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Results for the Tour are added to the website the SAME DAY the results are submitted, where possible

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Main Leagues outstanding fixtures

LeagueMatchweekPlayer 1vPlayer 2
Superleague6BNeil MeneervA.J. Urmston-Toft
Superleague9AA.J. Urmston-ToftvDan Hutchinson
Superleague9BA.J. Urmston-ToftvDmitriy Zhukov
Superleague10AA.J. Urmston-ToftvDavid Wright
Superleague10ADan HutchinsonvNeil Meneer
Superleague10BA.J. Urmston-ToftvAdam Mould
Superleague10BNeil MeneervDmitriy Zhukov
Premiership A10AMark VenablesvDan Tatum
Premiership A10AJohn CrossleyvScott Winder
Premiership A10ATimothy Jones (WALES)vSteve Greenwood
Premiership A10BLuke NewportvDan Tatum
Premiership A10BTimothy Jones (WALES)vScott Winder
Premiership A10BThomas HowlingvSimon Key
Premiership B9BTony MitchellvPaul Tubb
Premiership B10ATony MitchellvKristaps Mickus
Premiership B10APaul TubbvPaul Radford
Premiership B10BPaul RadfordvKristaps Mickus
Division 1A9BCarl JefferyvJeroen Saccol
Division 1A9ACarl JefferyvNeil Dempsey
Division 1A10ACarl JefferyvGary Barham
Division 1A10BCarl JefferyvSober Darts Guy
Division 1A10BBrad BurnettvDave Taylor
Division 1B10BRoger OsbornevJimmy McKirdy
Division 2A8ALee KilcoynevOisin Furlong
Division 2A10BDale PaulvBrendon Clark
Division 2A10BShaun BarnesvJamie McIntosh
Division 2B9AJosh WilliamsvMichael Wallace
Division 2B9BJamie BerryvMichael Wallace
Division 2B10AJason BarrettvAaron Donald
Division 2B10AAndy MaddamsvMichael Wallace
Division 2B10BJamie BerryvAaron Donald
Division 2B10BAndy MaddamsvJosh Williams
Division 3A9AFons HardemanvKurtis Bevan
Division 3A10ADavid O'LearyvBradley George
Division 3A10AChris RobertsonvJames Edwards
Division 3A10ARob DownervRicky Terry
Division 3A10BChris RobertsonvDavid O'Leary
Division 3A10BChris EvansvFons Hardeman
Division 3A10BRob DownervKurtis Bevan
Division 3B9AAdy MaddocksvTracy North
Division 3B10ACarl HadlingtonvJamie MacPhee
Division 3B10ATracy NorthvMatt Quick
Division 3B10BTracy NorthvJamie MacPhee
Division 3B10BMatty RogersvMatt Quick
Division 4A1ADaniel HillmanvGary Cook
Division 4A6BGary CookvDaniel Hillman
Division 4A7BJoe LoganvAaron Mitchell
Division 4A9BDarren BoughvAaron Mitchell
Division 4A10ADaniel HillmanvAaron Mitchell
Division 4A10BCraig MitchellvDaniel Hillman
Division 4B6BRyan HollandvAnthony Cianciolo
Division 4B9BJay VargovAnthony Cianciolo
Division 4B9BChristopher ElliottvMatt Phipps
Division 4B10ABrett StevensonvKyle Bevan
Division 4B10BBrett StevensonvJay Vargo
Division 5A6AKenny StaffordvSpike Ceglio
Division 5A8ARob WoodsvSpike Ceglio
Division 5A10AJoe KilduffvMarc Kerr
Division 5A10ADan CavanaghvRob Woods
Division 5A10ASye PortervShaun Cahalin
Division 5A10BJoe KilduffvBrian Hylands
Division 5A10BDan CavanaghvMarc Kerr
Division 5B5APaul HastingsvTyler Gabriel
Division 5B5BPaul HastingsvTaylor Paterson
Division 5B7BTaylor PatersonvAndrew Rollason
Division 5B9APaul HastingsvAndrew Rollason
Division 5B9BBradley WarrenvTaylor Paterson
Division 5B10AJamie MartenvMat McCallion
Division 5B10ABradley WarrenvPeter Reynolds
Division 5B10ATony BusellivTaylor Paterson
Division 5B10BJamie MartenvAndrew Rollason
Division 5B10BTyler GabrielvPaul Hastings
Division 6A8BCarwyn EvansvRoss Hutchison
Division 6A10ABrett PickersgillvDonal Butler
Division 6A10AAdam PopevJordan Ottley
Division 6A10BBrett PickersgillvCarwyn Evans
Division 6A10BRoss HutchisonvJordan Ottley
Division 6B5BAlex CouttsvIan Bain
Division 6B9AIan BainvRyan Urquhart
Division 6B9BIan BainvOwen Brierley
Division 6B10AJames ToonevAlex Coutts
Division 6B10AIan MalcolmvJed MacPhee
Division 6B10AIan BainvKate Drake
Division 6B10ATony MakinsonvOwen Brierley
Division 6B10BDaniel RadfordvJed MacPhee
Division 6B10BTony MakinsonvKate Drake
Division 7A13ADavid LeevAidan Corkerry
Division 7A9APete BrydenvSean Talbot
Division 7A9BPete BrydenvAidan Corkerry
Division 7A9BMichael WoodbridgevSean Talbot
Division 7A10AMichael WoodbridgevPete Bryden
Division 7A10AJoel SowtonvSean Talbot
Division 7A10BMichael WoodbridgevAidan Corkerry
Division 7A10BJoel SowtonvPete Bryden
Division 7B7AHoward PhillipsvRyan Nassau
Division 7B8AJustin O'DellvHoward Phillips
