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GDL Online Darts Scoreboard

GDL Online Darts Scoreboard

It's finally here!

After months of planning, development, testing, adjusting, and lots of stress and excitement in equal measures, our online darts scoreboard is now launched!

Online Darts Scoreboard FEATURES

Taking the best bits from other dart sites and putting them all together, we’re proud to bring you a darts scoreboard that will:

  1. Set the match format for you
  2. Make it easy for you to start the game (no codes or searching for your oppo)
  3. Record all stats including 171+
  4. Let you see individual match stats for every match you play
  5. Submit the results automatically into a league or dart tournament bracket
  6. Update the league tables automatically and instantly

We’re really proud of the online darts scoreboard we’ve built for you and hope you enjoy the ease of use and not having to remember to submit the results anymore!

More features to go

Webcam integration is not here just yet but we hope to have it soon. Ideas for video calls include Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Facetime, Skype, Zoom etc.

Be welcome to shoot your feature requests via ticket system or twitter.

To play your match, head on over to the fixtures tab on your GDL.com profile
click 'start' next to the game you're due to play

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