorUpper66
Upper 33+David O'LearyUpper46
Upper 33+Gary TrowUpper71
Upper 33+Jack KellyUpper58
Upper 33+James EdwardsUpper70
Upper 33+James GreenUpper41
Upper 33+Jamie McIntoshUpper56
Upper 33+Jeroen SaccolUpper37
Upper 33+Jim ThompsonUpper38
Upper 33+John SmythUpper39
Upper 33+Josh WilliamsUpper65
Upper 33+Kevin DunstanUpper34
Upper 33+Lee AndrewsUpper50
Upper 33+Lee KilcoyneUpper43
Upper 33+Matty RogersUpper60
Upper 33+Michael FearonUpper48
Upper 33+Niall DunneUpper55
Upper 33+Nick BrandonUpper99
Upper 33+Paul HockenhullUpper44
Upper 33+Paul TubbUpper42
Upper 33+Peter ReynoldsUpper40
Upper 33+Philip SmithUpper64
Upper 33+Rob DownerUpper67
Upper 33+Roger OsborneUpper87
Upper 33+Simon IsbellUpper54
Upper 33+Simon KeyUpper33
Upper 33+Thommo SmithUpper57
Upper 33+Tim Jones (Ireland)Upper74
Upper 33+Tyler GabrielUpper62
Middle 1-32Alan BowdenMiddle23
Middle 1-32Andrew RollasonMiddle32
Middle 1-32Bradley GeorgeMiddle18
Middle 1-32Brian HylandsMiddle28
Middle 1-32Christopher ElliottMiddle10
Middle 1-32Colin StewartMiddle17
Middle 1-32Craig FinnieMiddle24
Middle 1-32Daniel RadfordMiddle27
Middle 1-32Ethan McMahonMiddle13
Middle 1-32Gareth ZanellanMiddle12
Middle 1-32Hywel JonesMiddle30
Middle 1-32Jason O'ConnorMiddle21
Middle 1-32Joe CarsonMiddle14
Middle 1-32Joe LoganMiddle20
Middle 1-32Mat McCallionMiddle15
Middle 1-32Paddy MannMiddle19
Middle 1-32Phillip McConnellMiddle11
Middle 1-32Stephen McCormackMiddle22
Middle 1-32Tom BeresfordMiddle29
Middle 33+Adam PopeMiddle75
Middle 33+Alan LappinMiddle81
Middle 33+Andrew HuntMiddle60
Middle 33+Andy BurnsMiddle113
Middle 33+Billy ShanahanMiddle35
Middle 33+Bradley WarrenMiddle66
Middle 33+Darren StedmanMiddle50
Middle 33+David LeeMiddle73
Middle 33+David McCrackenMiddle88
Middle 33+Dean DuffMiddle34
Middle 33+Edward McMillanMiddle53
Middle 33+Ethan PackardMiddle72
Middle 33+Gary VaughanMiddle110
Middle 33+Ian BainMiddle63
Middle 33+Ian MalcolmMiddle71
Middle 33+Isabel KerrMiddle43
Middle 33+James AylesMiddle58
Middle 33+Jay VargoMiddle33
Middle 33+Jim MiltonMiddle113
Middle 33+Joe FitzpatrickMiddle54
Middle 33+John CurtisMiddle45
Middle 33+Johnny RooneyMiddle68
Middle 33+Justin O'DellMiddle49
Middle 33+Kate DrakeMiddle40
Middle 33+Kevin ThackwellMiddle55
Middle 33+Lawrence KelmanMiddle67
Middle 33+Lee GilbertMiddle52
Middle 33+Lewis CarterMiddle62
Middle 33+Mark TomlinMiddle47
Middle 33+Martin MoirMiddle85
Middle 33+Matt SmithMiddle56
Middle 33+Matthew GallentMiddle39
Middle 33+Michael FleetMiddle59
Middle 33+Michael WoodbridgeMiddle80
Middle 33+Rob SullivanMiddle79
Middle 33+Ryan BroadbentMiddle61
Middle 33+Ryan UrquhartMiddle38
Middle 33+Sammy BookerMiddle76
Middle 33+Sean McHughMiddle70
Middle 33+Shaun CahalinMiddle82
Middle 33+Sober Darts GuyMiddle41
Middle 33+Stephen RoutledgeMiddle37
