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Roll of Honour

EventGrade/DivisionWinnerRunner Up
The DartsMad GDL Open Q1UpperStephen BurtonDan Hutchinson
The DartsMad GDL Open Q1MiddleRyan HollandTyler Gabriel
The DartsMad GDL Open Q1LowerEthan PackardAlan Lappin
The DartsMad GDL Open Q2UpperFlorian HempelTimothy Jones (Wales)
The DartsMad GDL Open Q2MiddleChris EvansPieter Klok
The DartsMad GDL Open Q2LowerJustin O'DellLuke Ford
The DartsMad GDL Open Q3UpperA.J. Urmston-ToftNeil Meneer
The DartsMad GDL Open Q3MiddleAnthony CiancioloChris Evans
The DartsMad GDL Open Q3LowerNeil WebsterLuke Donisthorpe
The DartsMad GDL Open Q4UpperAdam MouldStephen Burton
The DartsMad GDL Open Q4MiddlePeter ReynoldsAaron Meale
The DartsMad GDL Open Q4LowerLuke ColesDaniel Brown
The DartsMad GDL OpenUpperTom BaughanTimothy Jones (Wales)
The DartsMad GDL OpenMiddleRyan DavisRob Woods
The DartsMad GDL OpenLowerSimon CharlesNeil Webster
The GDL Open PlateGrade 5Ian PlumbMartin Coull
The GDL Open PlateGrade 4Josh WilliamsSam Price
The GDL Open PlateGrade 3Gary TrowRoger Osborne
The GDL Open PlateGrade 2Ian MalcolmDavid Ferguson
The GDL Open PlateGrade 1Gaz BondJake Dobbie
League Season 1SuperleagueStephen BurtonMichael Beard
League Season 1PremiershipPaul RadfordThomas Howling
League Season 1Division 1Brad BurnettJimmy McKirdy
League Season 1Division 2Jason BarrettMichael Wallace
League Season 1Division 3Chris EvansJames Edwards
League Season 1Division 4Darren BoughKyle Bevan
League Season 1Division 5Sam PriceRob Woods
League Season 1Division 6Mark TomlinDonal Butler
League Season 1Division 7Justin O'DellEthan McMahon
League Season 1Division 8Daniel BrownSean Falkinder
League Season 1Division 9Craig FowlerNick McCartan
League Season 1Division 10Declan WallingHarvey George
League Season 1Division 11Hywel JonesOliver Warren
League Season 1Division 12Dylan RitchieLarry Block
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q1UpperStefan VermaakMark Venables
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q1MiddleEthan McMahonMark Webster
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q1LowerAlan LappinJack Taylor
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q2UpperStephen BurtonDan Hutchinson
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q2MiddlePaul PenfoldMark Webster
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q2LowerRyan BroadbentCraig Fowler
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q3UpperStephen BurtonAdam Mould
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q3MiddleMatty RogersMark Webster
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q3LowerHywel JonesRicky King
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q4UpperKevin LaneStephen Burton
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q4MiddleChristopher ElliottMark Webster
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q4LowerCraig FowlerLee Gilbert
The DartsMad GDL MatchplayUpperKevin LaneMichael Beard
The DartsMad GDL MatchplayMiddleRyan HollandPaul Penfold
The DartsMad GDL MatchplayLowerDylan RItchieNiall Dunne
The GDL Matchplay PlateUnder 46Michael BleasdaleDaniel Jones (Wales)
The GDL Matchplay Plate46-53Jay VargoIsabel Kerr
The GDL Matchplay Plate54-59Tom GittinsAdam Pope
The GDL Matchplay Plate59-64Simon IsbellJoe Carson
The GDL Matchplay Plateover 64Brendon ClarkMichael Fearon
Statman League CupSuperleagueKevin LaneLuke Newport
Statman League CupPremiershipJohn CrossleyDavid Wright
Statman League CupDivision 1Kyle BevanAndy Blyde
Statman League CupDivision 2Mark WebsterPaul Penfold
Statman League CupDivision 3Warren VanderaheTyler Gabriel
