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Thomas Bent

X: @thomasbavfc1
Phone Number 07894235766

GDL 3 Month Overall Average


GDL 3 Month Rolling 3 Dart Average (3DA)


3-month GDL 3DA taken from the Leagues and Tour events - updated weekly


2024 Player Stats


2024 Grade and Rankings

GradeRace to the 2024 TargetDarts World TrophyRace to the 2024 TargetDarts Super CupRace to the 2024 GDL Worlds
Platinum1 - Main Qualifying position PlatinumTBC2 - Main Qualifying position Platinum

2024 Tour Stats

PlayedLegs Pl.WinsLeg Diff
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 12

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 13

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 14

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 15

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

All Time Record

MatchesOpponentsLegs Played
Legs WonLegs LostLeg DiffLeg win %
Matches WonMatches DrawnMatches Lost
Win %Draw %Lost %

Head to Head Record

Head to HeadPlayedWin P1DrawWin P2
Danny Woodworth v Thomas Bent9603
Daniel Brown v Thomas Bent5005
John Smyth v Thomas Bent4301
Sean Somerville v Thomas Bent4103
Joe Carson v Thomas Bent4301
Stephen Carr v Thomas Bent4301
Josh Underwood v Thomas Bent3102
Roger King v Thomas Bent3210
Christy Gough v Thomas Bent3102
Mariusz Niemyjski v Thomas Bent3102
Matty Rogers v Thomas Bent3111
Daniel Radford v Thomas Bent3012
Mark Stanaway v Thomas Bent2101
Lars Nilsson v Thomas Bent2011
Michael Fearon v Thomas Bent2101
Al Saunders v Thomas Bent2101
Simon Key v Thomas Bent2101
Josh Hall v Thomas Bent2110
David Wright v Thomas Bent2200
Stuart Scarsbrook v Thomas Bent2200
Karl McDonald v Thomas Bent2002
James Powell v Thomas Bent2101
Kyle Bennett v Thomas Bent2101
Steven Adleigh v Thomas Bent2110
Jeroen Saccol v Thomas Bent2011
Adam Gawthrop v Thomas Bent2002
Simon Cuthbert v Thomas Bent2002
Nick Brandon v Thomas Bent2101
Kevin Blomme v Thomas Bent2200
Chris Freshwater v Thomas Bent2101
Stuart Butler v Thomas Bent2110
Paul O'Malley v Thomas Bent2101
Mat McCallion v Thomas Bent2110
Gary Barham v Thomas Bent2101
Billy Shanahan v Thomas Bent2002
Daniel Watkins v Thomas Bent2101
Thomas Bent v Tim Jones (IRELAND)2110
Dean Duff v Thomas Bent2110
Dylan Ritchie v Thomas Bent2002
Andrew Belton v Thomas Bent1100
Gareth Lines v Thomas Bent1100
Stephen McDermott v Thomas Bent1001
Robert Curry v Thomas Bent1001
Jack Barrows v Thomas Bent1001
David McCrum v Thomas Bent1001
Andy Dunn v Thomas Bent1100
Daniel Murphy (WALES) v Thomas Bent1001
Luke Stafford v Thomas Bent1001
Ross Evans v Thomas Bent1001
Thomas Bent v William Campbell1100
Andre Wertheim v Thomas Bent1001
Julian Potts v Thomas Bent1001
Darren Bough v Thomas Bent1001
Rob Houghton v Thomas Bent1010
Darren Armstrong v Thomas Bent1100
Thomas Bent v Vince Puddicombe1010
Karl Andrews v Thomas Bent1001
James Kane v Thomas Bent1001
Mark Venables v Thomas Bent1001
Jason Cowlishaw v Thomas Bent1001
Alan Bowden v Thomas Bent1100
Aaron Pearce v Thomas Bent1100
Jimmy McKirdy v Thomas Bent1001
Paul Radford v Thomas Bent1001
Andy Kenyon v Thomas Bent1100
Simon Alwyn Rees v Thomas Bent1001
Niklas Brackelmann v Thomas Bent1100
Stephen Burton v Thomas Bent1100
Jonathan Winfindale v Thomas Bent1001
John Forrest v Thomas Bent1100
Kyle Bevan v Thomas Bent1100
Bruno Amaro v Thomas Bent1100
Shane Anderson v Thomas Bent1100
Peter Reynolds v Thomas Bent1001
Phil Dennett v Thomas Bent1100
Sam Price v Thomas Bent1100
Dave Taylor v Thomas Bent1100
Bhav Patel v Thomas Bent1100
Jordon Sheppard v Thomas Bent1100
Greg Wellington v Thomas Bent1001
Niall Dunne v Thomas Bent1001
Thomas Bent v Tom Beresford1100
Thomas Bent v Trevor Underdown1100
Sean Rooney v Thomas Bent1001
Christopher Elliott v Thomas Bent1001
Ricky Hitchmough v Thomas Bent1001
Dave Bowen v Thomas Bent1001
Gregg Cheyne v Thomas Bent1100
Evan O'Brien v Thomas Bent1100
Justin O'Dell v Thomas Bent1100
Sober Darts Guy v Thomas Bent1100
Michael Lakiere v Thomas Bent1001
Gary Trow v Thomas Bent1100
Sean McCrory v Thomas Bent1001
Joseph Wright v Thomas Bent1001
John Curtis v Thomas Bent1001
Bradley Warren v Thomas Bent1001
Johnny Rooney v Thomas Bent1001
Hywel Jones v Thomas Bent1001
Matt Clark v Thomas Bent1100
Darren Stedman v Thomas Bent1001
Andy Maddams v Thomas Bent1100
Adam Whelan v Thomas Bent1100
Jaymee Woodhouse v Thomas Bent1100
Ben Peel v Thomas Bent1001
Ian Bage v Thomas Bent1100
Paddy Icemann v Thomas Bent1001
Ethan McMahon v Thomas Bent1001
Cameron Pickard v Thomas Bent1001