Middle 33+Sye Porter-BishopMiddle57
Lower 1-32Alexandru CostecLower13
Lower 1-32Andrew SkeggsLower16
Lower 1-32Chris ScoullerLower23
Lower 1-32David FergusonLower20
Lower 1-32David WallLower10
Lower 1-32George McLeanLower29
Lower 1-32James O'ReganLower28
Lower 1-32Jordan WalkerLower18
Lower 1-32Lee HumphreyLower19
Lower 1-32Martyn JonesLower24
Lower 1-32Nick McCartanLower22
Lower 1-32Paul GrayLower32
Lower 1-32Paul O'MalleyLower15
Lower 1-32Ryan MurrayLower21
Lower 1-32Scott JacksonLower11
Lower 1-32Sean RooneyLower9
Lower 33+Adam GeorgeLower56
Lower 33+Adam LinfordLower66
Lower 33+Alan CahillLower67
Lower 33+Alex PowellLower70
Lower 33+Alex TearleLower122
Lower 33+Andrew KinsmanLower125
Lower 33+Archi GaricLower142
Lower 33+Bartosz WikaLower44
Lower 33+Billy BlakemanLower37
Lower 33+Billy MarshLower46
Lower 33+Bradley SharpLower90
Lower 33+Chris MillenLower33
Lower 33+Dan CakebreadLower92
Lower 33+Danny KennedyLower55
Lower 33+Darren ReedLower160
Lower 33+Dave BowenLower83
Lower 33+David AllenLower133
Lower 33+David CumminsLower89
Lower 33+David NightingaleLower61
Lower 33+Dwaine ButtersLower80
Lower 33+Eddie PackardLower59
Lower 33+Gavin StedmanLower60
Lower 33+Graeme-Tait BuchanLower82
Lower 33+Harvey GeorgeLower88
Lower 33+Henry DavidsonLower109
Lower 33+Howard PhillipsLower68
Lower 33+Ian McLeishLower72
Lower 33+Ian WindrossLower77
Lower 33+Jack EdgeLower108
Lower 33+Jake DobbieLower100
Lower 33+Jamie PhillipsLower76
Lower 33+Jason JohnsonLower47
Lower 33+Jordan Turner (Derbyshire)Lower69
Lower 33+Keith MurrayLower103
Lower 33+Kev HardwickLower65
Lower 33+Lars JensenLower40
Lower 33+Leon ParkerLower115
Lower 33+Liam CowlinLower39
Lower 33+Liam TaitLower54
Lower 33+Liz FenwickLower160
Lower 33+Marc O'DonovanLower102
Lower 33+Marco CorradoLower107
Lower 33+Mark NightingaleLower98
Lower 33+Martin ThomsonLower50
Lower 33+Matt LynnLower119
Lower 33+Michael BleasdaleLower64
Lower 33+Michael KimberLower63
Lower 33+Mick BarclayLower95
Lower 33+Mike WallisLower160
Lower 33+Nicky GoodbrandLower52
Lower 33+Oliver SwettenhamLower118
Lower 33+Pablo RoderoLower43
Lower 33+Paul LeesLower73
Lower 33+Rachel WakefieldLower129
Lower 33+Richard BiddingtonLower41
Lower 33+Richard ElveryLower113
Lower 33+Ross SmithLower110
Lower 33+Ryan McMahonLower123
Lower 33+Sam TattersfieldLower62
Lower 33+Scot DuncanLower94
Lower 33+Scott WickensLower75
Lower 33+Shaun LawsonLower36
Lower 33+Simon KnowlesLower154
Lower 33+Steven HillLower160
Lower 33+Stuart CobbLower71
Lower 33+Stuart McGillLower114
Lower 33+Sue NealonLower87
Lower 33+Tom ChapmanLower58
Lower 33+Tomas MorrisseyLower34
Lower 33+Tommy GabrielLower57
Lower 33+Tommy WrightLower49
Lower 33+Tony StandingLower116
Lower 33+Wayne GordonLower97
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