Statman League CupDivision 4Dan CavanaghJack Kelly
Statman League CupDivision 5Paddy IcemannDaniel Coope
Statman League CupDivision 6Ethan PackardMatthew Gallent
Statman League CupDivision 7Hywel JonesHarry Willoughby
Statman League CupDivision 8John McCluskeyTomas Morrissey
Statman League CupDivision 9Sean RooneyIan Windross
Statman League CupDivision 10Dylan RitchieIsabel Kerr
Statman League CupDivision 11Dwaine ButtersSam Tattersfield
Statman League CupDivision 12David WallJordan Turner (Tyne & Wear)
Statman League PlateSuperleagueAdam MouldRay Mulvey
Statman League PlatePremiershipDave FrancisJames Green
Statman League PlateDivision 1Dale PaulMichael Fearon
Statman League PlateDivision 2David O'LearyPaul Hockenhull
Statman League PlateDivision 3Stuart ButlerBrian Hylands
Statman League PlateDivision 4Philip SmithCarl Hadlington
Statman League PlateDivision 5Andrew HuntKate Drake
Statman League PlateDivision 6Lee GilbertJohn Cameron
Statman League PlateDivision 7Craig FowlerLee Humphrey
Statman League PlateDivision 8Paul GrayRyan Kerr
Statman League PlateDivision 9Adam LinfordAdam George
Statman League PlateDivision 10Jamie PhillipsStuart Cobb
Statman League PlateDivision 11Billy MarshKev Hardwick
Statman League PlateDivision 12Rachel WakefieldSue Nealon
GDL Grand Prix Q1UpperStephen BurtonDmitriy Zhukov
GDL Grand Prix Q1MiddleAlex DilleyTom Gittins
GDL Grand Prix Q1LowerPhillip McConnellRyan Nassau
GDL Grand Prix Q2UpperStephen BurtonNeil Meneer
GDL Grand Prix Q2MiddleTyler GabrielChristopher Elliott
GDL Grand Prix Q2LowerSean RooneyDarren Stedman
League Season 2SuperleagueKevin LaneMichael Beard
League Season 2PremiershipJohn CrossleyDavid Wright
League Season 2Division 1Andy BlydeDale Paul
League Season 2Division 2Paul PenfoldAaron Pearce
League Season 2Division 3Andrew RollasonColin Stewart
League Season 2Division 4Jack KellyCraig Finnie
League Season 2Division 5Tom GittinsIan Bain
League Season 2Division 6Alex DilleyDarren Stedman
League Season 2Division 7Craig FowlerEddie Packard
League Season 2Division 8Ross McFarlaneDaniel Mayer
League Season 2Division 9Alex RollSean Rooney
League Season 2Division 10Danny KennedyLarry Block
League Season 2Division 11Ben WhiteJason Johnson
League Season 2Division 12David WallAlex Tearle
GDL Grand Prix Q3UpperPaul PenfoldDmitriy Zhukov
GDL Grand Prix Q3MiddleNiall DunnePhilip Smith
GDL Grand Prix Q3LowerJohn McCluskeyJames O'Regan
GDL Grand Prix Q4UpperKevin LaneStephen Burton
GDL Grand Prix Q4MiddleNiall DunneTyler Gabriel
GDL Grand Prix Q4LowerIsabel KerrDavid Ferguson
GDL Grand Prix FinalsUpperStephen BurtonDanny Trueman
GDL Grand Prix FinalsMiddleGary CookNiall Dunne
GDL Grand Prix FinalsLowerIsabel KerrDavid Wall
GDL GP Plate64+Dan HutchinsonAdam Gawthrop
GDL GP Plate59.01-64Mark TomlinBen Peel
GDL GP Plate54.01-59Justin O'DellDavid Lee
GDL GP Plate47.51-54Tommy GabrielIan Malcolm
GDL GP Plate43.25-47.5Aidan CorkerryScot Duncan
GDL GP Plateunder 43.25Sam TattersfieldMarc O'Donovan
GDL Worlds Q1UpperAdam MouldAlexey Bushuy
GDL Worlds Q1MiddlePhillip McConnellBradley George
GDL Worlds Q1LowerScott JacksonRyan Murray
Statman League Cup Season 3SuperleagueKevin LaneDmitriy Zhukov
Statman League Cup Season 3PremiershipAaron PearceDale Paul
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 1Jim ThompsonJohn Smyth
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 2Jack KellyThommo Smith
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 3Ryan BroadbentJustin O'Dell
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 4Niall DunneMatthew Gallent
