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Roll of Honour

EventGrade/DivisionWinnerRunner Up
The DartsMad GDL Open Q1UpperStephen BurtonDan Hutchinson
The DartsMad GDL Open Q1MiddleRyan HollandTyler Gabriel
The DartsMad GDL Open Q1LowerEthan PackardAlan Lappin
The DartsMad GDL Open Q2UpperFlorian HempelTimothy Jones (Wales)
The DartsMad GDL Open Q2MiddleChris EvansPieter Klok
The DartsMad GDL Open Q2LowerJustin O'DellLuke Ford
The DartsMad GDL Open Q3UpperA.J. Urmston-ToftNeil Meneer
The DartsMad GDL Open Q3MiddleAnthony CiancioloChris Evans
The DartsMad GDL Open Q3LowerNeil WebsterLuke Donisthorpe
The DartsMad GDL Open Q4UpperAdam MouldStephen Burton
The DartsMad GDL Open Q4MiddlePeter ReynoldsAaron Meale
The DartsMad GDL Open Q4LowerLuke ColesDaniel Brown
The DartsMad GDL OpenUpperTom BaughanTimothy Jones (Wales)
The DartsMad GDL OpenMiddleRyan DavisRob Woods
The DartsMad GDL OpenLowerSimon CharlesNeil Webster
The GDL Open PlateGrade 5Ian PlumbMartin Coull
The GDL Open PlateGrade 4Josh WilliamsSam Price
The GDL Open PlateGrade 3Gary TrowRoger Osborne
The GDL Open PlateGrade 2Ian MalcolmDavid Ferguson
The GDL Open PlateGrade 1Gaz BondJake Dobbie
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q1UpperStefan VermaakMark Venables
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q1MiddleEthan McMahonMark Webster
The DartsMad GDL Matchplay Q1LowerAlan LappinJack Taylor
League Season 1SuperleagueStephen BurtonMichael Beard
League Season 1PremiershipPaul RadfordThomas Howling
League Season 1Division 1Brad BurnettJimmy McKirdy
League Season 1Division 2Jason BarrettMichael Wallace
League Season 1Division 3Chris EvansJames Edwards
League Season 1Division 4Darren BoughKyle Bevan
League Season 1Division 5Sam PriceRob Woods
League Season 1Division 6Mark TomlinDonal Butler
League Season 1Division 7Justin O'DellEthan McMahon
League Season 1Division 8Daniel BrownSean Falkinder
League Season 1Division 9Craig FowlerNick McCartan
League Season 1Division 10Declan WallingHarvey George
League Season 1Division 11Hywel JonesOliver Warren
League Season 1Division 12Dylan RitchieLarry Block
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