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Ryan Nassau

X: @carltaylor795
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GDL 3 Month Overall Average


GDL 3 Month Rolling 3 Dart Average (3DA)


3-month GDL 3DA taken from the Leagues and Tour events - updated weekly


2024 Player Stats


2024 Grade and Rankings

GradeRace to the 2024 TargetDarts World TrophyRace to the 2024 TargetDarts Super CupRace to the 2024 GDL Worlds
Silver21 - Main Qualifying position SilverTBC21 - Main Qualifying position Silver

2024 Tour Stats

PlayedLegs Pl.WinsLeg Diff
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 12

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 13

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 14

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 15

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

All Time Record

MatchesOpponentsLegs Played
Legs WonLegs LostLeg DiffLeg win %
Matches WonMatches DrawnMatches Lost
Win %Draw %Lost %

Head to Head Record

Head to HeadPlayedWin P1DrawWin P2
James Reed v Ryan Nassau3111
Ryan Nassau v Sam Hunt3300
Greg Coates v Ryan Nassau3102
Ryan Nassau v Tomas Morrissey3102
Andy Fenn v Ryan Nassau3003
Kieran Early v Ryan Nassau3012
Jamie Phillips v Ryan Nassau3300
Alex Powell v Ryan Nassau3201
Alan Lappin v Ryan Nassau3201
Paul O'Malley v Ryan Nassau3201
Howard Phillips v Ryan Nassau3012
Liam Cowlin v Ryan Nassau3111
David Ferguson v Ryan Nassau3102
Ryan Nassau v Sam Slade2002
Greg Lloyd v Ryan Nassau2200
Ryan Nassau v Simon Loy2002
Ryan Nassau v Tom Ford2200
Callum Hulme v Ryan Nassau2101
Jonathan McMillan v Ryan Nassau2002
Michael Bruce v Ryan Nassau2020
Nicky Goodbrand v Ryan Nassau2101
Dan Geddes v Ryan Nassau2110
Lawrence Barlow v Ryan Nassau2101
Jake Stobie v Ryan Nassau2101
Matt Tizzard v Ryan Nassau2200
Ethan Packard v Ryan Nassau2002
Noel McVeigh v Ryan Nassau2002
Erik Saul v Ryan Nassau2200
David Cummins v Ryan Nassau2200
Nigel Wakefield v Ryan Nassau2101
James O'Regan v Ryan Nassau2002
Keith Murray v Ryan Nassau2002
Ryan Nassau v Tommy Gabriel2101
Jordan Turner (Derbyshire) v Ryan Nassau2020
Hayden Johnson v Ryan Nassau2011
Jordan Walker v Ryan Nassau2101
Billy Blakeman v Ryan Nassau2101
Hywel Jones v Ryan Nassau2101
Luke Coles v Ryan Nassau2200
Rob May v Ryan Nassau2101
Jack Avery v Ryan Nassau2020
Hughie Cook v Ryan Nassau2200
Ethan McMahon v Ryan Nassau2200
Gary Brown v Ryan Nassau1100
Joe Crowley v Ryan Nassau1100
Ryan Nassau v Steven Fleming1010
Ivan Newman v Ryan Nassau1001
James Baker (Lincolnshire) v Ryan Nassau1001
Connor Sinclair v Ryan Nassau1001
Anthony Gusich v Ryan Nassau1001
Billy McKenzie v Ryan Nassau1100
Ryan Nassau v Stuart Cobb1001
Ryan Nassau v Steven Wallace1001
Graeme-Tait Buchan v Ryan Nassau1100
Kiyfa Bryant v Ryan Nassau1100
Conor Nye v Ryan Nassau1010
Jamie Ward v Ryan Nassau1001
Paul Strain v Ryan Nassau1010
Alexander Mundy v Ryan Nassau1100