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 5Jay VargoJohn McCluskey
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 6Phillip McConnellScott Jackson
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 7Danny KennedyJohnny Rooney
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 8Martin ThomsonAlex Powell
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 9Bradley SharpBartosz Wika
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 10Dan CakebreadGraeme-Tait Buchan
Statman League Cup Season 3Division 11Lewis QuayleAndrew Kinsman
GDL Worlds Q2UpperJohn CrossleyAdam Mould
GDL Worlds Q2MiddlePhillip McConnellChristopher Elliott
GDL Worlds Q2LowerHarry WilloughbyJordan Walker
GDL Worlds Q3UpperStephen BurtonKevin Lane
GDL Worlds Q3MiddleJoe CarsonPaddy Icemann
GDL Worlds Q3LowerLee HumphreyLiam Cowlin
League Season 3SuperleagueDmitriy ZhukovKevin Lane
League Season 3PremiershipPaul HockenhullBrendon Clark
League Season 3Division 1Jamie McIntoshLee Kilcoyne
League Season 3Division 2Joe CarsonBradley George
League Season 3Division 3Daniel RadfordJustin O’Dell
League Season 3Division 4Niall DunneLee Gilbert
League Season 3Division 5Jay VargoSammy Booker
League Season 3Division 6Phillip McConnellScott Jackson
League Season 3Division 7Johnny RooneySean Rooney
League Season 3Division 8Liam TaitJason Johnson
League Season 3Division 9Michael BleasdaleIan McLeish
League Season 3Division 10Dave BowenDwaine Butters
League Season 3Division 11Lewis QuayleRichard Biddington
GDL Worlds Q4Upper Grade Top 32 seedsStephen BurtonNeil Meneer
GDL Worlds Q4Upper Grade Outside Top 32Aaron PearceJeroen Saccol
GDL Worlds Q4Middle Grade Top 32 seedsMat McCallionHywel Jones
GDL Worlds Q4Middle Grade Outside Top 32Mark TomlinSammy Booker
GDL Worlds Q4Lower Grade Top 32 seedsDavid WallJordan Walker
GDL Worlds Q4Lower Grade Outside Top 32Martin ThomsonLiam Cowlin
GDL World ChampionshipUpperStephen BurtonKevin Lane
GDL World ChampionshipMiddleDaniel BrownMat McCallion
GDL World ChampionshipLowerAndrew SkeggsRyan Murray
2022 GDL Tour 1PlatinumBrendon ClarkDmitriy Zhukov
2022 GDL Tour 1GoldMark TomlinJoe Carson
2022 GDL Tour 1SilverBhav PatelCraig Finnie
2022 GDL Tour 1BronzeEddie PackardJamie Marcoons
2022 GDL Tour 2PlatinumDanny TruemanKeith Wright
2022 GDL Tour 2GoldSteven WintleMark Tomlin
2022 GDL Tour 2SilverCraig MarshallHarry Gathercole
2022 GDL Tour 2BronzeFay KellyKev Hardwick
Statman League Cup Season 4SuperleagueDanny TruemanDmitriy Zhukov
Statman League Cup Season 4PremiershipDan TatumKeith Wright
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 1Tyler GabrielDave Taylor
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 2Peter ReynoldsRob Downer
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 3Tim Jones (Ireland)Gary Trow
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 4Sober Darts GuyJustin O'Dell
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 5Matt ClarkThomas Bent
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 6Steven WintleJack Spooner
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 7Andrew SkeggsTony Saunders
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 8Craig FinnieRob Brideson
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 9Ian WindrossJack Alexander
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 10Craig MarshallJohn Cameron
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 11Jamie PickKevin Thackwell
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 12Dave BowenOliver Warren
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 13Martin DunnJamie Phillips
