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New Players – information needed

The following players have all registered their interest in playing the GDL, however we are waiting for at least one piece of the puzzle for them to get started.

If you know any of these players, please get in touch with them and ask them to contact us via social media or our support form.

Aidan Greaney
Aiden Ballantyne
Alan Millership
Andrew Marsden
Bailey Daniels
Barry Leask
Cahal McGahan
Charles Butler
Chris Hilton
Connor Wagner
Craig Mathieson
Daniel Curry
Daniel Walmsley
Darren Bootes
Dylan Lynn
Emmett Fearon
Foeke Wolfs
Herman Stam
Jack Buggy
Jack Hodgson
John Hazell
Josh Ellis
Joshua Cotton
Kaine Morphy
Lenn Marinoni
Mark Titley
Matthew Boyle
Matthew Tudge
Michael Nolan
Mitchell Ward
Neil Badrock
Nick Govender
Nico Mazz
Ollie Hesford
Patrick Murphy
Ray Greensmith
Rob Hollinshead
Robbie Brown
Ryan Clayton
Sam Davey
Sean Franky Horn
Shane Anderson
Steven Neil
Stewart Blacow
Tom Newbegin
Tommie Coleman
Warren Hobson
Zach Saunders

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