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If you can’t submit for whatever reason, please raise a support ticket and include the division, pool, gameweek, score, and both players’ names


Does your stats screenshot have ALL of the following for both players?

  1. Player names
  2. Result
  3. average
  4. first 9 average
  5. 100+s
  6. 140+s
  7. 180s
  8. high finish
  9. best leg

If the answer is no, then we need this information. If you used Nakka or Lidarts, please go back and screenshot the full match summary. 

Other sites can be used, but they’re not approved by GDL. This is because not all stats are shown normally. 

If you use a scoring site other than Nakka or Lidarts, you MUST make sure that all info is submitted (and accurate).

Results for the Tour are added to the website the SAME DAY the results are submitted, where possible

Results for the Leagues are added to the website the DAY AFTER the results are submitted, where possible

If results are submitted in multiple parts or with insufficient information, we will be contacting you to ask you to make a minimum £2 donation to our chosen charity.

Please do this ahead of time so we don’t have to chase you.

Main Leagues outstanding fixtures

LeagueMatchweekPlayer 1vPlayer 2
Superleague Group 18Kevin LanevMichael Beard
Superleague Group 28Danny TruemanvSean Ross
Superleague Group 28David WrightvLuke Newport
Superleague Group 28John CrossleyvKeith Slocombe
Superleague Group 38Dan TatumvWayne Trask
Premiership Group 18Brendon ClarkvPaul Penfold
Premiership Group 18Craig NealonvPaul Hockenhull
Premiership Group 28Ben FieldingvRyan Harker
Premiership Group 28Dave FrancisvKyle Bevan
Premiership Group 38Aaron PearcevMike Baber
Premiership Group 38David O'LearyvJanis Mustafejevs
Div 1 Group 18Jeroen SaccolvTyler Gabriel
Div 1 Group 28Michael FearonvOisin Furlong
Div 1 Group 38Josh WilliamsvRyan Holland
Div 1 Group 38Julian PottsvNeil Dempsey
Div 2 Group 18Christopher ElliottvThommo Smith
Div 2 Group 18Colin StewartvRob Downer
Div 2 Group 38Brian DooganvSober Darts Guy
Div 2 Group 38James EdwardsvMark Tomlin
Div 3 Group 18Daniel RadfordvTom Beresford
Div 3 Group 18Ian BainvJohn Burgess
Div 3 Group 28Billy ShanahanvRyan Urquhart
Div 3 Group 28John CurtisvMichael Woodbridge
Div 3 Group 38Brian HylandsvWarren Vanderahe
Div 3 Group 38Craig FowlervRyan Oakley
Div 3 Group 38Dean WatsonvRyan Broadbent
Div 4 Group 18James LeighfieldvLuke Coles
Div 4 Group 28Iain FraservRicky King
Div 4 Group 38David LeevMatthew Gallent
Div 4 Group 38Ethan PackardvGeoff Betts
Div 5 Group 18Jay VargovSammy Booker
Div 5 Group 28Frank KeenanvMartin Moir
Div 5 Group 28Ian MalcolmvJohn McCluskey
Div 5 Group 38Jack AveryvStephen Routledge
Div 5 Group 38Lawrence KelmanvRob Brideson
Div 6 Group 18Andrew SkeggsvTommy Flynn
Div 6 Group 18Billy BlakemanvScott Jackson
Div 6 Group 28David Alvaro GriffithsvPaul O'Malley
Div 6 Group 28Harry WilloughbyvLars Jensen
Div 6 Group 38Eddie PackardvShaun Lawson
Div 6 Group 38John DevanevLee Humphrey
Div 7 Group 18Ian WindrossvTommy Gabriel
Div 7 Group 18James AylesvSean Rooney
Div 7 Group 18Johnny RooneyvNick McCartan
Div 7 Group 28Matthew GoldsmithvScott Wickens
Div 7 Group 28Oliver WarrenvPaul Gray
Div 7 Group 38Howard PhillipsvStephen Curwen
Div 7 Group 38Jamie PhillipsvRyan Nassau
Div 8 Group 18Chris ScoullervMartyn Jones
Div 8 Group 18Dean HoldenvMartin Thomson
Div 8 Group 28Erik SaulvRyan McMahon
Div 8 Group 38David WallvSteven Bowles
Div 8 Group 38Pablo RoderovPaul Davison
Div 9 Group 18Ben WhitevScot Duncan
Div 9 Group 18Gavin StedmanvNigel Wakefield
Div 9 Group 18Ian McLeishvMichael Bleasdale
Div 9 Group 28Bradley SharpvNicky Goodbrand
Div 9 Group 28Gaz BondvJames O'Regan
Div 9 Group 38David NightingalevTommy Wright
Div 9 Group 38Kev HardwickvMichael McGlen
Div 10 Group 18Graeme-Tait BuchanvSam Edlin
Div 10 Group 28Billy MarshvRoss Smith
Div 10 Group 28Colin GaughanvRachel Wakefield
Div 10 Group 28Dan CakebreadvJordan Ritchie
Div 10 Group 38Gary LightfootvMarco Corrado
Div 10 Group 38Henry DavidsonvJared Phillips
Div 11 Group 18Lewis QuaylevTom Chapman
Div 11 Group 18Marc O'DonovanvSue Nealon
Div 11 Group 18Michael KimbervRichard Biddington
Div 11 Group 28Andrew KinsmanvWayne Gordon
Div 11 Group 28Dazz HumphreysvTony Standing
Div 11 Group 38Fiachra FurlongvPaul Lees
Div 11 Group 38Jason RuizvMichael Bennetton
Div 11 Group 38Kevin SteensonvMark Nightingale
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