Joe Jones v Ryan Nassau1100
Ben McNicol v Ryan Nassau1100
Nathan Gibbons v Ryan Nassau1100
Conor Bull v Ryan Nassau1010
Ryan Nassau v Shaun Bennett1001
Chris Pryke v Ryan Nassau1001
Gareth Walters v Ryan Nassau1100
Joel Eriksson v Ryan Nassau1001
Jamie Haslop v Ryan Nassau1001
Ryan Nassau v Stuart Gaylor1001
Abu Mahmud v Ryan Nassau1001
Michael Nolan v Ryan Nassau1100
Brad Rimmell v Ryan Nassau1100
Paul Ross-Ruffy v Ryan Nassau1001
Ryan Kingwell v Ryan Nassau1100
Grahame Paton v Ryan Nassau1001
Malcolm Lane v Ryan Nassau1001
Gregor Leask v Ryan Nassau1100
Ben Dorkins v Ryan Nassau1001
Mark Smith v Ryan Nassau1001
Reece Bates v Ryan Nassau1001
Lewis Connell v Ryan Nassau1100
Brock Seeman v Ryan Nassau1100
Andrew Kinsman v Ryan Nassau1001
Liam Smith v Ryan Nassau1001
Dave Denoon v Ryan Nassau1100
James Dolden v Ryan Nassau1010
Owen Simpson v Ryan Nassau1001
Lars Jensen v Ryan Nassau1001
Craig Miller v Ryan Nassau1001
Finley Dicks v Ryan Nassau1001
Ryan Nassau v William Wright1001
John Halkett v Ryan Nassau1010
Craig Moore v Ryan Nassau1100
Chris Bates v Ryan Nassau1100
Paul Brown v Ryan Nassau1100
Michael Lewis v Ryan Nassau1001
Ryan Nassau v Sean Needham1001
Chris Millen v Ryan Nassau1001
George McLean v Ryan Nassau1100
Colin Digby v Ryan Nassau1100
Mark Murray v Ryan Nassau1010
Finlay Cassell v Ryan Nassau1100
Matt Bleasdale v Ryan Nassau1001
Bradley Coyne v Ryan Nassau1001
Ben Maddock v Ryan Nassau1010
Glenn Jones v Ryan Nassau1001
Gavin McFarlane v Ryan Nassau1010
Josef Kelly v Ryan Nassau1010
Mick Barclay v Ryan Nassau1100
Ryan Nassau v Scot Duncan1001
Owen Purdie v Ryan Nassau1100
Martin Dunn v Ryan Nassau1100
Andrew Kay v Ryan Nassau1100
Ian McLeish v Ryan Nassau1001
Paul Grimes v Ryan Nassau1100
Chris Hole v Ryan Nassau1100
Ricky King v Ryan Nassau1100
Ross Passfield v Ryan Nassau1001
Adam George (London) v Ryan Nassau1001
Ryan Murray v Ryan Nassau1100
Ryan Nassau v Stephen Curwen1100
Chris Scouller v Ryan Nassau1001
Alex Roll v Ryan Nassau1001
Ryan Nassau v Shaun Lawson1100
James Ayles v Ryan Nassau1100
Ashley Calver v Ryan Nassau1100
Ryan Nassau v Tommy Wright1100
Ryan Nassau v Sean Rooney1001
Josh Mason v Ryan Nassau1100
Bartosz Wika v Ryan Nassau1001
Ryan Nassau v Scott Wickens1001
Lee Humphrey v Ryan Nassau1100
Richard Biddington v Ryan Nassau1001
Ryan Nassau v Scott Jackson1100
Phillip McConnell v Ryan Nassau1100
Darren Stedman v Ryan Nassau1001
John McCluskey v Ryan Nassau1001
Martyn Jones v Ryan Nassau1001
Andrew Driscoll v Ryan Nassau1001
Jack Alexander v Ryan Nassau1100
Daniel Mayer v Ryan Nassau1100
Josh Desforges v Ryan Nassau1001
Ryan Nassau v Simon Charles1001
Paul Gray v Ryan Nassau1100
Frits Veenema v Ryan Nassau1001
Marco Corrado v Ryan Nassau1100
Justin O'Dell v Ryan Nassau1100
Luke Donisthorpe v Ryan Nassau1100
Ryan Nassau v Siôn Jenkins1100
Joel Sowton v Ryan Nassau1100
Harvey George v Ryan Nassau1001