Additional Stats


Roll of Honour

EventGrade/DivisionWinnerRunner Up
League Cup Season 4Division 5Matt ClarkThomas Bent
League Season 4Division 5Adam WhelanThomas Bent
2024 Target Darts World Trophy Q1PlatinumThomas BentDavid McCrum
League Cup Season 12Division 2Thomas BentMark Stanaway

Best ever averages

DatePlayerScore 1Score 2OpponentResult3DAF9Opp. 3DAOpp. F9
31-Aug-22Thomas Bent66Mat McCallionD79.6288.2279.4882.03
07-Aug-22Thomas Bent63Ricky HitchmoughW78.6876.4163.9770.07
08-Jul-22Thomas Bent72Gary BarhamW78.6580.0466.4574.85
15-Aug-22Thomas Bent63Matty RogersW78.4581.9672.0484
16-Oct-22Thomas Bent26Kevin BlommeL76.7379.7189.8499.83
06-Mar-24Thomas Bent68Mark StanawayL76.4281.4875.9188.79
15-Feb-24Thomas Bent76David McCrumW75.9486.6471.6772.05
05-Feb-24Thomas Bent75Luke StaffordW75.6180.5672.578.78
15-Aug-22Thomas Bent56John SmythL75.5872.1270.1275.33
11-Jan-24Thomas Bent84Darren BoughW75.4481.3971.1176.36
18-May-22Thomas Bent73Sean SomervilleW74.2975.4769.0973.13
10-Apr-22Thomas Bent93Billy ShanahanW74.2381.4267.1374.11
11-Feb-24Thomas Bent74Daniel Murphy (WALES)W74.1678.773.4976
28-Nov-22Thomas Bent74Peter ReynoldsW74.1377.0668.8273.39
19-Mar-24Thomas Bent84Danny WoodworthW74.0884.6170.673.14
02-May-23Thomas Bent73Karl McDonaldW73.8571.7769.8582.2
28-Jan-24Thomas Bent72Michael FearonW73.4478.4863.8965.48
23-Jan-24Thomas Bent76Andre WertheimW73.1585.3166.6363.18
07-Jun-23Thomas Bent47Roger KingL73.0680.8276.7286.76
21-Nov-23Thomas Bent36Simon KeyL73.0476.3375.1675.33
27-Jun-23Thomas Bent07Andy KenyonL72.927484.8591.48
25-Feb-24Thomas Bent84Jack BarrowsW72.4480.3667.6477.17
07-Apr-24Thomas Bent80Daniel BrownW72.4371.9262.8370.13
10-Aug-23Thomas Bent37Danny WoodworthL72.4176.4375.3681.43
16-Jul-23Thomas Bent66Steven AdleighD72.3171.5378.8579.25
02-Apr-24Thomas Bent58Andrew BeltonL72.2871.8271.5280.56
31-Jan-24Thomas Bent76Ross EvansW72.1876.4470.976.54
27-Oct-22Thomas Bent47Dave TaylorL72.1682.6470.2671.61
13-Jul-23Thomas Bent66Jeroen SaccolD72.1284.0371.4176.97
18-Jun-23Thomas Bent64Simon Alwyn ReesW7283.7372.6976.5
13-Feb-23Thomas Bent36Kevin BlommeL71.969.1585.72108.63
11-May-23Thomas Bent66Roger KingD71.8274.8673.377.33
26-Feb-23Thomas Bent73Stephen CarrW71.6787.770.1169.83
30-Apr-23Thomas Bent74John SmythW71.6477.1862.9972.24
20-Mar-23Thomas Bent76Mariusz NiemyjskiW71.5978.966.1878.18
12-Jul-23Thomas Bent63Paul RadfordW71.5869.2671.176.04
26-Jan-23Thomas Bent74Mariusz NiemyjskiW71.576966.4680.94
25-Mar-22Thomas Bent61John CurtisW71.2467.5260.3569.52
18-Jan-22Thomas Bent70Ethan McMahonW71.0972.6759.3559.52
22-Nov-22Thomas Bent56Phil DennettL71.0676.6975.2585.69
16-Jan-24Thomas Bent74Julian PottsW70.8270.362.1963.79
17-Mar-24Thomas Bent84Mark StanawayW70.7777.6771.3379.53
02-Feb-24Thomas Bent58Sean SomervilleL70.774.6469.9879.05
17-Jan-23Thomas Bent06Kyle BevanL70.6975.8373.9289.06
12-Nov-23Thomas Bent62Simon KeyW70.575.3869.9383.21
28-Mar-24Thomas Bent67Gareth LinesL70.4976.5672.5482.72