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 14Kev HardwickOwen Purdie
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 15Lewis QuayleKeith Murray
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 16Paul BrownTom Monti
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 17Jamie O'HaraTom Bracher
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 18Finlay CassellMarc O'Donovan
Statman League Cup Season 4Division 19Jon McGoldrickKevin Steenson
New Player CompPlatinumConor BastableLee Jones
New Player CompGoldEvan O'BrienLee Morgan
New Player CompSilverOwen JuddAlex Houghton
New Player CompBronzeDanny DevelingNathan Woodhouse (Cheshire)
2022 GDL Tour 3PlatinumStephen BurtonNeil Meneer
2022 GDL Tour 3GoldPeter ReynoldsGary Barham
2022 GDL Tour 3SilverHarry WilloughbySean Rooney
2022 GDL Tour 3BronzeKeith MurrayRoss Smith
League Season 4SuperleagueKevin LaneJohn Crossley
League Season 4PremiershipKeith WrightAdam Gawthrop
League Season 4Division 1Lee KilcoyneJamie McIntosh
League Season 4Division 2Stuart ButlerJosh Williams
League Season 4Division 3Tim Jones (Ireland)Jack Barrows
League Season 4Division 4Danny WoodworthChristopher Elliott
League Season 4Division 5Adam WhelanThomas Bent
League Season 4Division 6David CarrollSteven Wintle
League Season 4Division 7Iain FraserTony Saunders
League Season 4Division 8Jordan ButlerPaul O'Malley
League Season 4Division 9Ben CooperHarry Gathercole
League Season 4Division 10David WallJohn Cameron
League Season 4Division 11Ryan McMahonJamie Pick
League Season 4Division 12Dave BowenAnthony Dodsworth
League Season 4Division 13Liam TaitPaul Grimes
League Season 4Division 14Tom ChapmanReece Mason
League Season 4Division 15Pars YukselJamie Marcoons
League Season 4Division 16Sam TattersfieldRoss Smith
League Season 4Division 17Russ DullestonBen Lancaster
League Season 4Division 18Finlay CassellMarc O'Donovan
League Season 4Division 19Mark NightingaleJon McGoldrick
GDL Grand SlamPlatinumStephen BurtonKeith Wright
GDL Grand SlamGoldDanny WoodworthBradley George
GDL Grand SlamSilverSean RooneyRob Brideson
GDL Grand SlamBronzeTom ChapmanDave Wood
GDL Grand Slam PlatePlatinumDan TatumRyan Harker
GDL Grand Slam PlateGoldKyle BennettGary Trow
GDL Grand Slam PlateSilverMick BarclayJohn Arnold
GDL Grand Slam PlateBronzeFinlay CassellDavid Ferguson
2022 GDL Tour 4PlatinumKevin LaneBarry Nelson
2022 GDL Tour 4GoldKyle BennettLee Morgan
2022 GDL Tour 4SilverSam MartinLiam Byron
2022 GDL Tour 4BronzeFinlay CassellAndrew Marsden
2022 GDL Tour 5PlatinumStephen BurtonSimon Alwyn Rees
2022 GDL Tour 5GoldGareth ClementGary Barham
2022 GDL Tour 5SilverJoe FitzpatrickJames Coles
2022 GDL Tour 5BronzeRoss SmithDanny Wakley
Statman League Cup Season 5SuperleagueLuke NewportDarren Armstrong
Statman League Cup Season 5PremiershipDave TaylorDan Tatum
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 1Ryan HarkerNo runner-up, forfeited
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 2Billy JacksonNick Brandon
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 3Kyle BennettDanny Woodworth
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 4Sean SomervilleBilly Shanahan
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 5Nickie AdamsonCraig Finnie
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 6John NortonChristopher Elliott
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 7Abe BougheyDavid Lee
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 8Adam PopeMichael Lakiere
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 9John ArnoldMark Foster
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 10Declan WallingTony Davison