Additional Stats


Roll of Honour

EventGrade/DivisionWinnerRunner Up
GDL Grand Prix Q1LowerPhillip McConnellRyan Nassau
League Cup Season 8Division 22Lewis ConnellRyan Nassau
League Season 8Division 22Matt TizzardRyan Nassau
GDL MatchplayBronzeRyan NassauSam Hunt

Best ever averages

DatePlayerScore 1Score 2OpponentResult3DAF9Opp. 3DAOpp. F9
10-Jun-23Ryan Nassau46Dan GeddesL64.1164.7765.5871.33
04-Aug-21Ryan Nassau24Jordan WalkerL61.1667.9462.9867.11
27-Nov-21Ryan Nassau62Stephen CurwenW60.6273.2553.1657.08
03-Aug-21Ryan Nassau40Scott JacksonW58.9449.4252.8860.58
12-Apr-21Ryan Nassau43Hywel JonesW58.4556.9551.6550.76
15-Jun-21Ryan Nassau51Hayden JohnsonW58.174.1151.4553.94
26-Jun-21Ryan Nassau51Alex PowellW56.6358.3356.3560.56
01-May-21Ryan Nassau16Luke ColesL56.5159.3362.8567.81
02-Mar-21Ryan Nassau61Rob MayW55.6453.9550.0248.76
29-Sep-21Ryan Nassau36Sean RooneyL55.5256.7858.5758.48
18-Jun-21Ryan Nassau51Andrew DriscollW55.3763.3350.2147.06
20-Jun-21Ryan Nassau44Liam CowlinD54.8653.8861.0362.88
14-Apr-21Ryan Nassau40Tommy GabrielW53.6847.0845.9749.42
24-Jul-21Ryan Nassau43John McCluskeyW53.6457.6254.4457.62
23-Jul-23Ryan Nassau64Nicky GoodbrandW53.5553.2349.9449.67
01-Apr-21Ryan Nassau63Alan LappinW53.4859.1151.2364.48
29-Aug-21Ryan Nassau34Lee HumphreyL53.357.6252.2260.14
10-Feb-22Ryan Nassau61Ian McLeishW53.2857.3349.0255.48
08-Aug-23Ryan Nassau36Ben McNicolL53.2354.8157.1358.04
26-Jun-21Ryan Nassau44Jordan Turner (Derbyshire)D53.0958.9254.868.88
20-Apr-22Ryan Nassau15Finlay CassellL52.8950.2257.0659.06
26-Jan-21Ryan Nassau43Siôn JenkinsW52.8759.151.7156.48
12-Dec-23Ryan Nassau56Greg LloydL52.5748.6451.3150.55
14-Nov-21Ryan Nassau64Alex RollW52.4357.957.9967.93
26-Mar-22Ryan Nassau55Josef KellyD52.4151.0357.0866.83
18-Apr-21Ryan Nassau06Ethan McMahonL52.24967.382.67
26-Jun-21Ryan Nassau25Alex PowellL51.751.7652.7860.86
03-Jan-21Ryan Nassau24Joel SowtonL51.5952.6753.3562.67
23-Dec-21Ryan Nassau46Alan LappinL51.5558.2359.1574.3
18-Apr-21Ryan Nassau26Hughie CookL51.4254.8357.5159.25
23-Feb-24Ryan Nassau15Gary BrownL51.35350.552.44
18-Mar-21Ryan Nassau64David FergusonW51.1961.1352.8856.87
25-Nov-21Ryan Nassau42Chris ScoullerW51.1554.0654.3160.89
15-Feb-23Ryan Nassau62Andrew KinsmanW51.0861.8847.4855.54
15-Feb-21Ryan Nassau06Ethan McMahonL50.9861.5666.884.28
25-Apr-21Ryan Nassau55Jack AveryD50.9459.4749.1556.97
28-Jul-21Ryan Nassau42Jordan WalkerW50.8266.945270.5
13-Nov-21Ryan Nassau46Liam CowlinL50.8155.2353.5960.4
23-Dec-21Ryan Nassau84James O'ReganW50.795647.5143
16-Mar-23Ryan Nassau63Kieran EarlyW50.7862.5249.4249.26
10-Jul-21Ryan Nassau51Billy BlakemanW50.7165.7846.4749.28
11-Oct-23Ryan Nassau62Jonathan McMillanW50.6858.0849.5956