17-Nov-23Thomas Bent06Darren ArmstrongL70.4472.582.7383.56
04-Dec-22Thomas Bent57Stuart ButlerL70.3979.0666.4763.33
01-Nov-23Thomas Bent65Karl AndrewsW70.2574.770.781.12
31-May-23Thomas Bent75Simon CuthbertW70.1873.566.2572.72
29-Apr-22Thomas Bent72Sean SomervilleW70.1884.0469.0573.44
14-Feb-22Thomas Bent70Ben PeelW70.1469.8160.0450.9
19-Jun-22Thomas Bent36Daniel WatkinsL70.1174.374.4479.33
28-Feb-24Thomas Bent85Lars NilssonW70.0374.161.6963.77
05-Jul-23Thomas Bent73Josh UnderwoodW69.9580.971.2675.37
10-Mar-24Thomas Bent84Stephen McDermottW69.8375.0867.3671.44
10-Apr-22Thomas Bent812Gary TrowL69.7977.9572.4775.87
06-Aug-23Thomas Bent47Aaron PearceL69.2874.8272.8671.94
21-Feb-23Thomas Bent26John ForrestL69.1267.7577.6175.08
26-Apr-23Thomas Bent17Stephen BurtonL68.9473.7982.2996.25
18-Aug-22Thomas Bent37Gary BarhamL68.9166.875.5882.77
06-Apr-23Thomas Bent73Christy GoughW68.8777.9368.9471.37
27-Jul-23Thomas Bent60Jimmy McKirdyW68.8476.3363.6366.56
19-Feb-23Thomas Bent73Danny WoodworthW68.7477.268.672.2
06-Oct-22Thomas Bent47Danny WoodworthL68.771.9173.7586.91
24-Sep-23Thomas Bent61Mark VenablesW68.6774.6261.8971.71
03-Aug-22Thomas Bent64Daniel RadfordW68.6675.4365.8371.13
19-Mar-23Thomas Bent65Kyle BennettW68.6480.0966.275.15
06-Jun-22Thomas Bent72Tim Jones (IRELAND)W68.5166.8564.1660.81
26-Sep-23Thomas Bent71Karl McDonaldW68.4569.3364.9867.04
12-Mar-23Thomas Bent07Stephen CarrL68.473.6777.3690.62
21-May-23Thomas Bent16Niklas BrackelmannL68.3872.0578.8581.24
12-Apr-23Thomas Bent72Jonathan WinfindaleW68.3575.1963.3270.59
22-Sep-22Thomas Bent64Tom BeresfordW68.2779.8764.1959.9
23-Feb-23Thomas Bent73Nick BrandonW68.2174.165.476.13
29-Oct-23Thomas Bent47Danny WoodworthL68.1575.3372.0878.3
10-Oct-23Thomas Bent75James KaneW67.865.7270.0874.42
27-Jul-23Thomas Bent36Kyle BennettL67.5868.0468.5673.48
08-Feb-22Thomas Bent63Daniel WatkinsW67.4572.9666.7979.26
17-Jan-23Thomas Bent57Michael FearonL67.3965.4766.7166.33
29-Mar-22Thomas Bent62Joseph WrightW67.3263.2961.968.21
20-Apr-22Thomas Bent57Matty RogersL67.1772.9465.5373.58
18-Oct-22Thomas Bent37Jordon SheppardL67.0864.5371.0788.67
13-Feb-24Thomas Bent67Andy DunnL66.9477.961.1360.72
10-Mar-24Thomas Bent47John SmythL66.8664.5270.0677.94
06-Aug-22Thomas Bent63Billy ShanahanW66.8483.6761.0171.63
10-May-22Thomas Bent56Joe CarsonL66.869.9170.5881.85
13-Jan-24Thomas Bent77Lars NilssonD66.7567.3166.5267.19
24-May-23Thomas Bent74Joe CarsonW66.7474.5265.6170.52
03-Aug-22Thomas Bent66Stuart ButlerD66.7472.4267.4573.81
17-Jan-24Thomas Bent58Danny WoodworthL66.7368.6265.1770.21
31-Jul-22Thomas Bent62Dave BowenW66.7274.1755.0661.08
28-Jan-24Thomas Bent85William CampbellW66.6377.8263.4176.54
21-May-23Thomas Bent74Josh UnderwoodW66.6273.3964.3572.33
02-Nov-23Thomas Bent66Josh HallD66.5470.4266.4676.19
16-Jul-23Thomas Bent26David WrightL66.5280.1769.8273.42
03-Sep-22Thomas Bent75Daniel BrownW66.4771.6963.3869.89