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 11Aiden McGroartyGary Morris
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 12Kevin SelbyTom Chapman
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 13Liam TaitStuart Mason
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 14Dave WoodNo runner-up, forfeited
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 15Lewis QuayleIan McLeish
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 16Bradley CoyneRoss Smith
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 17Owen FaunchGary Vesey
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 18Mike WallisFinlay Cassell
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 19Daniel SpotwoodChris Roberts
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 20Harry LumbJon McGoldrick
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 21John HalkettStephen Harrison
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 22Matt BleasdaleNo runner-up, forfeited
Statman League Cup Season 5Division 23Bradley CahillNathan Matthews
2022 GDL Tour 6PlatinumDanny TruemanAaron Pearce
2022 GDL Tour 6GoldAndrew ShortAshley Coombs
2022 GDL Tour 6SilverRyan VesseyLewis Quayle
2022 GDL Tour 6BronzeJonathan DaviesLeon Parker
League Season 5SuperleagueLee DaviesDarren Armstrong
League Season 5PremiershipLiam AndersonPaul Penfold
League Season 5Division 1Jimmy McKirdyKyle Bevan
League Season 5Division 2Billy JacksonLee Andrews
League Season 5Division 3Kyle BennettDanny Woodworth
League Season 5Division 4Wez ElstonIain Fraser
League Season 5Division 5Matthew CunnissAdam Whelan
League Season 5Division 6John NortonTony Saunders
League Season 5Division 7Gregg CheyneSammy Booker
League Season 5Division 8Chris WallAdam Pope
League Season 5Division 9Rob BridesonJohn Arnold
League Season 5Division 10Tony DavisonDave Bowen
League Season 5Division 11Aiden McGroartyAdam Linford
League Season 5Division 12Steven RyanPaul Grimes
League Season 5Division 13Stu TrumanMatthew Crosby
League Season 5Division 14Andy BurnsNeil Thomson
League Season 5Division 15Dale CosgroveLewis Quayle
League Season 5Division 16Andrew MarsdenRoss Smith
League Season 5Division 17Owen FaunchGary Vesey
League Season 5Division 18Neil FergusonFinlay Cassell
League Season 5Division 19Daniel SpotwoodChris Roberts
League Season 5Division 20Harry LumbJosh Carhart
League Season 5Division 21Liam MeyrickCarli Wigham
League Season 5Division 22Matt BleasdaleChristian Bresnock
League Season 5Division 23Sam HuntBradley Cahill
GDL Players ChampionshipsPlatinumDarren ArmstrongKevin Lane
GDL Players ChampionshipsGoldColin StewartJustin O'Dell
GDL Players ChampionshipsSilverDaniel SpotwoodLiam Cowlin
GDL Players ChampionshipsBronzeJames HooperOwen Faunch
GDL Players Championships PlatePlatinumLee DaviesDave Francis
GDL Players Championships PlateGoldAbe BougheyDaniel Murphy
GDL Players Championships PlateSilverJonny RedfearnCraig Young
GDL Players Championships PlateBronzeBen MaddockNoel McVeigh
2022 GDL Tour 7PlatinumKevin LaneDmitriy Zhukov
2022 GDL Tour 7GoldAdam WhelanGene Hill
2022 GDL Tour 7SilverPaul GardnerDavid Warren
2022 GDL Tour 7BronzeJonathan DaviesJoel Eriksson
2022 GDL Tour 8PlatinumStephen BurtonDarren Armstrong
2022 GDL Tour 8GoldJohn SmythAdam Whelan
2022 GDL Tour 8SilverRyan ClaytonLawrence Kelman
2022 GDL Tour 8BronzeJohn HalkettCarli Wigham
League Cup Season 6SuperleagueKevin LaneBrendon Clark
League Cup Season 6PremiershipLee AndrewsBrandon Western
League Cup Season 6Division 1Simon KeyNeeman Hasida
League Cup Season 6Division 2Joe CarsonAdam Whelan
League Cup Season 6Division 3Gene HillJohn Smyth