15-Oct-21Ryan Nassau36Tomas MorrisseyL50.6353.2251.3151.93
10-Apr-21Ryan Nassau63Howard PhillipsW50.5154.349.4651.22
12-Jun-23Ryan Nassau25Gareth WaltersL50.4351.1452.4463.33
06-Jul-23Ryan Nassau26Tomas MorrisseyL50.3356.9253.4660.75
23-Jan-24Ryan Nassau54James ReedW50.255649.7755.56
10-Feb-21Ryan Nassau26Justin O'DellL50.2451.9662.0969.75
25-Jul-21Ryan Nassau42Darren StedmanW50.1948.7848.3656
26-Jan-21Ryan Nassau46David FergusonL50.1748.2754.5161.17
20-Jan-24Ryan Nassau62Anthony GusichW50.1656.6746.9348.54
16-Nov-21Ryan Nassau55Howard PhillipsD50.0347.7751.5650.77
17-Apr-21Ryan Nassau04Daniel MayerL49.9748.0856.1960.17
18-Nov-23Ryan Nassau63Callum HulmeW49.8346.4148.1952.52
23-Jul-21Ryan Nassau43Martyn JonesW49.7157.1951.4466.71
16-Apr-22Ryan Nassau54Bradley CoyneW49.6751.2252.7650.37
15-Feb-23Ryan Nassau64Liam SmithW49.4563.6347.0353.23
25-Jul-23Ryan Nassau65Tomas MorrisseyW49.456248.7451.45
06-Sep-21Ryan Nassau26Scott WickensL49.4143.1751.9558.88
10-Jul-23Ryan Nassau15Shaun BennettL49.335057.7555.28
14-Aug-21Ryan Nassau44Jordan Turner (Derbyshire)D49.1355.7548.9358.58
18-Feb-23Ryan Nassau63Kieran EarlyW49.1357.4847.1947.41
06-Feb-22Ryan Nassau16Paul GrimesL49.0848.6253.3366.1
18-Aug-21Ryan Nassau05Paul O'MalleyL49.0553.3357.8166.27
23-Jan-24Ryan Nassau62Ivan NewmanW49.0558.9646.9552.96
23-Apr-23Ryan Nassau46Ryan KingwellL48.9450.6352.0761.8
29-May-23Ryan Nassau36Stuart GaylorL48.9255.9653.6553.52
14-Oct-21Ryan Nassau06James AylesL48.895654.3374.67
27-Jan-21Ryan Nassau41David FergusonW48.7655.444.0153.87
05-Feb-23Ryan Nassau55James DoldenD48.6851.850.451.37
28-Jan-21Ryan Nassau46Alan LappinL48.5647.4752.0459.87
22-Jan-23Ryan Nassau64Finley DicksW48.4950.647.1350.7
22-Aug-21Ryan Nassau40Richard BiddingtonW48.4859.1744.5645.58
27-Jul-21Ryan Nassau42Paul O'MalleyW48.3751.3942.6954.78
06-Jun-21Ryan Nassau52Liam CowlinW48.2850.7149.9858.71
11-May-23Ryan Nassau55Dan GeddesD48.2649.246.0354.43
16-Apr-22Ryan Nassau55Ben MaddockD48.1657.944.7247.37
19-Mar-22Ryan Nassau25Mick BarclayL48.1147.2953.4963.67
22-Feb-24Ryan Nassau46Sam SladeL48.0749.0350.152.6
25-Jan-21Ryan Nassau43Keith MurrayW48.0652.3344.7554.29
06-Mar-22Ryan Nassau26Owen PurdieL48.0162.8853.0455.21
31-Oct-23Ryan Nassau35Steven WallaceL485150.3565.71
29-Nov-21Ryan Nassau46Ryan MurrayL47.9356.3754.2659.37
01-Aug-21Ryan Nassau14Phillip McConnellL47.8946.2754.3966.67
28-Jan-24Ryan Nassau55Steven FlemingD47.8846.8747.2956.57
20-Mar-22Ryan Nassau62Nigel WakefieldW47.8356.3343.4347.29
05-Apr-23Ryan Nassau46Gregor LeaskL47.7852.2349.1257.9
18-Sep-21Ryan Nassau34Tommy GabrielL47.7449.1952.4360.29
14-May-23Ryan Nassau46Brad RimmellL47.753.647.2347.93
25-Mar-23Ryan Nassau45Jake StobieL47.6458.5247.6753.07