14-Sep-22Thomas Bent72Trevor UnderdownW66.2381.8960.4669.74
29-Apr-22Thomas Bent07Justin O'DellL66.2269.6775.6982.43
16-Nov-23Thomas Bent66Vince PuddicombeD66.1168.3167.6179.36
31-Aug-22Thomas Bent67Joe CarsonL65.9972.7771.981.97
23-Oct-23Thomas Bent75Al SaundersW65.9869.7266.2372.22
23-Apr-23Thomas Bent72Jeroen SaccolW65.9272.9666.2276
20-Dec-23Thomas Bent610Danny WoodworthL65.9168.8365.1480.15
26-Sep-23Thomas Bent47Danny WoodworthL65.8475.8565.6186.97
22-Mar-22Thomas Bent73Johnny RooneyW65.7970.9364.7973.2
07-Mar-24Thomas Bent75Danny WoodworthW65.6367.9259.2562.61
09-Aug-23Thomas Bent73Daniel BrownW65.6170.666.9268.9
31-Aug-22Thomas Bent57Joe CarsonL65.3873.1466.5471.78
24-Mar-23Thomas Bent37Stephen CarrL65.3568.3372.1274.8
27-Feb-22Thomas Bent57Jaymee WoodhouseL65.355773.3478.44
26-Feb-24Thomas Bent86Robert CurryW65.3272.2161.8767.1
30-Aug-23Thomas Bent27James PowellL65.1873.857186.04
23-Apr-23Thomas Bent64Adam GawthropW65.1670.1365.5877.3
08-Feb-22Thomas Bent26Chris FreshwaterL64.9666.578.1488.5
09-Feb-23Thomas Bent65Chris FreshwaterW64.7169.1263.0169.97
03-Mar-23Thomas Bent17Nick BrandonL64.7165.4272.7577.46
05-Apr-22Thomas Bent93Sean McCroryW64.768.9453.7955.86
27-Sep-23Thomas Bent36Stuart ScarsbrookL64.771.4471.4173.56
09-May-23Thomas Bent74Christy GoughW64.2971.9162.0573.67
25-Feb-24Thomas Bent76Daniel BrownW64.2771.3367.3873.56
04-Mar-22Thomas Bent71Darren StedmanW64.2467.558.2160.96
19-Feb-23Thomas Bent72Daniel BrownW64.274.464.583.59
20-Dec-22Thomas Bent39Shane AndersonL64.1971.3672.9992.25
15-Jul-22Thomas Bent75Sean SomervilleW64.1482.5859.8465.89
06-Jun-22Thomas Bent66Matty RogersD63.9971.7864.7470.03
15-Nov-22Thomas Bent07Steven AdleighL63.963.6770.6193.05
19-Nov-23Thomas Bent66Rob HoughtonD63.8772.3662.0170.14
31-Oct-22Thomas Bent27Stephen CarrL63.7372.4866.9771.74
02-Nov-22Thomas Bent36Sam PriceL63.569.0768.4579.96
22-Aug-23Thomas Bent72Jason CowlishawW63.4168.0764.5769.63
03-Mar-22Thomas Bent36Andy MaddamsL63.2665.9371.3782.37
10-Apr-22Thomas Bent61Michael LakiereW62.9666.765661.33
08-Oct-23Thomas Bent36David WrightL62.865.1577.9384.26
28-Jul-22Thomas Bent47Christy GoughL62.6481.2763.2773.61
27-Sep-23Thomas Bent27Josh HallL62.568.2669.0982.59
08-Aug-23Thomas Bent71James PowellW62.4564.0860.4171.04
23-May-22Thomas Bent36Gregg CheyneL62.2965.6364.2667.78
20-Aug-23Thomas Bent37Alan BowdenL62.2879.766.3183.63
23-Nov-23Thomas Bent17Al SaundersL62.2770.6769.3370.21
11-Jan-22Thomas Bent70Cameron PickardW62.2581.152.5453.71
02-Feb-23Thomas Bent75Simon CuthbertW62.1971.3361.6969.83
26-Apr-23Thomas Bent37Roger KingL62.0365.467.9178.1
09-May-22Thomas Bent57Evan O'BrienL61.6264.562.8973.58
19-Oct-22Thomas Bent37Bhav PatelL61.5167.166.6972.7
08-May-22Thomas Bent63Paul O'MalleyW61.470.5259.9968.26
20-Apr-22Thomas Bent66Tim Jones (IRELAND)D61.2661.5661.8166.28
21-Jul-22Thomas Bent27Mat McCallionL61.0854.1973.4274.19
11-Mar-22Thomas Bent73Hywel JonesW60.9764.454.9355.73
21-Jun-23Thomas Bent56Stuart ScarsbrookL60.9368.767.3671.58
