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Online Darts

Always challenged, never out of your depth!

Play darts online against real people across the world from the comfort of your own home.

Online darts league table

Graded Online Darts Leagues (GDL)

  • Play online darts with players worldwide
  • Online darts divisions, grouped by ability level, meaning that every player can win, lose, or draw any game.
  • Thanks to our unique stats analysis, you will be placed into a division that suits your own skill level perfectly
  • Averages ranging from the 30s all the way up to the 90s.
  • Play matches when it suits you

Online Darts Tournament (GDL Tour)

Your chance to compete for BIG prizes!

  • Fight it out to reach several major competitions over the year, including the GDL World Championship.
  • Exclusive!  Our proprietary analysis ensures you compete with players of the same ability.
  • Each grade has its own majors to compete for.
  • Each major and each grade has its own prize pot.

Online Darts Tournament Features

The tournament events are all straight knockouts. Almost always straight 501 matches, but sometimes we spring a surprise or two! The GDL Tour features FIVE different grades to ensure that you will always be playing against players that you can beat. Equally, they’ll have chances to beat you too!

The grades are named Platinum, Gold, Tungsten, Silver, and Bronze. Each grade has its own major competitions and each major has its own race to the major qualifiers for a prize pot.

The prizes are the same, no matter which grade you’re in.

Darts player

Our Own Darts Scoring System

Experience the future of online darts with our integrated darts scoring system – online darts scoreboard. Focus on playing your match. We will сare about the rest!

Automatic Result Submission: When you’ve finished, the table will update instantly.

Live Match Stats Tracking: Track your stats in-game or hide them at the click of a button.

Match stats recorded: Your match stats are stored for each game. Overall stat progress analyzed and published on your profile regularly.

Hassle-free Match Setup: Eliminate the chance of playing to the wrong format or deciding which system to use.

Player benefits

New to online darts?

When you sign up, you’ll be assigned a GDL Mentor, who will show you around the site, play a few games if you’ve not played online much (or at all) yet, and make sure you’re all set up and ready to get going!

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