Division 7B13ARyan NassauvJack Avery
Division 7B13ARob MayvJustin O'Dell
Division 7B13BRob MayvHughie Cook
Division 7B13BLuke ColesvJustin O'Dell
Division 7B9BJustin O'DellvRyan Nassau
Division 7B10ALuke ColesvAlan Lappin
Division 7B10AHughie CookvRyan Nassau
Division 7B10BJustin O'DellvAlan Lappin
Division 7B10BJack AveryvLuke Coles
Division 7B10BEthan McMahonvRyan Nassau
Division 8A10ADarren StedmanvJack Alexander
Division 8A10ARob BridesonvPaul Gray
Division 8A10BChris HolevDave Jewell
Division 8A10BBilly BlakemanvJack Alexander
Division 8A10BRob BridesonvLawrence Kelman
Division 8B5ADaniel MillervBrian Farrelly
Division 8B6ADaniel MillervPaul O'Malley
Division 8B7AEddie PackardvDaniel Miller
Division 8B7BDaniel MillervDaniel Brown
Division 8B9AEddie PackardvGary McGinn
Division 8B9BDaniel MillervEthan Packard
Division 8B10ADaniel MillervAlexandru Costec
Division 8B10ADaniel BrownvEddie Packard
Division 8B10ABrian FarrellyvEthan Packard
Division 8B10BBrian FarrellyvDaniel Miller
Division 8B10BPaul O'MalleyvLewis Carter
Division 9A9AEric SicklervPhillip McConnell
Division 9A9BEric SicklervJames Lack
Division 9A10AChris ScoullervJames Lack
Division 9A10ASam EdlinvPhillip McConnell
Division 9A10BChris ScoullervHayden Johnson
Division 9A10BSam EdlinvJames Lack
Division 9A10BPhillip McConnellvLuke Donisthorpe
Division 9B6APars YukselvRyan Tobin
Division 9B13ARyan TobinvNick McCartan
Division 9B13ARicky KingvPars Yuksel
Division 9B13BRicky KingvNick McCartan
Division 9B9ARicky KingvRyan Tobin
Division 9B10APars YukselvDavid Alvaro Griffiths
Division 9B10BNick McCartanvPars Yuksel
Division 9B10BKeith MurrayvRyan Tobin
Division 9B10BJoe FitzpatrickvScott Jackson
Division 10A9AErik SaulvJim Needle
Division 10A10AErik SaulvBilly Marsh
Division 10A10ADeclan WallingvHarvey George
Division 10A10ADavid AllenvHenry Davidson
Division 10A10BDeclan WallingvBilly Marsh
Division 10A10BSean RooneyvHenry Davidson
Division 10A10BMartin ThomsonvJack Taylor
Division 10B9AGaz BondvMichael Kimber
Division 10B10AGaz BondvAdam George
Division 10B10ABartosz WikavJosh Mason
Division 10B10ATommy GabrielvMichael Kimber
Division 10B10BGavin StedmanvAdam George
Division 10B10BDavid CumminsvGaz Bond
Division 10B10BSiôn JenkinsvMichael Kimber
Division 11A7BOliver WarrenvJamie Kelly
Division 11A13ADave CromackvAlex Roll
Division 11A13ARobert LanevJosh Desforges
Division 11A13BDaniel MayervAlex Roll
Division 11A13BRobert LanevJamie Kelly
Division 11A13BOliver WarrenvJosh Desforges
Division 11A9BJosh DesforgesvRyan McCaughan
Division 11A10AOliver WarrenvAlex Roll
Division 11A10AJamie KellyvRyan McCaughan
Division 11A10BJosh DesforgesvAlex Roll
Division 11A10BJordan WrightvOliver Warren
Division 11B13AWayne GordonvIan Windross
Division 11B13BWayne GordonvDean Martin
Division 11B13BSimon CharlesvIan Windross
Division 11B9APaul BurkevTim Bradford
Division 11B9AMichael BleasdalevWayne Gordon
Division 11B9BJordan WalkervWayne Gordon
Division 11B10AMichael BleasdalevChris Millen
Division 11B10AGeorge McLeanvWayne Gordon
Division 11B10ADean FergusonvDavid Nightingale
Division 11B10BMatthew GoldsmithvChris Millen
Division 11B10BGeorge McLeanvSimon Charles
Division 11B10BDean MartinvTim Bradford
Division 11B10BDean FergusonvWayne Gordon
Division 12A10AOliver SwettenhamvDaniel Jones (WALES)
Division 12A10AMark NightingalevPaul Lees
Division 12A10AJordan RitchievShane Wilkinson
Division 12A10BGavin SmithvStuart Cobb
Division 12B4BRichard BiddingtonvCallum Meara-Wilson
Division 12B5BJames McKayvCallum Mitchell
Division 12B7BWalisson OliveiravCallum Meara-Wilson
Division 12B8AMitchell SharpvCallum Meara-Wilson
Division 12B8BMitchell SharpvWalisson Oliveira
Division 12B13ARichard BiddingtonvJames McKay
Division 12B9AJames McKayvCallum Meara-Wilson
Division 12B9BLuke WardvAydn Jackson
Division 12B9BJames McKayvWalisson Oliveira
Division 12B10AJames McKayvMitchell Sharp
Division 12B10ADylan RitchievWalisson Oliveira
Division 12B10ACallum MitchellvCallum Meara-Wilson
Division 12B10BJames McKayvLarry Block
Division 12B10BGary ForrestvLuke Ward
Division 12B10BDylan RitchievMitchell Sharp
Division 12B10BCallum MitchellvWalisson Oliveira

Feeder League 1 Outstanding Fixtures