07-May-23Thomas Bent37Josh UnderwoodL60.5968.6768.4483.47
27-Jan-22Thomas Bent66Daniel RadfordD60.3463.1461.8467.92
18-Mar-22Thomas Bent71Daniel RadfordW60.2666.7951.8167.79
24-Mar-22Thomas Bent61Bradley WarrenW60.1968.3354.7658.24
14-Jan-23Thomas Bent17Bruno AmaroL60.1759.8865.7475.5
29-Jan-22Thomas Bent72Dylan RitchieW6064.4154.9562.85
26-Feb-23Thomas Bent47Mariusz NiemyjskiL59.5267.7663.4872.88
26-May-22Thomas Bent66Dean DuffD59.1770.4260.8658.75
10-Apr-22Thomas Bent47Dean DuffL59.0260.3959.2970.12
13-Feb-22Thomas Bent75Dylan RitchieW58.6363.3657.359.78
11-Apr-22Thomas Bent06Sober Darts GuyL57.3763.4468.8481.83
31-Jan-22Thomas Bent74Paddy IcemannW56.7663.5853.9662.45
13-Jun-23Thomas Bent64Adam GawthropW56.7257.8364.7976.37
04-Feb-22Thomas Bent37Ian BageL55.8155.8361.8571.7
10-Mar-22Thomas Bent37Matt ClarkL54.9361.661.3867.5
03-Mar-22Thomas Bent37Adam WhelanL54.865956.2267.67
31-Aug-22Thomas Bent63Christopher ElliottW
04-Sep-22Thomas Bent64Sean RooneyW
02-Oct-22Thomas Bent86Niall DunneW
06-Oct-22Thomas Bent1810Greg WellingtonW
09-Sep-22Thomas Bent26Paul O'MalleyL
16-Oct-22Thomas Bent711John SmythL

All time Stats - 501 SIDO games only

PlayedLegs Pl.Best LegHigh Finish
100+140+180Most 180's in a match
First 9High First 93DAHigh 3DA

Running win rate - updated weekly


3-months data, taken from the Leagues and Tour events - one data point per week. 0.5 = 50% win rate, for example


Rolling 100-139 scores per leg - updated weekly


3-months data, taken from the Leagues and Tour events - one data point per week


Rolling 140-177 scores per leg - updated weekly


3-months data, taken from the Leagues and Tour events - one data point per week


Rolling 180 scores per leg - updated weekly


3-months data, taken from the Leagues and Tour events - one data point per week


Pre-2024 Stats


2023 Tour Stats

PlayedLegs Pl.WinsLeg Diff
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

2022 Tour Stats

PlayedLegs Pl.WinsLeg Diff
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

2021 Tour Stats

PlayedLegs Pl.WinsLeg Diff
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 11

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 10

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 9

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 8

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 7

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 6

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 5

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg Diff
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 4

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 3

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 2

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA

League Season 1

PlayedWinsDrawsLeg DiffPoints
100+140+180TotalMost 180's in a match
Best LegHigh FinishFirst 93DA
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