GDL Guidelines

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to know as a GDL Tour Card holder. All players
in the GDL are classed as equal. No player is any different regardless of their age, sex, race,
sexuality, ability, or anything else. If you abuse another player for whatever reason, you will
be banned from the GDL without refund.

The nominal fee for being a GDL Tour Card Holder is £5.95 per month or £60 per year.
This is payable in advance on the first of every month for monthly subscriptions and the
anniversary of the first annual payment. You are paying to have a tour card. You do not
pay entry to any of the qualifiers or majors.

Players are placed in one of three grades: Below 54avg, 54-63.9 avg. or 64+ avg. Your
average will be determined by the GDL team based on information you provide about
your online darts presence.

All GDL Online World Tour matches are best of ‘x’ legs except for the World Championships,
which will be set play, and all legs start at 501.

Players MUST confirm their entry to each qualifier and league season as they see fit by filling
the relevant opt-in form on the website.

Players will be advised that the draws are ready to be viewed by way of individual
communication or by a notification on the website.

Once the draw is available, players can get in touch with each other by any other means
of communication that are available to them. Contact details will be on their opponent’s
player profile. To view your opponent’s player profile, click on their name in the draw

All players will be advised of deadlines that the match must be played by. If the game is
not played in this time period, players must give reason to GDL admin via email on If a player does not respond in good time to their opponent, then an
email must be sent, with evidence of communication not being received, to

The formats of games and tournaments will be available on the relevant hub for the
tournament. To get to the hub, find the link in the menu.

Matches must be played on an appropriate scoring website/app such as or this needs to be agreed upon by the players. Each match must be played on
camera by a video call or using the cam function on the scoring websites.

Both players must be satisfied with the quality of the view of their opponent’s board
before the match starts. Some players may wish to record the match in case of any

The match will begin with a bull-up. The player that created the match will throw first
for the bull. Only 25 and 50 count and if the players score the same, then they throw
again, with the other player throwing first for the bull.

During the match, the process for each turn must be as follows:
1. Throw the darts
2. Call out score
3. Enter score
4. Retrieve darts

If there are any big trebles or winning doubles hit, be sure to make it clear that the dart
is in the declared section of the board.

Either player can ask respectfully for their opponent to give a clearer view of the darts in
the board and the player that threw the darts must oblige by making it clear the dart is
in the section declared. Either push/pull the dart away from the wire or move the
camera closer to the board.

The request to see the darts must be made before the score is entered on the match.
The throwing player must be aware that their opponent has the right to ask to see a
clearer view and, as such, must not rush to take their darts out of the board and must
follow the process outlined above.

Standard rules apply for winning a leg.

When the match is completed, the winner must take a full screenshot of the result, including ALL
stats and go to or click the results button on the hub page.

We hope there are no issues between players but if there are, you must email

We are all adults here and most issues can be resolved with mediation.

DO NOT GO SHOUTING ON SOCIALS ABOUT ISSUES YOU HAVE HAD before trying to work it out between us. Let’s sort it out sensibly.


Don’t be a dick.

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