Submit the screenshot of your result below

(maximum file size 10mb).

If you can’t submit for whatever reason, please raise a support ticket and include the division, pool, gameweek, score, and both players’ names


Does your stats screenshot have ALL of the following for both players?

  1. Player names
  2. Result
  3. average
  4. first 9 average
  5. 100+s
  6. 140+s
  7. 180s
  8. high finish
  9. best leg

If the answer is no, then we need this information. If you used Nakka or Lidarts, please go back and screenshot the full match summary. 

Other sites can be used, but they’re not approved by GDL. This is because not all stats are shown normally. 

If you use a scoring site other than Nakka or Lidarts, you MUST make sure that all info is submitted (and accurate).

Results for the Tour are added to the website the SAME DAY the results are submitted, where possible

Results for the Leagues are added to the website the DAY AFTER the results are submitted, where possible

Note that ANY match played to the incorrect format will be rejected and the match will need to be played again from 0-0.

This could lead to BOTH players timing out of tour matches if the match isn’t fulfilled before the deadline.

Check your league/tour hub to verify the match formats.

If results are submitted in multiple parts or with insufficient information, we will be contacting you to ask you to make a minimum £2 donation to our chosen charity.

Please do this ahead of time so we don’t have to chase you.

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