League Cup Season 6Division 4Craig MitchellRoger Osborne
League Cup Season 6Division 5Kane DarkesAndy Henderson
League Cup Season 6Division 6Gregg CheyneIan Windross
League Cup Season 6Division 7Jake PowellDavid McCrum
League Cup Season 6Division 8Kevin ThackwellJohn Curtis
League Cup Season 6Division 9Martin ThomsonNo runner-up, forfeited
League Cup Season 6Division 10Lee HumphreyPaul Grimes
League Cup Season 6Division 11Danny WakleyMatthew Crosby
League Cup Season 6Division 12Ryan ClaytonDaniel Lax
League Cup Season 6Division 13Craig YoungJames O'Regan
League Cup Season 6Division 14Jack BowmanSimon Loy
League Cup Season 6Division 15Jake PankhurstBen Pulham
League Cup Season 6Division 16Matt EllisGareth Johnston
League Cup Season 6Division 17Carli WighamNo runner-up, forfeited
League Cup Season 6Division 18Kevin CrainieKev Hardwick
League Cup Season 6Division 19Keith McGuireDavid Nightingale
League Cup Season 6Division 20Neil ForrestAntony Munn
League Cup Season 6Division 21Malachy RooneyAndy Fenn
League Cup Season 6Division 22Shaun BennettAdam George
League Cup Season 6Division 23Simon KnowlesNathan Matthews
2022 GDL Tour 9PlatinumScott WinderLee Davies
2022 GDL Tour 9GoldColin StewartDarren Stedman
2022 GDL Tour 9SilverDaryl SteathamAndy Dunn
2022 GDL Tour 9BronzeIan MalcolmGreg Coates
League Season 6SuperleagueLee DaviesKevin Lane
League Season 6PremiershipChris SharpLee Andrews
League Season 6Division 1Nick BrandonKyle Bennett
League Season 6Division 2Stuart ButlerSean Somerville
League Season 6Division 3Greg WellingtonGary Trow
League Season 6Division 4Mariusz NiemyjskiCraig Mitchell
League Season 6Division 5David WeymesDean Watson
League Season 6Division 6Andrew SkeggsPaul O'Malley
League Season 6Division 7Jake PowellSteven Wintle
League Season 6Division 8Neil WebsterJoel Salerno
League Season 6Division 9Adam NaylorJamie Pick
League Season 6Division 10Robbie PriddleJamie Phillips
League Season 6Division 11Lewis CarterDaryl Steatham
League Season 6Division 12Paul GardnerRyan Clayton
League Season 6Division 13Craig YoungOwen Faunch
League Season 6Division 14Jack BowmanDennis Hand
League Season 6Division 15Richie DavidsonAden Hamill
League Season 6Division 16Gareth JohnstonMatt Ellis
League Season 6Division 17Jody HancockIan Malcolm
League Season 6Division 18Mathew SnapeLiam Meyrick
League Season 6Division 19Graeme-Tait BuchanKeith McGuire
League Season 6Division 20Steve CookJon McGoldrick
League Season 6Division 21Ronan QuigleyMalachy Rooney
League Season 6Division 22Richard WalkerPaul Oliver
League Season 6Division 23Nathan MatthewsSimon Knowles
GDL RandomiserPlatinumLee DaviesBrendon Clark
GDL RandomiserGoldJohn SmythGregg Cheyne
GDL RandomiserSilverMathew SnapeSam Tattersfield
GDL RandomiserBronzeJake ClarkIan Malcolm
GDL Randomiser PlatePlatinumNeil MeneerDave Francis
GDL Randomiser PlateGoldMichael MagneronJosh Underwood
GDL Randomiser PlateSilverAndrew McCormickKirk Trimby
GDL Randomiser PlateBronzeJohn MolyneuxIan Pearmain
2022 GDL Tour 10PlatinumKevin LaneDanny Trueman
2022 GDL Tour 10GoldMichael MagneronMariusz Niemyjski
2022 GDL Tour 10SilverAndy DunnLewis Carter
2022 GDL Tour 10BronzeKev HardwickAnthony Wilson-Geen
2022 GDL Tour 11PlatinumLee DaviesAlexey Bushuy
2022 GDL Tour 11GoldMariusz NiemyjskiKane Darkes
2022 GDL Tour 11SilverFinlay CassellChris Scouller
2022 GDL Tour 11BronzeThomas van der MeerJacob Hopkins
League Cup Season 7SuperleagueLiam AndersonKevin Blomme
League Cup Season 7PremiershipBrandon WesternMark Venables
League Cup Season 7Division 1Kyle BennettVince Puddicombe
League Cup Season 7Division 2Jack WalkerJosh Underwood
