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"Sam Squire Darts Coaching is fantastic. He is dedicated and provides much-needed advice on guidance from both a technique and practice perspective."
Shaun Hopkins


By Sam Squire
GDL's official darts coaching partner

Practice does not make perfect.

Only perfect practice makes perfect.

Sam Squire’s darts coaching provides individual coaching that is tailored specifically for you. His methods will give you the platform to spring forward and take the next step in your darting journey.

Sam's top tips

Be Consistent With Your Practice

“Set yourself a plan of which days you are going to practice and for a set minimum time. I recommend at least 4 days a week for a minimum of 45 minutes.”

Structure Your Practice

“Plan your sessions out to put structure to them so that you are practicing all aspects of the game.”

Put Meaning Behind Your Practice

“Focus on what it is your practicing and the reason you are doing it. If you don’t put meaning behind the session, nothing can be learned.”


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