26-Jan-22Ryan Nassau46Alex PowellL47.653.4748.1953.63
26-Feb-22Ryan Nassau16Martin DunnL47.5952.4354.356.9
20-Mar-23Ryan Nassau46Matt TizzardL47.4359.6346.7250.97
16-May-23Ryan Nassau05Michael NolanL47.462.8756.9360.27
04-Aug-21Ryan Nassau44Hayden JohnsonD47.3954.8346.4947.42
18-Apr-22Ryan Nassau53Matt BleasdaleW47.3555.1346.5560.83
20-Jul-22Ryan Nassau36Craig MooreL47.2652.3351.4159.85
17-Mar-23Ryan Nassau52Ben DorkinsW47.2253.3846.6351.29
27-Jul-22Ryan Nassau55John HalkettD47.1660.0746.3461.83
09-Mar-22Ryan Nassau46Scot DuncanL47.147.7347.9659.57
14-Sep-21Ryan Nassau43Bartosz WikaW47.0852.946.6762.76
09-Mar-23Ryan Nassau06Lewis ConnellL46.9650.5657.0858.83
12-Mar-23Ryan Nassau61Reece BatesW46.9650.7141.1451.62
19-Feb-23Ryan Nassau55Kieran EarlyD46.8750.446.1847.97
10-May-23Ryan Nassau64Lawrence BarlowW46.8253.6743.851.13
01-May-21Ryan Nassau63Howard PhillipsW46.7758.4145.8155.78
08-May-23Ryan Nassau65Sam HuntW46.7551.7944.5451.7
28-Feb-23Ryan Nassau60Ethan PackardW46.734934.3737.44
11-Nov-23Ryan Nassau16Simon LoyL46.7155.5245.4151.14
16-Nov-23Ryan Nassau45Billy McKenzieL46.555747.348.3
04-Mar-21Ryan Nassau41Frits VeenemaW46.5147.645.3650.4
02-Nov-21Ryan Nassau43Shaun LawsonW46.516046.5873.57
10-Feb-21Ryan Nassau36Hughie CookL46.4658.4448.8668.07
25-May-23Ryan Nassau64Abu MahmudW46.4140.6348.1758.47
07-Oct-21Ryan Nassau36Jamie PhillipsL46.3948.2248.5258.78
30-Mar-21Ryan Nassau04Simon CharlesL46.33960.7357.92
18-Apr-22Ryan Nassau55Michael BruceD46.2652.2347.5156.13
03-Nov-21Ryan Nassau40James O'ReganW46.2559.5844.6367.17
01-Nov-23Ryan Nassau26Stuart CobbL46.2444.7947.356.54
02-May-21Ryan Nassau34Jack AlexanderL46.258.2946.0451.57
08-Feb-23Ryan Nassau25Dave DenoonL46.1550.1447.9363.67
14-Jan-22Ryan Nassau62Ethan PackardW46.0741.4646.5659.29
26-Apr-21Ryan Nassau26Rob MayL46.0645.8351.4562.75
18-Dec-21Ryan Nassau76Adam GeorgeW45.9559.2843.7747.05
13-Mar-23Ryan Nassau51Mark SmithW45.9551.6136.1232.44
28-Oct-21Ryan Nassau36Jamie PhillipsL45.9455.1146.8459.3
28-Jan-23Ryan Nassau62Craig MillerW45.9251.2941.3347.79
18-Jan-22Ryan Nassau05Ricky KingL45.948.3359.1760.93
07-Jul-22Ryan Nassau64Noel McVeighW45.8948.4745.0349.27
12-Jul-23Ryan Nassau64Tom FordW45.8149.645.6347.37
15-Apr-23Ryan Nassau51Malcolm LaneW45.7544.8342.746.5
11-Feb-22Ryan Nassau16Nigel WakefieldL45.6448.3845.1551.67
25-May-21Ryan Nassau05Billy BlakemanL45.5853.2751.4762.87
18-Jan-23Ryan Nassau60Jake StobieW45.5558.8342.8247.44
09-Oct-23Ryan Nassau54Greg CoatesW45.5450.1146.2247.11
23-Nov-21Ryan Nassau43Keith MurrayW45.4247.3346.0449.05
17-Mar-21Ryan Nassau16Luke ColesL45.3349.2955.1264.48
01-Feb-22Ryan Nassau25Chris HoleL45.2544.8648.8954.05
23-Nov-23Ryan Nassau36Simon LoyL45.1253.5946.6854.89