League Cup Season 7Division 3Jake PowellRob Downer
League Cup Season 7Division 4Ricky HitchmoughBilly Shanahan
League Cup Season 7Division 5Karl McDonaldAndrew Skeggs
League Cup Season 7Division 6David ThomsonChristopher Elliott
League Cup Season 7Division 7Tom BeresfordIan Whittall
League Cup Season 7Division 8Jack BowmanCraig Fowler
League Cup Season 7Division 9Ryan ClaytonPaul Gardner
League Cup Season 7Division 10Gaz MagillOsvaldas Bielskis
League Cup Season 7Division 11Andrew MarsdenBlair Waugh
League Cup Season 7Division 12Dave WoodMatt Ellis
League Cup Season 7Division 13Finlay CassellDave Wilson
League Cup Season 7Division 14Jonathan DaviesBen Pulham
League Cup Season 7Division 15Anthony LaythamWade Myers
League Cup Season 7Division 16Jacob HopkinsKevin Crainie
League Cup Season 7Division 17Scot DuncanRyan Sergi
League Cup Season 7Division 18Sam PhillipsAlex Mason
League Cup Season 7Division 19Leon ParkerSam Edlin
League Cup Season 7Division 20Daniel PellegrinaLiam Telfer
League Cup Season 7Division 21Antony MunnHaydn Phillips
League Cup Season 7Division 22James CrewsHenry Davidson
League Cup Season 7Division 23Paul LeesDaniel Corbett-Yeates
2022 GDL Tour 12Platinum Top 16Scott WinderKevin Lane
2022 GDL Tour 12Gold Top 32Michael MagneronIain Fraser
2022 GDL Tour 12Silver Top 32Andrew MarsdenLawrence Kelman
2022 GDL Tour 12Bronze Top 32Greg CoatesKev Hardwick
2022 GDL Tour 12Platinum OtherShane AndersonSteven Adleigh
2022 GDL Tour 12Gold OtherAlan BowdenDaniel Anderson
2022 GDL Tour 12Silver OtherBlair WaughJack Bowman
2022 GDL Tour 12Bronze OtherGreg LloydRyan McDonald
League Season 7SuperleagueDavid WrightLee Davies
League Season 7PremiershipAdam GawthropMark Venables
League Season 7Division 1Kyle BennettMat McCallion
League Season 7Division 2Gareth ClementJohn Smyth
League Season 7Division 3Michael MagneronGary Trow
League Season 7Division 4Adam PopeGregg Cheyne
League Season 7Division 5Andrew HillsKarl McDonald
League Season 7Division 6Aaron MitchellMichael Brown
League Season 7Division 7Ian WhittallJoe Logan
League Season 7Division 8Jack BowmanRobbie Priddle
League Season 7Division 9Ryan ClaytonPaul Grimes
League Season 7Division 10Osvaldas BielskisWesley Harney
League Season 7Division 11Blair WaughCraig Young
League Season 7Division 12Danny KennedyMatt Ellis
League Season 7Division 13Gavin McFarlaneHagai Berkovich
League Season 7Division 14Ben PulhamJonathan Davies
League Season 7Division 15Anthony LaythamMartin Kirkby
League Season 7Division 16Sean NeedhamJoel Eriksson
League Season 7Division 17Keith McGuireSam Slade
League Season 7Division 18Sam PhillipsAndy Turner
League Season 7Division 19John MolyneuxSam Edlin
League Season 7Division 20Ivan NewmanAbu Mahmud
League Season 7Division 21Wayne GordonDamijan Nejasmic
League Season 7Division 22James CrewsCharlie Welton
League Season 7Division 23Nathan BrightKevin Asselman
2022 GDL World ChampionshipsPlatinumStephen BurtonLee Davies
2022 GDL World ChampionshipsGoldMichael MagneronDaniel Anderson
2022 GDL World ChampionshipsSilverJack BowmanCraig Young
2022 GDL World ChampionshipsBronzeNeil FergusonSam Phillips
2022 GDL World Championships PlatePlatinumDave FrancisSimon Key
2022 GDL World Championships PlateGoldTalon D'OrazioMike Dalton
2022 GDL World Championships PlateSilverMark FosterGaz Magill
2022 GDL World Championships PlateBronzeDean ToddTom Wesley
2023 GDL Tour 1Platinum
2023 GDL Tour 1Gold
2023 GDL Tour 1Tungsten
2023 GDL Tour 1SilverJordan OsborneTom Pritchard
2023 GDL Tour 1BronzeCharlie CookAbu Mahmud
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