League Prizes and Points

Ranking points and prizes are determined by players’ finishing positions at various points throughout the Season.

The ‘best’ players based on their performance in phase 1 will be placed into Group 2 of phase 2, called the Equaliser. 

Group 1 awards higher points than Group 2 etc.. The prizes are awarded to the playoffs winners and runners-up.

See the image below for more info.

Additional awards are given to high performers in the League (see more).


League prizes and points
Position Prize
Group 1 Playoff Winner

£25 GDL Voucher plus a Target Aspar dartboard (worth £70)


£45 Cash
Group 1 Playoff Runner-Up
£20 Cash
Groups 2 & 3 Playoff Winners
£10 GDL Voucher
Group 1 Phase 2 (Equaliser) Table Topper
£15 GDL Voucher
Group 2 Phase 2 (Equaliser) Table Topper
£10 GDL Voucher
Group 3 Phase 2 (Equaliser) Table Topper
£5 GDL Voucher
Phase 1 "High Performers" (see below)
£45 Cash
League Cup Winner
£20 GDL Voucher
League Cup Runner-Up
£10 GDL Voucher

'High Performer'

High performers are those players who have improved to the point of being well clear of the rest of the Division that they started the Season in.

A player is a high performer if:

  • They are unbeaten in all phase 1 games
  • Their running average is at least 15% higher than that of the other 5 players in the Division that have qualified for Group 1 of the Equaliser.
  • Their leg difference is at least +3 on average (+4 for the divisions with best of 12 legs) in all their games

As a reward, a high performer receives:

  • A move up to a higher division
  • £45 early payout cash prize with the option to win further prizes in the new Division
  • Group 1 ranking points
  • Entry to the roll of honour


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