25-Apr-22Ryan Nassau55Mark MurrayD45.148.2744.3447.97
28-Jan-24Ryan Nassau35Sam SladeL45.145.9650.4663
01-Feb-22Ryan Nassau26Jamie PhillipsL45.0749.9248.4256.38
04-Oct-23Ryan Nassau52Sam HuntW44.9652.6743.652.24
14-Mar-21Ryan Nassau55Jack AveryD44.948.144.5354.8
07-Apr-22Ryan Nassau55Gavin McFarlaneD44.8452.5343.4849.87
24-Aug-23Ryan Nassau55Paul StrainD44.8445.0346.5955.63
12-Oct-23Ryan Nassau35Kiyfa BryantL44.8149.7952.5454.38
16-Apr-23Ryan Nassau36Greg LloydL44.850.3751.8362.19
04-Feb-23Ryan Nassau52Owen SimpsonW44.7154.0545.0350.48
10-Jun-23Ryan Nassau52Joel ErikssonW44.6747.947.1152.71
22-Jul-23Ryan Nassau26Greg CoatesL44.549.5448.949.42
16-Apr-23Ryan Nassau54Grahame PatonW44.4746.0443.4647.22
24-Apr-23Ryan Nassau50Paul Ross-RuffyW44.4748.9338.7547.13
28-Jan-22Ryan Nassau60Greg CoatesW44.4254.1139.6442.5
08-Mar-21Ryan Nassau14Paul GrayL44.3849.453.4456.73
30-Jan-21Ryan Nassau04Luke DonisthorpeL44.2744.9252.7479.08
04-Mar-23Ryan Nassau65Andy FennW44.1254.1843.5850.12
29-Oct-23Ryan Nassau62Sam HuntW44.1158.539.4154.54
02-Jan-21Ryan Nassau41Harvey GeorgeW44.0641.443.3842.73
01-Jun-22Ryan Nassau36Erik SaulL44.0643.0442.945.7
26-Sep-23Ryan Nassau61Jamie WardW43.9561.3839.543.48
10-Jul-23Ryan Nassau55Conor BullD43.9453.7743.6151.47
08-Feb-24Ryan Nassau06Joe CrowleyL43.95358.1859.67
22-Feb-23Ryan Nassau36Matt TizzardL43.8653.2646.0951.89
02-May-23Ryan Nassau53Andy FennW43.8450.2542.6747.79
04-May-23Ryan Nassau61Jonathan McMillanW43.84440.551.62
20-Jan-24Ryan Nassau53James Baker (Lincolnshire)W43.758.8340.8154.58
19-Nov-23Ryan Nassau63Tom FordW43.6343.7440.6551.04
20-Jan-24Ryan Nassau64Connor SinclairW43.6143.940.6943.83
01-Jun-23Ryan Nassau62Jamie HaslopW43.647.5443.5255.63
13-Aug-23Ryan Nassau36Alexander MundyL43.4555.342.852.81
27-Nov-21Ryan Nassau14Paul O'MalleyL43.4256.6758.2361.53
25-Feb-22Ryan Nassau25Andrew KayL43.4141.0545.6664.11
11-Aug-23Ryan Nassau36Joe JonesL43.3747.745.1348.59
14-Jan-22Ryan Nassau54Ross PassfieldW43.362.3343.554.48
17-Feb-21Ryan Nassau34Marco CorradoL43.2954.2442.6651.19
03-Oct-23Ryan Nassau55Conor NyeD43.2851.2742.1751.43
19-Apr-23Ryan Nassau36Lawrence BarlowL43.2451.4144.0840.96
19-Sep-21Ryan Nassau36Josh MasonL43.1656.5247.0156.78
06-Jul-22Ryan Nassau45Chris BatesL43.0740.9342.7357.33
05-Jun-22Ryan Nassau46Sean NeedhamL42.9853.1344.5954.7
18-Jun-22Ryan Nassau15Paul BrownL42.9450.6246.1445.19
30-Oct-23Ryan Nassau16Graeme-Tait BuchanL42.9455.5749.1168.29
13-Oct-23Ryan Nassau55James ReedD42.860.444.6649.37
02-May-22Ryan Nassau26Erik SaulL42.7346.2546.6742.54
21-May-22Ryan Nassau35David CumminsL42.6452.6245.4656.46
28-Feb-24Ryan Nassau06James ReedL42.4548.0654.9956.89
23-Jan-22Ryan Nassau63Noel McVeighW42.2655.7440.1842.37
08-Jan-23Ryan Nassau45William WrightL42.0750.8140.6645.44
01-Feb-23Ryan Nassau51Lars JensenW41.8950.5637.5939.83
27-Feb-23Ryan Nassau45Brock SeemanL41.5851.6341.949.22
06-Aug-23Ryan Nassau46Nicky GoodbrandL41.5450.344.349.23
19-Jul-23Ryan Nassau15Nathan GibbonsL40.9645.2843.9758.89
15-Aug-23Ryan Nassau66Michael BruceD40.1644.0445.0547.37
13-Jun-21Ryan Nassau14Hywel JonesL39.9757.4741.0359.27
16-Jan-23Ryan Nassau62Andy FennW39.6937.4238.1747.58
29-May-22Ryan Nassau63Chris MillenW39.4649.337.9249.22
06-Jul-23Ryan Nassau51Chris PrykeW39.3251.5639.7147.94
19-Sep-23Ryan Nassau36Callum HulmeL39.1545.8539.148.85
11-Apr-21Ryan Nassau42Josh DesforgesW37.5949.1135.5447.22
11-May-22Ryan Nassau56George McLeanL37.3254.3937.1556.21
16-Jun-22Ryan Nassau63Michael LewisW35.7347.2234.8444.26
08-Apr-22Ryan Nassau50Glenn JonesW34.4754.9329.7236.8
10-May-22Ryan Nassau15Colin DigbyL33.3443.8336.9451.22
02-Oct-21Ryan Nassau40Tommy WrightW
06-Oct-21Ryan Nassau14Ashley CalverL

All time Stats - 501 SIDO games only

PlayedLegs Pl.Best LegHigh Finish
100+140+180Most 180's in a match
First 9High First 93DAHigh 3DA

Running win rate - updated weekly


3-months data, taken from the Leagues and Tour events - one data point per week. 0.5 = 50% win rate, for example


Rolling 100-139 scores per leg - updated weekly


3-months data, taken from the Leagues and Tour events - one data point per week


Rolling 140-177 scores per leg - updated weekly


3-months data, taken from the Leagues and Tour events - one data point per week


Rolling 180 scores per leg - updated weekly


3-months data, taken from the Leagues and Tour events - one data point per week


Pre-2024 Stats


2023 Tour Stats

PlayedLegs Pl.WinsLeg Diff
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

2022 Tour Stats

PlayedLegs Pl.WinsLeg Diff
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

2021 Tour Stats

PlayedLegs Pl.WinsLeg Diff
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 11

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 10

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 9

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 8

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 7

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 6

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 5

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg Diff
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 4

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 3

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 2

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 1

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA
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